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  1. After reboot I got an immediate Out of Memory error even though my current usage (system was sitting at 19%). I believe this suggests limiting the Docker container to 1gb via extra parameters confirmed my Chia Docker is the culprit for this error. I'm guessing there was a Chia update that broke how the Docker container operates. Due to waning interest in the crypto the container is being actively updated regularly to keep up with changes to the platform. I would assume a simple deletion of this docker will solve my issues. I'll consider this solved and hope the posts above will help others troubleshoot their systems.
  2. Did some more digging and found some interesting commands to help look for memory hogs. Check what is using RAM and how much ps aux | awk '{print $6/1024 " MB\t\t" $11}' | sort -n RAMDISK sizes df -h -t tmpfs Check tmp folder size on RAM du -sh /tmp Mine came back as: (left off anything under 80mb or so) ps aux | awk '{print $6/1024 " MB\t\t" $11}' | sort -n . . . 84.9258 MB /usr/bin/dockerd 757.07 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.863 MB chia_full_node 760.871 MB chia_full_node 760.871 MB chia_full_node 760.871 MB chia_full_node 760.875 MB chia_full_node 4419.98 MB /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 So apparently the Chia plots I started and forgot about are taking up an extensive amount of memory ~10.5gb. My next step was to limit the amount of RAM this Docker container can take. Add the following to my Docker container extra parameters (use advanced switch in top right corner) --memory=1G I'll reboot and see if this continues to be an issue.
  3. Hello I'm getting an out of memory error "Your server has run out of memory, and processes (potentially required) are being killed off. You should post your diagnostics and ask for assistance on the unRaid forums" message from the Fix Common issues plugin. The error used to occur once a month but has become more frequent over the past few weeks...Today is the second day in a row the error is being thrown. I've narrowed it down to the mover running as the error occurs around 4AM which is when I have the mover scheduled to run. Does anyone know are can explain in layman terms what settings I need to change or why this is occurring? I have 40% ram usage at just about any given moment. So there should be plenty available. I only run a small VM for Home Assistant with 4gb allocated to it. There are a handful of Docker containers running, but should have negligible RAM usage...Plex transcodes to RAM but that's not occurring at 4AM. Also as suggested on previous posts i adjusted a few parameters to an attempt to stop this issue from occurring. (vm.dirty_background_ratio to 1 and vm.dirty_ratio to 2) My sig should have all my server info. running latest stable version of UnRaid gserver-diagnostics-20211025-1015.zip
  4. My linuxfu is lacking...i wrote a script to start and stop a bunch of docker containers in a specific order. When it's finished i would like it to close the pop up window. I tried exit and end to no avail. I don't even know what that pop up window is called to Google it. What command should i use?
  5. @SimonFThanks that worked!
  6. I think this plugin is exactly what i need to get Home Assistant(HA) VM working with my USB Zigbee coordinator. I'm struggling with where in the qemu script the extra lines posted should be inserted. I tried appending to the end of the file but that throws errors for me. Any help would be appreciated. Original script listed below: if (!isset($argv[2]) || $argv[2] != 'start') { exit(0); } $strXML = file_get_contents('php://stdin'); $doc = new DOMDocument(); $doc->loadXML($strXML); $xpath = new DOMXpath($doc); $args = $xpath->evaluate("//domain/*[name()='qemu:commandline']/*[name()='qemu:arg']/@value"); for ($i = 0; $i < $args->length; $i++){ $arg_list = explode(',', $args->item($i)->nodeValue); if ($arg_list[0] !== 'vfio-pci') { continue; } foreach ($arg_list as $arg) { $keypair = explode('=', $arg); if ($keypair[0] == 'host' && !empty($keypair[1])) { vfio_bind($keypair[1]); break; } } } exit(0); // end of script function vfio_bind($strPassthruDevice) { // Ensure we have leading 0000: $strPassthruDeviceShort = str_replace('0000:', '', $strPassthruDevice); $strPassthruDeviceLong = '0000:' . $strPassthruDeviceShort; // Determine the driver currently assigned to the device $strDriverSymlink = @readlink('/sys/bus/pci/devices/' . $strPassthruDeviceLong . '/driver'); if ($strDriverSymlink !