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  1. Updated to beta25 and it fixed this. Now I just can't start my VM's for some reason, but I've had to make a seperate post for that issue all together. Not as simple as I thought it would be...
  2. After realising I needed to upgrade to beta25 for my new B550 MB to work, I have since not been able to boot up any of my VM's (through VNC or GPU). I found a post about fixing my XML to 'host-model' instead of 'host-passthrough' which managed to get my VM booted into VNC. When I have then gone to change my graphics to my GPU, it wants to add it as a secondary graphics card and use VNC as the primary. This is incredibly frustrating as I am now going on 2 days of not being able to properly use my VM....
  3. Did you manage to get this resolved? I'm having the same issue...
  4. I just upgraded some hardware.. new MB, CPU cooler and additional GPU. Now when I boot up my server I cannot connect to the dashboard via my tower's IP address. After checking my router settings, there is no connected LAN device so that explains why I can't access it via my laptop, but I don't know why... I can access the GUI from the tower, but I'm not even sure if that helps me, or if this is something I need to fix in my BIOS.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I tried adding both, but I'm still having no luck. There's no errors whatsoever, but the screen still just won't load...
  6. Blank screen, booting from GPU Along with many others, it appears I am having the same issue. I have been able to successfully install and run the Catalina VM through VNC, but now I am trying to setup the GPU passthrough and getting just a black screen when it boots. I have removed the topolgy line from the XML, changed the network access, and made sure to reinsert the script at the bottom of the XML per @SpaceInvaderOne video. Looking through the forum I can't seem to find any solution that has worked for anyone else, but perhaps I have just overlooked something? CatalinaXML.txt
  7. I have been having some real struggles over the last week to get my W10 VM running after completing my first build. Managing to get Windows installed through VNC, i proceeded to try and passthrough my GPU following as many videos from SP1 as I could find. I've successfully separated all my IOMMU groups and then eventually managed to get 1 boot onto my monitor. The next day I decided to try and passthrough my USB devices so I could connect an external HDD to begin transferring data. Ever since, I have not been able to boot my VM at all. I have gotten to the point where I have a vbios installed and no more error messages, but the VM just wont boot up, or the whole server freezes and crashes. I don't even know what information to share anymore as I have just hit a roadblock and don't know where else to try and get any answers...