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  1. using SWAG not utilizing 80, 443 and all working fine after "unraid-api restart"
  2. updated to 6.9 stable. have cpu temp but still no motherboard temps on my x570 mobo. bummer
  3. so i have 3 cages of 4 slots. 12 slots total. 1 parity x 11 drive data. i want to add a 2nd parity drive. so itll be 2 parity x 10 data. i will be replacing the smallest data with the 2nd parity to take its slot. what will be the best way to add the second parity drive??
  4. yea doesnt boot up anymore. working just fine before then
  5. no i meant ive been running the app on windows because the docker image was discontinued. i went ahead and build your image. working great! thanks for the update
  6. so is the docker working again?? havent used it in a couple years now. been using it on windows vm instead
  7. i migrated from letsencrypt to swag. didnt change anything in config. 4 subdomain address airsonic, plex, tautulli, nextcloud all working just fine 5 subdomain address sonarr, 4kradarr, radarr, transmission, nzbget all come back with "file not found." dont know whats going on with these any help??
  8. not sure what happened overnight but my boot drive dropped and webgui is unresponsive. this bash script has me looking at my parity check status. will reboot server once it finishes up. thanks for the write up!
  9. my new build was unstable which was causing the issues. but back up and restore was about and a little over an hour each once i took care of my system.
  10. UPDATE: i believe incompatible memory sticks were the issue. new memory sticks are in and system has been stable for 16 hrs now. thanks everyone for their input!
  11. actually i looked at my mobo qvl and my ram sticks arent listed. so i went ahead and placed an order on specific sticks that work with it and amd. hoping that clears up the issue. thanks for your input. i wouldnt have thought about that lol
  12. UPDATE: checked my mobo qvl and ram sticks arent listed. not sure if thats the issue but to be safe i ordered a different set that is meant to run on ryzen x570 boards. will update once it arrives. for now ill just keep rebooting as needed
  13. bios is updated to latest and memory was bought at the same time. 4x16gb sticks. the most ive had it run was about 6 hrs before it completely hanged and needed reboot. ive done all the tweaks to bios and config files but still cant get away from it. ill try removing the sticks and see where that gets me.
  14. did you resolve it?? just did a 3950x build and getting the crashes
  15. this is what im currently staring at. will reboot after my movie is over lol