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  1. Thanks for this container. Works a treat with 2 different Nvidia GPU cards. I swapped recently from Trex-Miner as it stopped working after the latest update. Gave this a try, and I am back up and running. Anyone here scratching their heads regarding the GPU settings when you have two installed, just put the ID of one only and both will be picked up and used. However, m just not sure of the path where it installed, as it not found in the appdata share and it doesnt seem to provide the option to instal in this share via the configuation settings - unless Im missing something...
  2. Did you ever figure this out? I recently upgrade TREX and now have the same issue, after it working for 5 months without issue prior to the update.
  3. Not sure how as I tried many things, but my issue seems to be resolved. I now suspect that my problems revolved around my internet service connecting out to the Community App store, not an unraid configuration issue.
  4. I tried with with nginxproxymanager. I uninstalled it, but cant reinstall as I am getting the same error when trying reinstalling dockers from CA.
  5. hey thanks for wading in. Force updates dont work. Some dockers showing that they are up to date and other not available status. See image. The majority have unavailable status though. When I try an update an 'available' one - it doesn't pull any data down but goes through the process quickly and then states; On the containers that are marked unavailable, the update process stalls for a while then it states; but remains unavailable after the 'force update'. cheers
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't noticed the bond setting. I have changed it, but unfortunately I still have the same issues. No issues with the docker image file. i think that setting was something I did a long time ago, as I don't even recall changing it to be honest. What is really weird that there is only one container that seems to download ( budge ) which was a random one I picked from CA. Every other docker I have tried will not download?
  7. I can see from searches that this issue has come up from time to time, where the docker containers in Unraid show they are unavailable. My setup previous to last night (Sydney Australia time) has been working without issue for many months in its current form. I woke up to find that many of the dockers status were change to unavailable this morning. I have attempted all the cures in the previous threads and none of those worked. So I have; 1. changed the DNS settings to and (cloudflare dns servers) 2. I can ping an external ip address eg 3. I have checked the status of the various services docker hub etc 4. SABnzb can download files 5. I cannot force update any of the containers, they just time out 6. I have restarted Unraid a number of times 7. The plugins page in Unraid seems to be ok - as they show the status of up-to-date (edit 1) I cannot install any new containers - managed to get a random contianer (budge) down but no others? (edit 2) this is the error reported when i try to reinstall nginxproxymanager " Error response from daemon: error parsing HTTP 408 response body: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value: "<html><body><h1>408 Request Time-out</h1> Your browser didn't send a complete request in time. </body></html> ".See 'docker run --help'." (edit 3). Diagnostics attached as requested. Also during my attempting to diagnose the issue, I uninstalled nginxproxymanager with a view to reinstalling it. This is when I found out I coudnt download any further containers from CA. (edit 4) Also tried to remove the docker networks and restart the service, then recreate the networks I had (br0 and proxynet) via console using: rm /var/lib/docker/network/files/local-kv.db /etc/rc.d/rc.docker restart docker network create ***** Any help would be appreciated. This has me stumped. cheers
  8. Anyone who was having problems, ge the th GPU's to transcode? I tried a 1660 super and a 2060 super with no luck. All the settings/parameters were correct - tdarr continued to use CPU. edit: My issue was from it being mis-configured in the codec selection. I think maybe an update or something had the changed the settings as everything was working previously. The container had transcoded 8TB worth of files previously without issue.
  9. Awesome that did the trick.! Thanks for our help.
  10. Can anyone tell me how to set power level for a specific GPU, via unraid console? I have two gf cards - a 2060 super - which I managed to get to 125 watts, but I would like to set the power level of the 1660 super I have, and Im not sure how to get the command to work against/for this card - I thinking I need to select/nominate it somehow first?
  11. Thanks mate. An old post, but helped me out with docker network issue.
  12. Thanks for this. I just installed this docker and had issues with the failed to connect to backend error as the others have described and this seemed to remove the error at this stage.