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  1. it's all working as it was since day one now. There has never been any updates for the esxi platform. Only thing that changed were items with unraid and the last change fixed it again. I am happy it's back Unraid runs perfectly in the esxi platform. Only thing that doesn't is running VM's in Unraid. For that I use esxi. All the dockers i have ever loaded work perfectly however I only use the plex docker now. Running Unraid in esxi I do loose the ability to see low level sensors such as motherboard stuff because esxi has control of them. But I don't need that stuff anyway as it's cov
  2. Anyway its working again Thanks for all the help and consideration of the issue. Mike
  3. Ahh ok great. if I go to the nvidia driver section and select linux there are 3 separate sections or maybe they are just filters of supported drivers. This would make it easier for sure
  4. I upgraded to 6.9.2 and it's working now. Yeah. There are differences in drivers. Not sure it warrants quadro, geforce and rtx version of the plugin or maybe a card selection area that downloads the correct linux driver. Just a thought
  5. I think this is an api problem with nvidia. I can validate that the hw transcoding is working in plex as I see the hw next to the stream. The quadro p2200 is seen by everything including unraid and the plex docker container. I can launch the plex docker terminal I can run nvidia-smi and it works there too. So I know the hardware and passthrough is working great to the docker container. The variables that are seen in nvidia-smi do update on the gpustats plugin. it's just not passing all it used to pass right now with null data for things like utilization, encode/decode %'s etc..
  6. I notice the supported memory clock isn't in the list: <supported_mem_clock> <value>5005 MHz</value> <supported_graphics_clock>1746 MHz</supported_graphics_clock>
  7. Dang this was working great until the flurry of 5 or so upgrades in a week about 3 weeks ago. I rolled all the way back to v455.45.01 and it is still broke in the same areas. Wonder what changed...
  8. root@UnRAID:~# nvidia-smi -q -x -i 0 <?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE nvidia_smi_log SYSTEM "nvsmi_device_v11.dtd"> <nvidia_smi_log> <timestamp>Mon Apr 5 10:38:13 2021</timestamp> <driver_version>465.19.01</driver_version> <cuda_version>11.3</cuda_version> <attached_gpus>1</attached_gpus> <gpu id="00000000:13:00.0"> <product_name>NVIDIA Quadro P2200</product_name> <product_brand>Quadro</product_brand>
  9. Just wanted to say I am experiencing no data on my gpu stats plugin. Last time it did this after one of the updates you sent out I just uninstalled the gpustats and reinstalled it.. it started working after I selected nvidia. I run an nvidia quadro p2200 and it worked perfect before the flurry up daily updates. I rebooted the unraid server . I know the nvidia gpu is working because plex is smoking right along with a large buffering of video. the gpustats isn't updating most of the stats.. sometimes I see the load wiggle 1 % or so and or pci gen max go from 1 to 3 but that is
  10. Update smooth from unRaid system 6.9.0. Finished with no issue so far.
  11. All upgraded to 6.9. Only issue I had was the nvidia plugin used on 6.8 didn't work. I had to uninstall that and install the NEW nvidia driver from community apps. Worked great after reboot. Also had to do the same and remove / reinstall GPU statistics and reselect NVIDIA as the hardware type. Everything seems to be working great it looks like including my Plex Server Docker.
  12. I had a great experience with the trial and today I purchased the license Thanks for a great product and keep up the great work..
  13. Quick question? I get this is in fix common problems plugin "Your CPU is running constantly at 100% and will not throttle down when it's idle (to save heat / power). This is because there is currently no CPU Scaling Driver Installed. Seek assistance on the unRaid forums with this issue" CPU is not running at 100%. My 6.8.3 system is working I would say perfectly in my esxi.70 environment. Is this something to worry about and I am thinking it's probably related to the virtualization and cpu pass through stuff. I am pretty sure it's nothing serious I just wanted to see if I ne
  14. Add a cd rom to the unraid VM container and point to the locally stored plopkexec.iso. I will boot from the CD first and start plopk. plopk will find your unraid usb device.
  15. Cool didn't know there was an IPMI plugin. It seems you have plugin's for just about everything ..