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  1. I have the same issue since a few days : Loading Configuration File config.ini Configuration Successfully Loaded 2021-04-10 08:57:21,453 - INFO: Starting Speed Test For Server None Traceback (most recent call last): File "/src/influxspeedtest.py", line 8, in <module> collector.run() File "/src/influxspeedtest/InfluxdbSpeedtest.py", line 171, in run self.run_speed_test() File "/src/influxspeedtest/InfluxdbSpeedtest.py", line 119, in run_speed_test self.setup_speedtest(server) File "/src/influxspeedtest/InfluxdbSpeedtest.py", line 71, in setup_speedtest self.speedtest = speedtes
  2. Ok I'm gonna go with the binhex one for now, and try to find a workaround Ok I understand Thanks for your responses ! EDIT: For the Label plugin issue on Deluge, your link was helpful, there is a workaround, thanks again
  3. I've set Pihole-DoT-DoH like this on (br0) : Pihole is accessible on, and the logs show that the DoH proxy server is started : So i've set the adress as my only DNS server on Windows : But when I start Wireshark and visit a website, the DNS request are still visible : I'm not really good yet in networking, so I think i've miss something, but I don't know really what yet... EDIT: UnRAID DNS is set to
  4. Hi ! First, thanks for the works on this apps ! I have an issue with OpenVPN HyDeSa, if I activate the "Label" plugin, the plugin is disabled when I restart OpenVPN HyDeSa. It was working with binhex-delugevpn (another Deluge version). It's pretty annoyng when using Sonarr, Radarr and Lidarr (and the 4K versions of them). Did someone else have the same issue ? EDIT : some screenshots : The web.conf file (after a restart) The plugins (after a restart) EDIT2: After installing AutoRemovePlus, same issue :
  5. I've ended up by installing this container on unRAID : https://hub.docker.com/r/rfvgyhn/avorion/tags This one contains the last version (1.2). Thanks for your explainations and your time !
  6. Thanks for the fast answer ! So I've setup the "Validate gamefiles" variable to "True", and restarted the container, but it seems to be still running in 1.1.2 : It also seems that the container isn't updated since 6 months : Or again there is something that I don't know / understand^^
  7. Hi ! Is it possible to update the container for Avorion ? The Unraid Docker for this game is running in 1.1.4, but the game is now in version 1.2. Just asking, there is maybe something I don't know about how to do it, or why the game is not updated. If I'me wrong, sorry !