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  1. Perfect, just perfect. Thanking you - just sent a donation over. Still not managed to get Deluge to work through VPNSecure but hey ho, cant win them all.
  2. It wasn't contiguous but this fixed it: https://www.diskpart.com/articles/merge-non-adjacent-partitions-0708.html
  3. I can see the extra 30Gb 'Unallocated'. How do i add that to the C Drive? Many thanks, think this proves its there.
  4. I did try that @binhex to no avail. Unless i move to PIA i'm going to have to consider myself defeated. Hate doing that.
  5. Hello. Im running a Win10 VM on UnRAID 6.9.1 and need to increase the disk size. When the VM is stopped i can click and change CAPACITY from 40G to 60G say but when rebooting the VM, in the VM the disk is still only 30Gb. What am i doing wrong?
  6. Done, still not working, same error in the log. There were line breaks within the .pass file, but i left those. Ive attached what it looks like, i've amended a load of characters so its not exact. All the files seem to contain: -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- -----BEGIN DH PARAMETERS----- -----BEGIN ENCRYPTED PRIVATE KEY----- etc I don't know if it matters, but the .ovpn file seems to contain some or all of the other files within it. For instance, if i open the .ovpn file, within a <ca></ca> tag is the details held in the ca.crt file
  7. @danith I have the same error trying to use the Deluge Container, can you help? I've put these files downloaded from my VPNSecure into appdata/binhex-delugevpn/openvpn ca.crt dh2048.pem myusername.crt myusername.key nl1-TCP-myusername.ovpn Then i asked VPNSecure for my password and they sent a 'key file', when i open it, its formatted like this: -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- xxxxxx A String of characters xxxxxx -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY----- I put that file, called myusername.pass into the same openvpn folder as above and a
  8. I may have to. I asked VPNSecure tech support if i can remove the passphrase from my key and they just emailed me the .key file telling me if i want the code, open it in Notepad.
  9. Hello. I love this Docker and me and son can play well on it, many thanks. One question. I always go to the web UI once its running and turn the coordinates on using this command, can i get it to do this automatically? gamerule showcoordinates true Thanks again
  10. Thanks @binhex Nice Avatar, reminds me of being a kid again. I cant see a way of doing that (removing passphrase) so i've just sent a support ticket to VPNSecure.me. In the meantime, whats this: If you used --daemon, you need to use --askpass to make passphrase-protected keys work, and you can not use --auth-nocache.
  11. All worked perfectly, thankyou very much for your help
  12. Thanks and done. It created (multiple) 10Mb text files with what looked like repeated info, so ive scrubbed alot of it. I can also see an IP address in the Netherlands, which is what i wanted supervisord.log
  13. Hello. Im trying to setup Deluge Docker with my VPNSecure details and i cant get it to work. It works fine is i turn the VPN off. Ive used these details: Key1: yes Key2: <my username> Key3: <my password> Key 4: custom Key 5: openvpn Key 6: i've left this blank, i don't know what it is Key 7: yes Ive downloaded the .ovpn file i need from VPNSecure and placed it it /appdata/binhex-delugevpn/openvpn I also placed a few other files supplied by them in there, the folder contains: myusernam.key ca.crt credentials.conf (generat
  14. Notes taken of all the drives many thanks. How do i do a new config? What does that mean? Do you just mean assign the drives like they were before: Parity > WDC_WD30EFRX_XXXXXXXXX1 (sdc) Disk 1 > WDC_WD30EFRX_XXXXXXXXX2 (sdb) Disk 2> WDC_WD30EFRX_XXXXXXXXX3 (sdd) etc And verify all the data - you mean look on the drive? Many thanks.
  15. Just ran memtest. All passed. Thanking You @SimonF