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  1. Good to hear that the back-up process works for you. Just out of curiosity, did you actually try to recover that back-up into freshly new bw install, to make sure the back-up can be restored including all user accounts, and their data?
  2. Hello, I am interested in bitwarden backup as well. Does this scrtipt actually back up everything? Included atachements? Did you try to recover your backup? Did it work?
  3. Stupic macOS, that worked like a charm! Thanks a bunch;)
  4. Tried to update to the latest version and below appeared. Anyone can help me fix this? Thanks.
  5. I think I have exact same issue with combo of nextcloud v21 and nginx proxy manager. Everything works like a breeze except that every file more than 1gb downloaded remotely stops after 1gb. Can someone please explain me like i'm 4-yr old which files in nextcloud and/or in NPM should I edit to get rid of this limitation once and for all. Many thanks in advance. EDIT: so basically I found the solution myself. No need to edit any files in nextcloud. In order to get rid of 1gb download limitation : 1. go to NPM Proxy Host tab. 2. Click '3 dots' and click 'Edit' in your nextcloud proxy host. 3. Go to advances tab and put the following: proxy_request_buffering off; proxy_buffering off; 4. Click Save That's it. Enjoy no more stupid limitations on the file size downloaded. Tested 13gb file from remote location and it worked like a charm. Hopefully someone finds it useful for their setup.
  6. Had exactly the same issue as described above, in my case none of the solutions mentioned here helped. It was jDownloader2 container. Once removed all got back to normal. Tip from me is to fire up htop, and close one container after another, and observe cpu usage in real time. This helped in my case. Reinstalling jdownloader and all is good now,
  7. Hello, is it possible to downgrade deluge 2.x.x to 1.3.x and maintain present torrents state? Tried before using only tags and it ended up with successful downgrade but the torrents disappeared from the client. If you could direct me how to transfer current state of torrents to downgraded version it would be appreciated, thanks;)
  8. My issue is not the typo. The issue is that when I input the above command into the unraid terminal or netdada console, I always get the "-bash: -v: command not found" error;(
  9. newbie query here, where do i put these commands? and When i put above in CLI i get:
  10. Hello, I am using NPM with linuxio/nextcloud. Everything works perfectly except one issue. I have problem when someone tries to download a file more than 1GB in size. It either stops downloading a file or breaks the download entirely. In other topics I found different solutions how to address this issue but all solutions point towards letsencrypt config. Can anyone point me towards a solution with NPM and how to enable download of files >1GB? Much appreciate your input. Thanks. Below suggested solutions I found so far but had no luck with finding files mentioned below:
  11. tried to reinstall catalina today, i got this message shown up, didnt change anything in the vm GUI config, please help;) EDIT: sorry about that, obviously i missed the part about the network interface from SI tutorial;)
  12. Perhaps, I did not word it correctly. I don't know what is the reason for this issue. I did not reinstall it yet. What I am concerned about is if I reinstall it would it mean loosing all configuration? Do I need to start the config from scratch? I spent a lot of time configuring it and wouldn't want to loose it. Can you conform I can reinstall it with no risk of loosing configuration? Thanks
  13. Something weird with nextcloud happened to me today. I was trying to add another external mount. I was running 19.0.4 version of nextcloud on unraid 6.8.3. After editing all the details under Add new Path in nextcloud container I hit Apply and was welcomed with an error. I thought its a standard mistake with paths, etc. so I wanted to try again. To my surprise the nextcloud container is gone. It doesn't show up among other containers. The service is not running - I cannot connect to it both locally and externally. I don't even know what to start with and what info I can provide you with to help me with this issue? There is still a nextcloud folder in appdata. Please help;)
  14. Great work, i'd like to replicate the same for my Edgerouter 4. @FlorinB If you still follow this thread, please help me with the below queries. 1. Where exactly on unraid did you save the main configuration file and under what name? 2. The following section makes me think ports 80 and 443 need to be forwarded for this to work? Is this correct? I can't use these as I have forwarded them already for nextcloud use. Is there any way configuring other ports for edgemax? If so, what modifications I need to make and where? server { listen 80; server_name edgex.*; return 301 https://$host$request_uri; } upstream erl { server; keepalive 32; } server { listen 443 ssl http2; server_name edgex.*; include /config/nginx/filterhosts.conf; include /config/nginx/ssl.conf; client_max_body_size 512m; 3. Is the below actually needed? I want to be able to access edgemax gui from anywhere, not limited by a certain IP range. I don't have filterhost.conf file in /config/ngnix, Do I need to create one? include /config/nginx/filterhosts.conf; #allow from this ip allow; #temporary internet ip on my router allow; #deny all others deny all; 4. Are there any modifications needed on the edgemax side? 5. Are the above modifications enough? Anything else you didn't mention in your original post? Thanks for help.
  15. Hello, did you get any success with notifications for rclone? It's pretty much the only feature I'm missing from rclone - notifications. Don't need anything fancy, discord notification or email sent on sync errors only would be enough;)
  16. Hello, im using latest deluge docker from ls.io - Deluge 2.0.3-2-201906121747-ubuntu18.04.1 One of the trackers I use has the following rule: 'Due to release stream issues, Versions 2.x Sourced from their PPA (or docker based on PPA) will not work here' Apparently lsio docker is based on personal package archive. Is there anything I can do to override this? I really like deluge for seeding and i had no other issues with this version so far. Thanks for help;)
  17. If you can set up new container before deleting old one, the easiest way would be to use export/import location option.
