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  1. I don't spin down the hard drives so I don't really have that problem. At first I was thinking in setting thumbnails and database in SSD cache and photos on array. This was because in photoprism requirements it says: "Indexing large photo and video collections significantly benefits from fast, local SSD storage and enough memory for caching." But maybe you also need the photos in the SSD to really benefit... Also I did not considered the thumbnail space, tomorrow I will check to see how much thumbnail space is required for X photos. I think it will be better to have both options (maybe add a disclaimer that to really use the storage path, then the user should add the variable PHOTOPRISM_STORAGE_PATH). I myself, always prefer to have the "media" locations and the "configuration" locations separated.
  2. Yes, I was saying only one file: "chown nobody:users file" But that will work also!
  3. It looks that the structure that it creates is owned by root. So try to chown some file to nobody:users and see if you can delete it?
  4. Hello, I have been tried your photoprism container and so far love it. I have found a minor annoyance: The first parameter ("Data Dir" where generated files like cache and index ...) won't work unless you also pass the variable: PHOTOPRISM_STORAGE_PATH: /photoprism/storage If you don't pass that variable the storage with all cache, index and database will be created inside /photoprism/originals in a hidden folder called ".photoprism" Hopefully I have explained this correctly. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you!! Looks like a very complete template. I will try it this afternoon
  6. I don't think the photoprism container is configured correctly. Maybe orginals should be in /photoprism/originals and not in /originals?
  7. Hello, Is there any intention to update the application? Version 4 was released on the 18th of April bringing new features and fixes. Currently latest version is 4.06: Thanks for the work, I really like the containers you guys make.
  8. Done. Now warning is at 80 % (I figured I bump it a little bit as it was close to the limit) and critical is still at 90 % I will update this post if I receive the notifications or a couple days pass without notifications.
  9. I am having this problem as well. My settings (global and for drive 2): Warning: 75 % Critical: 90 % Disk is sitting at 73 % Notifications are each day at ~6.47 AM and at ~21.42. Almost every day, some days only once. I have checked the dynamix.cfg and it has the same values as the gui. Hopefully someone can figure this one. Thanks.
  10. Hello, I created a docker with portainer because it was not available on unraid. Last week there was an update and I tried updating it with the "apply update" button but I got the following message: "Configuration not found. Was this container created using this plugin?". That makes sense as I did not use unraid to create the container, so I just updated it from portainer by pulling the latest image and the relaunching the container. Now the problem: The button still shows "apply update", and I have confirmed that the image was updated by checking the version of the application. Does anyone knows how to solve this? Or maybe it is a bug? Thanks for your time and help!
  11. Hello, I am having trouble setting up wireguard. I have follow the guide in the blog but I can not connect to it. Furthermore doing a port scan on the unraid server shows that the port corresponding to wireguard is closed. If i run in terminal "wg show" it shows that wireguard is listening. I dont know what more to do to troubleshoot it. I have attached images for wireguard settings, network settings, port scan and the terminal output. I hope someone can help me, thanks!
  12. I also have this problem. Been using unraid for just 14 days and in these 14 days Unraid has written 802 GB to cache (1 drive btrfs encrypted). I only have 8 containers and no VMs. I only use the cache for appdata , system and domains. It looks this issue has been existing for a long time, and I can not understand how it has not been fixed. Is it not serious enough?
  13. Hello, I am trying unraid and so far loving it. I am planning to use a NVME ssd only for storing VMs and Docker containers. So the questions: - For this configuration should I configure the NVME as a cache or as an unassigned device? - In the future, when I upgrade the machine to have multiple ethernet ports, I will be limited by the array speed, so I will need to add a sata ssd cache pool. Can I have the sata ssd cache pool exclusively for cache and the NVME exclusively for docker containers and VMs? Thanks for the help!