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  1. Fortunately, I have put off troubleshooting long enough. The problem has solved itself. Since I had not changed anything, I suspect some update or something similar. Thanks for your efforts anyway
  2. Thx for your fast reply. One of the affected domains is a searx search engine. I can reach it normally via http over 4G. I changed the email adress and the domain name. If you need further logs, I can deliver them asap.
  3. Hi, first of all this is an amazing docker container. I've been using it for about a half year without facing any problems. But now, when updating certificates of certain domains I'll get an internal error. Also removed an tried to make a new certificate without success. Here is the docker log: [5/31/2021] [9:03:20 PM] [SSL ] › ℹ info Renew Complete [5/31/2021] [10:03:16 PM] [SSL ] › ℹ info Renewing SSL certs close to expiry... [5/31/2021] [10:03:20 PM] [Nginx ] › ℹ info Reloading Nginx [5/31/2021] [10:03:20 PM] [SSL ] › ℹ info Renew Complete Duplicate relation "acc
  4. Hi, bitte entschuldige die späte Antwort, war eine harte Arbeitswoche. Der Status des Prozesses war in den beiden oberen Fällen "R". root 18459 100 0.0 2460 760 ? R 21:35 14:28 fuser -s /mnt/cache/backups/urbackup/linux-client/210314-1511/root/home/username/.steam/debian-installation/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/i386/selinux Ich habe Dienstagabend jedoch den Server neu gestartet. Da der Mover immer wöchentlich am Montag loslegt, habe ich den Fehler bis jetzt noch nicht reproduzieren können. Seit ich den heute Mittag manuell
  5. Aber der Prozess bleibt ja konstant bei dieser einen Datei stehen. Wenn der Mover mehrere Dateien hintereinander prüfen würde, ok. Aber bei einer kleinen Datei über mehrere Tage/Wochen hinweg? Sieht für mich mehr nach einem Prozess aus der wiederholt vor die Wand fährt. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit mir den Prozess über die Kommandozeile genauer anzusehen?
  6. Danke für die Rückmeldung Was mich nur irritiert, der Prozess bleibt so wie er ist bestehen, auch wenn der Container beendet wird. Mir sagt das, dass der Prozess vom Betriebssystem ausgeführt wird und da wiederrum sehe ich den "Datei-Mover" als Ursache. Ein weiteres Indiz, was ich anfangs vergessen hatte zu erwähnen, ist, dass ich in der Übersicht meines Arrays den Mover nicht manuell aktivieren kann, da er derzeit ausgeführt wird. Hier mal ein Screenshot dazu: Der Ordner "backups" ist wie folgt angelegt: Die Backupdateien, welche
  7. Hallo zusammen, ich beobachte seit einigen Wochen eine ungewöhnliche Auslastung eines Prozesses auf meinem Unraid-Server. Unter Werkzeuge --> Prozesse sieht es wie folgt aus: root 32270 99.9 0.0 2460 756 ? R Mar26 14500:49 fuser -s /mnt/cache/backups/urbackup/linux-client/210314-1511/root/home/username/.steam/debian-installation/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/amd64/selinux Man sieht, der Prozess scheint seit dem letzten Neustart des Servers (26.03.) durchgehend in Betrieb zu sein. Auf der Übersichtsseite sehe ich immer wieder einen Prozessorker
  8. This option is for already existing albums in digikam. You have to mount your photo folder in the docker container options. e.g.:
  9. Is there a way to connect through a Guacamole client to the digikam remote session? I have a Guacamole docker in the same subnet as the digikam docker, but I'm not able to connect to the digikam container, no matter what I try.I suppose the protocol is RDP so I tried to connect through this with abc/abc as credentials and also without credentials but with no success.
  10. @alturismo ok, thanks anyway for the support up to this point. I will try to build on your tips and work out a solution for me.
  11. thanks If it's possible, I need some further help. I set up another raspberry pi TVH server in my private network and ran into the same issue as on my unraid TVH container. No tuners visible, so I suppose there is something with port forwarding and NAT. Sadly I'm not that familiar with NAT. Also trying to forward the ports 9981,9982,9983 and redirect port 554 to 9983 doesn't seem to be the solution - the only thing changed is my OpenWrt firewall looks like a swiss cheese now I think this leads into something with NAT rules - do you have any suggestions how to solve this?
  12. I tried that way: Deleted the container and it's config, reinstalled as described in github-readme with host network and port options deleted (also in privileged mode and with PGID=0 and PUID=0 to exclude any permission error), but no tuner shown up. By adding an automatic IPTV network, with URL https://fritz.box/dvb/m3u/tvsd.m3u 97 muxes are found, but ends up with error: 2020-12-24 13:31:17.633 [ INFO] subscription: 0067: "scan" unsubscribing 2020-12-24 13:31:17.633 [ INFO] mpegts: tvsd.m3u - nick/MTV+ in Unitymedia - scan no data, failed 20
  13. Hi everyone, i have an issue with TVH and I hope someone can help me with that. I've installed it with the container variable RUN_OPTS --satip_xml http://<myfritzboxip>:49000/satipdesc.xml so that TVH can find my FritzBox Cable 6490. I've added a new network 'Unitymedia' and selected the pre-defined muxes for Germany:de-Unitymedia. In the tuner settings I linked the network, left the 'specinv' option on 'do not use' and set the 'tuner bind ip address' to my unraid-server-ip (I use the host network for this container). I just activated one tuner for testing if
  14. Couldn't see the wood for the trees Thank you! Just to add something that helped me, found some useful tips with access list here using an access list.
  15. If it's still relevant for you, I got a solution that works fine for me. You should enable the additional search results from dockerhub in the CA settings Then proceed with the following steps: 1. In Apps-tab search for "docker-clamav" 2. Click on "Click Here To Get More Results From DockerHub" 3. Select the following container (it's from mkodockx, you can verify by click on the link to dockerhub page): 4. Install with these attributes(beside the standard template, you just have to set up the port 3310). I don't know if it's releva