  18. This might probably sound like a noob/dumb question to you, but gotta ask one thing about my nextcloud setup. So I was mostly following SpaceInvaderone's guide on nextcloud reverse proxy setup. I mean mostly, as my setup is missing one step - reverse proxy server. So in my arrangement I have nextcloud linked with ddns service through letsencrypt, but without additional step of reverse proxy that would point back to ddns domain. Everything works smooth as butter both locally and from mobile device. I have 'All checks passed' on internal nextcloud page and 'A+' security rating on scan.nextcloud.com. That being said I was wondering how much 'less secure' my setup is comparing to a full blown setup shown in SIO video? Thanks, and sorry if this was asked before - couldn't find the answer to that in this thread.
  19. if you can still SSH into the AP, try default settings it and then send manual firmware update command. I saw a few post where folks had various adoption issues due to outdated fw on an AP.
  20. I finally built my first unraid rig. Many thanks @testdasi recommending 8700 instead of 9400 CPU. This cpu is absolute beast and i think an overkill for my needs but works absolutely beautiful;) Interesting enough under normal/idle usage (15 dockers, 1 plex direct stream) it drains 40-60 watts - which is quite satisfying;) My full components list: CPU: Intel i7 8700 (used) RAM: 2x8gb 2600 Crucial CL19 Cooler: ARCTIC FREEZER 34 (poor choice for the below MB) Cache disk: 1TB ssd p1 crucial nvme (used) MB: ASUS ROG STRIX H370-I gaming (sold to me as return, so got a great deal on this one alone) Case: Fractal 304 Node (btw, would not go again with that case in future - too small box for comfortable fitting of all the pieces of hw) PSU: be quiet! System Power 9 400W 80+ Bronze Array made of 4x*8TB shucked MyBooks - 3 for data, 1 for parity, plus above cache. Because I wanted to save on some dough of the components where practical, I was able to get the above gear for around $750 US not including hdds and unraid licence of course. Which is quite sweet for the sheer performance I'm getting from it. And come to think that about 2 months ago when I was considering getting my first NAS solution I was living in the world of considering Synology 418play. This is like $550 'toy' comparing to what I have now with not much. Thankfully somewhere along the line I discovered that you can have synology system installed on any bare metal machine using Xpenology, which back then sounded like a solution more suited for my needs where I wouldn't be limited by outdated and performance crippled hardware which you find in consumer grade synology boxes. Then by accident I discovered unraid and I knew from the beginning this is solution for my needs. Started to read more and more about the platform ended up in unraid in vm on my macbook;). Vm was fine for testing all my needs and experiencing pros and cons. Spaceinvaderone's videos were paramount in helping understanding many configuration issues and answering rookie's questions. Got my hardware delivered week ago, now I have finished with transferring all the data from other machines and getting day by day with another docker configuration. So far I have finished plex, unifi and torrent clients. Sonarr/radarr and nextcloud are nrxt in line. Love the unraid experience so far and am glad to join the community;)
  21. Can you passthrough a SATA disk connected to MB through sata-to-usb adapter? what would the above command look like then? cheers
  22. So I have port 8080 used by other docker and had to change default when setting unifi docker. I have changed ports in docker as follows: and then I have forwarded the following ports in edgerouter: I have highlighted change from 8080 to 7070, as this is essentially the only change from default ports I have made. Can someone check if the above is correct? if the above is correct then the next stop would be to ssh to an AP and send inform command as such: set-inform http://my.public.ip:7070/inform Right? I need ports open to outside as I have a couple of friends' APs which I manage on my controller and want to set it right before I start to move them to the container. Thanks EDIT: it worked perfectly with exactly the settings as above, first I exported sites and imported into new docker container. The local aps moved at the same time as a part of this process. Then I was lucky as on the remote sites I had also team viewer connection, I shhd into one of the ap and sent new set-inform command - withing a second it was adopting on the docker controller. I could send the inform command straight from the old controller but wans't sure if the above configuration is valid so wanted to be extra cautious and take one at a time. Anyway, all worked fine. At the end of the process I deleted all sites and removed them from unifi cloud account. Running since then on docker without any issues.
  23. Just to confirm but you still need active plex pass subscription for the hw to work in a first place, right?
  24. They are both 65W TDP. Where are you getting the 5W difference from? And never mind the 5W, 6 threads vs 12 threads... doesn't it substantially increase power draw in standard use for the latter? Win 10 VM will be used sporadically - Plex media server and standard storage is main purpose for the rig.
  25. So after playing in VM environment with unraid for 2 weeks now, I am finally decided unraid is the AIO nas solution for my needs. Primary use will be storage, personal cloud, plex server with 4k hw transcoding, a bunch of dockers (approx 15 of them) and a windows 10 vm. I was not able to find a full ATX case with 4 bays for drives and in desktop orientation, so I need to go with Fractal Design 304 Node. Since this is a mITX case, the MB choice is limited up front. My choice for now is ASUS ROG STRIX H370-I GAMING, it has 6 sata ports and 2 m.2 ports so plenty for my needs. CPU of choice is currently i5 9400 (not F, nor K). It will be hooked up with 16gb of 2666 ram and 1tb nvme drive for cache. Array will consist of 3x8tb drives + 1x8tb for parity drive. I am uncertain whether above mb and cpu are good choice. mITX boards are quite expensive comparing to their ATX equivalent hence the choice is limited for my budget. The above asus seems decent for my needs and is within budget limits. CPU however is the most difficult choice. I don't want to go above 65W TDP as this is going to be 24h running gear. I was considering last year i7 8700 but apparently it is not impressive on power saving in idle so decided to stick with 9400. Your thought and critique on the above are much appreciated;)