== false) { // Device is bound to a Driver already if (strpos($strDriverSymlink, 'vfio-pci') !== false) { // Driver bound to vfio-pci already - nothing left to do for this device now regarding vfio return true; } // Driver bound to some other driver - attempt to unbind driver if (file_put_contents('/sys/bus/pci/devices/' . $strPassthruDeviceLong . '/driver/unbind', $strPassthruDeviceLong) === false) { file_put_contents('php://stderr', 'Failed to unbind device ' . $strPassthruDeviceShort . ' from current driver'); exit(1); return false; } } // Get Vendor and Device IDs for the passthru device $strVendor = file_get_contents('/sys/bus/pci/devices/' . $strPassthruDeviceLong . '/vendor'); $strDevice = file_get_contents('/sys/bus/pci/devices/' . $strPassthruDeviceLong . '/device'); // Attempt to bind driver to vfio-pci if (file_put_contents('/sys/bus/pci/drivers/vfio-pci/new_id', $strVendor . ' ' . $strDevice) === false) { file_put_contents('php://stderr', 'Failed to bind device ' . $strPassthruDeviceShort . ' to vfio-pci driver'); exit(1); return false; } return true; }
  7. @Slaytanic The Hardware info can get kind of bloated on VMs. You can go to integrations page then search for ZHA. Click like you are going to install then the first step before install asks you to select your zigbee device from a drop down. This integration automatically finds your devices so it should be a short list. Then take that usb address Ex. ACM0 and setup zigbee2mqtt or continue with ZHA. Edit 1- those cc2531 are notorious for coming unflashed. If you still don't see it in the ZHA drop down then look up flashing guides.
  8. Nah not free....i just hit the max wifi devices on my router. (Netgear nighthawk AC) 32 devices. Zigbee or zwave was the only way to expand. Upgraded to wifi 6 so it shouldn't be a problem anymore but I'm already down the path... 1st world problems! Lol
  9. @comet424 I think i figured it out. So i installed a PCIE usb card then used a walk through on this forum to pass through the entire controller. (My mobo only has one controller onboard) this consistently passed through the usb to my hassos vm. This created a new problem as each restart changed the port the usb was located at. dev/tty/ACM0 or ACM1. I then used the info from HA forums to create a relative link to the usb device. drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 60 Feb 8 23:08 . drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 80 Feb 8 23:08 .. lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Feb 8 23:08 usb-0658_0200-if00 -> ../../ttyACM0 This should be all set now... since i used z2mqtt i could use the above in the yaml config. This would be problematic in an integration like ZHA. although this may be possible with additional googling.
  10. I tried rebooting Unraid a few times and got different results with the HA supervised VM. Sometimes it boots with the usb passed through other times it does not. I tried the usbip plugin but after installing and configuring unraid took a very long time to boot and i got a bit scared i hosed the system... that put an end to that plugin for now. I'll wait for the pcie usb to come in and try using spaceinvader1 controller pass-through tutorial. Hopefully passing the entire controller will yield consistent results. If not I'll go back to the plugin... it looks promising just need to read up on it.
  11. I run supervised HA. I've got a conbee 2 usb zigbee stick that has been giving me trouble. I'll try a reboot and post up this weekend. I may have to go with HA core in a docker container if i can't get the USB to stick. I'll do some more googling to see what i can do for USB on VMs.
  12. Thanks for the reply @comet424. I've upped my disk doze to 32gb and my ram to 4gb. iwasn't able to figure out the grouping you mentioned but will continue to look. I'll post up if the usb issue occurs again. Edit#1 i stopped my array for maintenance which meant stopping the VM. I didn't shut down HA host from within the VM. (Not sure if that would cause this) when i restarted the array and VM the usb wasn't passed through. I had to "edit" the vm then click update and restart before the usb was passed through.
  13. Thanks for the reply @comet424. I've upped my disk size to 32gb and my ram to 4gb. i wasn't able to figure out the grouping you mentioned but will continue to look. I'll post up if the usb issue occurs again.
