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  1. Sometimes the BIOS limits the number of bootable drives that can be seen. I would suggest going into the HBA settings and disabling the option to boot from any HBA attached drives.
  2. No - the parity check either runs full speed of not at all. The nature of what a parity check is doing probably means that reducing its priority would have little effect anyway There is an option to Pause and then Resume a parity check but this is a manual process, if you only want the Parity Check to run In increments outside prime time you could install the Parity Check Tuning plugin to automate that process.
  3. A workaround would be to use a free-standing VNC client rather than the NoVNC browser based version supplied with Unraid.
  4. I "think" all the functionality is now built in and has been for some time You can change the order in which containers start by using drag-and-drop on the Dockers tab. In advanced view you can add a delay after starting a container before the next one should be started.
  5. itimpi

    xmrig detected

    Do you have the whole Unraid server exposed to the interned or have you jest port forwarded the port required for ssh? Is there any reason not to use a VPN now that the WireGuard VPN is built into Unraid as that would be far more secure?
  6. Not clear to me what you mean by this Maybe a screenshot will help.
  7. The download would have been a zip file - not a folder. Post the whole zip file.
  8. You can get into this position if the disk has ever been rebuilt If you go to Settings >> Unassigned Devices then there is an option there to change the disk UUID.
  9. That is fine as the disk is being accessed at the file level. Pass Through in this context is when a VM takes exclusive control of the whole drive by-passing any Linux level file system handing.
  10. The approved way is to edit the first post in the thread and add [SOLVED] to the title. That leaves the thread and solution available for other to find in case it helps them.
  11. Is there even a Linux NTFS kernel driver available? I thought there was not
  12. Not sure this is even feasible as being a stripped down Linux Unraid does not include any development tools (compilers, etc).
  13. it might have been a good idea originally to pre-clear the used drives to test them before adding them to the array. However if they are currently already added and functioning without error no point in doing it now. Having pre-cleared (I.e. tested) drives sitting on a shelf is a good idea. Adding them to the server if they are not needed for space reasons is not such a good idea as you are simply increasing the likelihood of getting a drive failure by having more drives than needed installed and increasing power consumption on the server.
  14. Why are you bothering unless you think there might be something wrong with the drives? Pre-clearing a drive is never a requirement with Unraid. The only reason for even bothering is to do a stress test of a (potentially) suspect drive. I know some people like to do it on new drives as a confidence check but many people do not bother.
  15. I cannot see exactly what you want appearing any time soon as it would be a lot of work to implement It might happen eventually if Limetech decide there is enough of a Use Case but I can see them taking some convincing I personally have some scripts that automate most of the task of copying the files into their correct location from their holding area so do not find it to be much of an issue.
  16. You work at the User Share level which will show all the symbol folders you have created on the various disks and copy the files to the “A” folder within that share and Unraid will then automatically place the files on the correct disk.
  17. Not quite! first create the top level of “TV Shows” on the disk (if it does not already exist) that will create a User Share of that name. Then within the “TV Shows” folder create the “A” folder on the disk(s) where it is meant to be located.
  18. Docker containers are started in the order shown on the Docker tab. You can use drag-and-drop to change the order. If you toggle on the Advanced view then you can add a delay after starting a docker before attempting to start the next one. no idea about shutdown order.
  19. I’ve set up the WireGuard VPN server that is now built into Unraid and that allows me to login just as if I was at home. It is also a secure connection which satisfies the recommendation of never exposing the Unraid GUI to the Internet via port forwarding.
  20. In which case I would remove the old drive and go ahead with the rebuild onto the new drive putting the old drive aside for the time being. You really want to keep the old drive intact during this process if you are at all risk adverse.
  21. You cannot pre-clear a drive that is currently allocated to the array. You are probably over-thinking things I would just rebuild to the new drive keeping the old one intact in case anything goes wrong during the rebuild process. Once you are happy that the rebuild has been successful, the old drive will no longer be part of the array can just be pre-cleared (if it needs it) in the normal way.
  22. I would recommend going with the latest 6.8.2 release. It IS possible to get the 6.8.0 release if you really need it but it seems sensible to have the release with all the latest fixes included.
  23. You will also need to delete the contents of any appdata type folder associated with the docker as that is where the files for the incorrect permissions are located. Have you done this?
  24. You might want to try downloading the zip file for the release and extracting all the bz* type files overwriting the ones on the flash drive. It is possible one of them is corrupt which is causing your current issues.
  25. This can happen if you use a USB drive that does not have a unique GUID. Some of the lower cost generic manufacturers re-use the GUID on all their drives and this ends up being blacklisted by Unraid. In such a case you can simply use the automated process for transferring the license to another USB drive that DOES have a unique GUID. It can also happen if the license has already been transferred to another drive. I think some people have encountered this when getting a license second hand.