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  1. 1) how do you replace parity disk 2) how do you replace data disk 3) how do you shrink your array
  2. Does anyone know if there is a WireGuard client that runs on an oDroid-N2 running Coreelec?
  3. My transfers between my desktop and unRaid server were stuck around 150mb/s as well until I installed a PCIe SSD card in the unRaid server. Now I get a steady 350mb/s. I figure my 850 EVO in my desktop is the limiting factor. I plan on installing a PCIe SSD card there as well.
  4. I scheduled a cron job to run the first of the month. It's not up-to-the-minute but its better than nothing. #!/bin/sh find /mnt/disk1 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk1-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt find /mnt/disk2 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk2-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt find /mnt/disk3 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk3-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt find /mnt/disk4 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk4-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt find /mnt/disk5 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk5-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt find /mnt/disk6 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk6-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt find /mnt/disk7 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk7-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt find /mnt/disk8 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk8-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt find /mnt/disk9 -type f -exec ls -lhs {} \+ > /mnt/disks/notinarray/diskinfo/disk9-`date +"%m%d%y"`.txt
  5. It might be the chipset the motherboard uses. According to Intel the Q67 only supports: PCI Support Yes PCI Express Revision 2.0 PCI Express Configurations ‡ x1, x2, x4 Max # of PCI Express Lanes 8 So the x8 slot is probably running at x4 and the x4 slot is running at x2
  6. It was only 85 dollars when I bought them
  7. I'm using some Intel knock-offs I got off eBay. They work great, get consistent 350mb/s transfer rate between my desktop and unRaid server.
  8. To be honest the search here stinks. I get better results using Google.
  9. There is a beta version of Kodi for Xbox One. The only networking it supports is NFS or FTP. I've tried enabling both on my UnRaid server and the Xbox can't see either. Has anyone gotten this working?
  10. lol you have 30 4TB drives?
  11. Is there anyway to force the File Integrity plugin to reload? What I find happening is after the system is up for a while it ends up skipping disks in my schedule.
  12. The hardest part was figuring out the command.
  13. After a recent cable problem I setup a cron job that runs the first of the month listing each disks contents to a separate file. At least this way if something happens in the future i have a somewhat recent list of what was there so i can figure out what is missing.
  14. You could buy 2 LSI controllers from China and still save money
  15. Is there a list of plugins that are not compatible with 6.4 somewhere?
  16. The mover runs in the background usually on a schedule that's configurable. The amount of time it takes to transfer from the cache pool to the array is not that critical unless you run out of space on the cache pool. The transfer rate is going to be limited by the write speed of a single drive.
  17. The limiting factor is going to be the disk drives. I have 10GB Ethernet between my unRaid server and workstation and a Raid 0 BTRFS cache pool of 2 Samsung 850EVO's and the highest transfer rate I can get is a little over 3GB/second. The problem is I'm copying from a single 850EVO on my workstation. I had a Samsung Ultra-M2 drive as my cache disk but I replaced it with the BTRFS pool because it kept over heating and throttling the transfer speed and that was with Gigabit Ethernet. Just get 2 10GB Ethernet cards and call it a day.
  18. Something tells me it will be a long time before we see 8TB drives for 64 dollars. New 1TB drives are still selling for 40-50.
  19. Who do you think makes the cards for LSI and SuperMicro?
  20. Yes it is. I used to get 100-112mb/s copying over gigabit Ethernet to cache.