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  1. This doesn't seem to work for me, I getting HTTP ERROR 400 while open the webui? Do I have to change anything with the default template?
  2. BTRFS can't hold your swap file, out of luck
  3. When I try to run a 2nd instance of linuxserver's qbittorrent docker, with different config path, different docker tag, different webui port, the webui just report Unauthorized The log doesn't show anything. The 1st instance runs fine. So what have I done wrong? Yes I have tried to putin webui whitelist enabled, it doesn't work
  4. From github https://github.com/shirosaidev/diskover Requirements: Elasticsearch 5.6.x (local or AWS ES Service) Elasticsearch 6 not supported, ES 7 supported in Enterprise version Redis 4.x Working steps: (if you do anything wrong, remove the docker, remove the docker's config folder in appdata, (but can keep docker image to avoid download again).) 0. install redis from apps jj9987's Repository, no config needed. 1. Install CA User Scripts plugin Create a new script named vm.max_map_count navigate to \flash\config\plugins\user
  5. "No diskover indices found in Elasticsearch" You need to use this Elasticsearch docker image here Not the one from CA/Docker default elasticsearch username password while installing diskover is elastic changeme You will also need to get an auth token for diskover https://github.com/shirosaidev/diskover/wiki/Auth-token
  6. Yes "fail to create symbolic link" does cause problem. It tries to store something/file inside the docker I believe, but you removed the config folder in appdata, made it really confused. But on the other hand, storing data inside the docker image is not a good docker image should do I think. What you need to do to fix this is remove docker's config folder from appdata, also need to remove the docker. You can keep the docker image. This way all the data this docker created will be removed, and you go reinstall this docker.
  7. does downloaded media file hardlink work with radarr/sonarr running in docker, and the download client say delugevpn runnning in another docker. radarr has docker mapping of: /media to host /mnt/user/media will store movies in /mnt/user/media/movie sonarr has docker mapping of: /media to host /mnt/user/media will store tvshows in /mnt/user/media/tvshow delugevpn has: /media to host /mnt/user/media will download files into /mnt/user/media/download Edit: Ok, this should be the case, my above idea should work fine
  8. 6.9-RC2 if try to add 2nd or more unraid share/mount tag to vm, can not save/update the vm click the update vm button will not go further vm is a ubuntu server LTS 20.04
  9. It looks like when you are not using vpn and you want to set a incoming port / dht port, setting via the web ui won't take effect or be saved. Need to set via \appdata\binhex-rtorrentvpn\rtorrent\config\rtorrent.rc directly when the docker image is not running, which will be saved and works.
  10. I tried out linuxserver's deluge image because it use the release version 2.0.3 not the dev version with the binhex delugevpn. Some PT only allows up to 2.0.3 because that's the last release version. Also plugins DefaultTrackers-0.2-py3.6.egg and YaRSS2-2.1.4-py3.6.egg can not be installed, I thought it was because binhex delugevpn has python 3.8. I tried linuxserver's which has python 3.6.9, but they still can not be installed. Might be a docker thing, not python version problem.
  11. Tried to install DefaultTrackers-0.2-py3.6.egg and YaRSS2-2.1.4-py3.6.egg, but they can not be installed. Python inside is 3.6.9 should be compatible. Tried both chrome/firefox, all have the problem. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround to install those two?
  12. I just open the console for this docker and check the inside. the /downloads/complete is there. I think the thing is with linuxserver's deluge docker image, by default the settings for the docker when installing it will ask you to map your real download path in the host to container's /downloads so I'll map my actual-download-path to /downloads, then it will have /downloads/complete /downloads/incomplete inside the docker. but binhex's deluege vpn docker image by default want /data/complete /data/incomplete inside the dokcer. An
  13. I have it disabled. When VPN/Wireguard enabled I think the network traffic are managed by the vpn application so the deluge port settings use ramdon ports go through the VPN not the 58946 ports on the docker host machine makes sense. But when you are not using vpn, and the port mapping from the host to the container is 58946 to 58946 port, why we don't put 58946 in the deluge network incoming/outgoing settings but it remains random port? Will it be mapped again by docker, say deluge random port to container 58946 to host 58946?
  14. Does change of the settings with incoimg port/outgoing port make a difference , if changed from random ports to a specific port? I thought the docker use 58946 for the bittorrent tcp/udp connection
  15. If choose a non-binhex downloader docker, for example deluge docker from linuxserver, the raddrr will report error of The path and folder actually exists inside the container
  16. how to manually do the port forwarding for rTorrent when used with wireguard? rTorrent doesn't come with upnp
  17. Hi, Thanks for the great work. Does your docker image has a version comes with the deluge 2.0.3 release version or ubuntu version? Some PT ban dev versions.
  18. It was working fine after first installation, but after the docker been restarted, the torrent became stalled and no matter what I do it won't resume reinstall the docker still have stalled issue
  19. The settings for 'port used for incoming connections' change will not save after restart docker it reset back to default
  20. is there a tool in the docker or I can install in Unraid to create torrent from the files?
  21. Hi, Thanks for the great work. Is there a stable deluge 2.0.3 version docker? Some PT ban dev versions.
  22. Is sonarr looking for the finished download in 'completed' or 'complete' folder? The old deluge seems to default to completed folder, but the new deluge and transmission seems to default to complete folder
  23. Thanks for taking time to help me. Attached is the diagnostics. I also clicked upload hardware profile. It is possible there's some hardware problem, it's an old computer. I can't tell what could be the issue. tower-diagnostics-20201213-2110.zip
  24. When I tested this setup at the beginning, I only use two 8TB hdd as pool , and no parity drive, at that time there's unlcean shutdowns. But later when I was happy with everything, I added the parity drive and one more 8TB, since that time there's no unclean shutdowns. I have written about 15TB into the 24TB pool, mostly through USB 3.0 unassigned drive , rsync or cp through the shell.