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  1. Hiho guys, perhaps im just searching the wrong things and u can help me out. I bought an Asus X99 E WS with an XEON 2690v3, so far so god, its working with 6.9.0 rc2 and looks great for now. I just struggle with system temps / fans. First i try the plugin and just get coretemps (CPU 0-11) and no info about MB Temp or Fan Speeds. Then i try the console and go for sensors, ok, same output. I startet sensors-detect and found Driver `nct6775': * ISA bus, address 0x290 Chip `Nuvoton NCT6791D Super IO Sensors' (confidence: 9) Driver `coretemp': * Chip `Intel digital thermal
  2. Love it😍 .. thanks a lot for this awesome work
  3. I try to change the unRaid logo and look for several options. I think i found an noob way to get an easy change with custom css. And its safe for reboot. Feel free to correct and optimize #header .text-left {border-right: solid medium #001798} #header .logo svg {visibility:hidden} #header .logo { background-image: url(/boot/home/UN-logotype-gradient.svg); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center; } Just to make it clear, i realy like the original, it just doesnt match my colour preferences. Now it looks like this:
  4. Ah, ok, thx, then the wiki is just a litle bit confusing. Cause there it looks like different things, "invalid or missing key" includes the sub-point trial key description, but "cannot contact key-server" just descripe: "If your server is unable to contact our key server to validate your license, you will not be able to start the array. The server will attempt to validate upon first boot with a timeout of 30 sec. If it can't validate upon first boot, then the array won't start, but each time you navigate or refresh the webGui it will attempt validation again (with a very short timeou
  5. Hey gus, i read some hours now and unraid looks realy sexy for me. Most questions i answered myself with the documentation, faq and of course the forum. I just have some problems with the licensing. Do i understand right ? If there is no internet connection, unraid cant verify my license and i cant use my system? (Yes, reboot, i know) Is there realy no wating period? I often change my hardware and play around with new stuff, but i often have no internet also. For me its very important that unraid can run, or start, some days without checking. For me its an important dealbreaker