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  1. For those having issues with the stream error, check your Swag logs and it will tell you which config files need to be updated. Most likely you need to update your nginx.conf and ssl.conf files using the new sample files in appdata. That fixed the issue for me.
  2. Ah, yes, from one user share to a different user share. I didn't realize unassigned devices was even possible
  3. Not sure what you mean... I was just copying from one share to another
  4. 30gb... which makes me realize it also seems to have ignored that because it completely filled the cache.
  5. Hi, I was trying to copy a large number of files using this plugin (which is very convenient, thank you!). The share I'm copying to is set to "Cache: Yes", so cache first then the mover moves the files to the array. Because there were so many files it filled up the cache, but instead of just then copying files directly to the array as would normally happen, it errored out and stopped the transfer. I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional behavior for this plugin?
  6. Having the same problem as everyone else on two different servers on two different networks, one long running one, and a separate clean install I built yesterday.
  7. Having the same problem as everyone else on two different servers, one long running one, and a separate clean install I built yesterday.
  8. Thank you for your response. I was able to recover pretty much everything important-- I used the FAQ here and mounted the cache as read only and when I copied the data over there were a ton of files with I/O errors, but they were almost entirely Plex cache and incomplete downloads (i.e. nothing I would miss). The docker.img was lost but I already knew how to recreate that. So I went ahead and just reformatted and then copied the good files back over. For future reference though, what should I have done in that situation, when the second cache drive became unmounted? Because all of the posts I saw here had said to just remount it, but from what you're saying that's what caused the filesystem to be erased. I just want to be prepared for the future.
  9. Hello all. I am having a problem with my btrfs cache drives on Unraid and I am hoping someone here can help me? I am very much in over my head. I was adding a USB PCI card to my machine and must have loosened the SATA cable on one of my cache drives in the process, because when I restarted Unraid it said the drive was missing. So I powered down, resat the cable, and powered up. When I did so, the cache drive was listed, but as unmounted, not under the cache. I did some searching here and several posts said to just remount the drive, so I did that. Now with the Array started it says "Unmountable: No file system". So, per the FAQ here I ran "mount -o degraded,usebackuproot,ro /dev/sdc1 /x", and it mounted (the first command listed didn't work). But if I look at the /x files it only shows the one cache drive having any files, not the other. Have I lost all my data that had been on that other drive? I honestly can't remember if I had parity set up for the cache-- I did at one point, but the disks are two different sizes and it was causing problems, so I can't remember if I turned off the parity or if I fixed it some other way. I am in the process of copying all the files from /x to a share on the array using the terminal command line. So far several files have had "input/output errors", but nothing I'll miss. Docker.img was one, but I know how to rebuild that. Are those the I/O errored files the only ones that are going to be lost, and the rest should be okay? I'm just not sure what to look for before I reformat the cache drives after copying and want to lose as little as possible. My diagnostics are attached. mediiia-diagnostics-20210108-1359.zip
  10. I have a WD 10tb drive that I previously used with Windows Storage Spaces without any issues. I've just built a new Unraid server and transferred my drives over. Everything went smoothly except for this drive. When I attach it internally to the SATA ports the Unraid server doesn't see it at all. When I attach it using a SATA to USB cable then Unraid sees it, but it will not mount, and when I go into the Self-Test page it says "A mandatory smart command failed exiting. To continue, add one or more '-T permissive' options." Windows also can't read or partition or format it now, only saying "No Media". I've tried everything I know in Windows (chkdsk, diskpart, various formatting and partitioning utilities, etc) but nothing has worked. I don't know enough about Unraid yet to try to fix it without guidance. mediiia-diagnostics-20201101-2320.zip