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  1. Anyone made any progress on this? I've just acquired a Lenovo Legion GPU dock and was hoping to set it up with a Win 10 VM on my z490m mobo - could I pass the entire controller to the VM to bypass the isssue of unraid detecting the dock after a power cylce?
  2. @yayitazale I'd like to know this as well, I'm keen to set this up for use with home assistant but I'd much rather spend £20 on the M.2 Card, Any thoughts?
  3. Just worked out the fix for this - you nee to enable basic authentication under the base config tab: the proxy will then be able to connect and it should all work straight away.
  4. Yeah the tuner is working with LibreELEC which probably makes the Xbox One only driver redundant?
  5. Just tried with LibreELEC and the fw file is present Nov 14 13:26:19 MediaHub kernel: mn88472 6-0018: downloading firmware from file 'dvb-demod-mn88472-02.fw'
  6. looking here it looks like the USB bridge firmware is being loaded (which you've referenced) but the demodulator firmware is what's missing?
  7. Tried with the Xbox One drivers but it appears that the firmware is missing Nov 14 12:50:55 MediaHub kernel: mn88472 6-0018: Direct firmware load for dvb-demod-mn88472-02.fw failed with error -2 Nov 14 12:50:55 MediaHub kernel: mn88472 6-0018: firmware file 'dvb-demod-mn88472-02.fw' not found
  8. I'd been using the LibreELEC but was considering switching to the xbox driver as I use 2 official xbox one EU tuners.
  9. @ich777 Thanks - quick question is the xbox one usb driver for the Hauppauge version or the official Microsoft one?
  10. @ich777 Would I be correct in assuming you'll also be adding a plugin for DVB support?
  11. I only have one VM and this doesn't show at all on the dashboard as well as the same issue of dockers only displaying in 2 columns
  12. Surely the crontab needs to be running as the Debian user in order to launch Firefox and access the display session? (as It did on the pi I'm migrating it from) EDIT: Just tried calling it with the above from cron but nothing gets shown on "screen".