  14. So i tried the digiblur supervised docker version and was unable to get the stability out of it that i need in a home automation system. Mainly containers would orphan or stop then not come back online. So i moved to a VM on my unraid server. I followed the videos online but for some reason every time i take a snapshot (using HA snapshot tool) my USB zigbee serial device is removed from the VM. I have to edit the VM (not really do anything as the USB is checked for passthrough still) then restart and all is good...until the next time. Edit: Just created another snapshot to grab logs and could not replicate the USB being removed. I'm puzzled as to why it get's removed from HA? I'll update if i can replicate the issue. What am i missing and why does the USB port get removed from my VM? This has been great going from my RPI4 but it has to work consistently. Side note: i cannot edit the VM icon without the USB passthrough disappearing as well. I can only get one or the other...icon or usb. odd behavior.
  15. @mrbilky I would have gone that route if DigiBlur hadn't created a supervised docker container. I enjoy the supervisor function as the non supervised version takes a bit more work. I managed to create symlink to my Music share via ln -s /var/tmp/testarea/dir1 dir2 root@server:/mnt/user/appdata/hassio/media# ln -s /mnt/user/Music music This method works as i can navigate to the Music share via SMB but HA refuses to show the Music folder within the media folder. Restarted HA.
  16. I've just started moving my to my new unraid server via DigiBlur's supervised container. I'm struggling with how to point the Hassio media folder to my music share. Has anyone figured this out? I never had much luck using this feature in the past but thought it would be easier with unraid since my media and HA are now on the same machine.
  17. This thread has been very helpful getting Jackett setup for me. I've moved Radarr and Jackett behind my delugevpn container an now seem to be having issues getting Jackett to connect to indexers. I'm assuming this is a simple setup issue i overlooked. Hopefully someone can save my hours of searching. Radarr and Jackett can connect - used "localhost" in applicable fields Added port 9117 to VPN_INPUT and created additional port in DelugeVPN per SpaceInvaderOne This might be Q26 but i don't quite understand what is being stated here. Edit 1: In case anyone stumbles across this with the same problem i was able to get some indexers on my list to connect by using local host as the Proxy URL. This only works after typing in "http://localhost". see second screen shot of fix. Some indexers are not connecting still so i supect there is a VPN block which is discussed elsewhere. I will update this post when i get them working. supervisord - Copy.log Edit 2 Screenshot
  18. That's great Doublemyst, I've updated to the latest Unraid version plus forced updates to DelugeVPN but for some reason my template stills seems different than yours. Mine as shown above has VPN input ports and VPN output ports rather than the single Additional ports yours and everyone else's seems to have. As noted above i nuked everything and just got DelugeVPN back running. I'll work on adding in Radarr and Jackett this weekend to provide an update.
  19. @Doublemyst Would you mind sharing an image of your delugevpn setup and one of the other containers you are routing through it? I've gone crosseyed reading through post after post on multiple threads...plus binhex FAQ. I've changed so many fields at this point that even the delugevpn webui is no longer responding...plus my containers don't seem to have the same fields as a lot of these posts mention. i.e. ADDITIONAL_PORTS is missing from my template. edit: i've hosed my entire setup messing with delugevpn and other dockers. None of my dockers now are loding in the webgui. Removed plex then deleted appdata then reinstalled to get the openwebui to reappear. Others like speedtracker& openvpn-as still won't open the webui. (even after reinstall and setup) no idea what i messed up on my system...
  20. Hello, I've been trolling this forum and googling my brains out (YT included) for 3 days now and i can't seem to find out how to get devulgevpn working with my VPN. Disclaimer - 6 days into my unraid trial and same for Docker...I've managed to get rid of my Buffalo NAS, moved my plexserver and my PiVPN to Unraid. I'm struggling to figure out how to point DevulgeVPN through my openVPN server (container on UnRaid now). I created the OpenVPN-as server then tested it with my laptop to make sure it works. (it does) I then a setup my UnRaid IP:1194 in the DelugeVPN server name field. (NAME_SERVERS) Dropped the .ovpn file into the appdata ovpn folder. Can someone point my in the right direction? OpenVPN-as config: DelugeCPN Config: Running: UnRaid 6.8.3