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  1. I would like to set up a cron job to delete all files and folders/directories older than 24 hours in my downloads directory. I have made a few attempts to do this but cron is proving to be a bit tougher to understand than I previously expected. I've tried a few versions of the following commands: find /mnt/user/path/path/* -type d -mtime +0 -print0 -exec rm {} + find /mnt/user/path/path/* -type f -mtime +7 -print0 | xargs -0 rm find /mnt/user/path/path/* -mtime -1 -ls -exec rm -d {} + find /mnt/user/path/path/* -mtime -1 -ls -exec rmdir -f {} + I'm finding varying degrees of success, but essentially the downloads folder is broken into a few subdirectories. I want to clean out those subdirectories of all files and folders older than 24 hours on a weekly scheduled job. I have not been able to get this working the way I want. I have run a combination of these scripts with some different options enabled, but I'm looking for one script to do what I need. Does anyone have a better example of what I'm trying to accomplish?
  2. I'm definitely interested in this. I unfortunately lost my djaydev docker a week ago, I had assumed the GPU transcoding functionality would be possible with this build.
  3. I'm having a difficult time getting Bazarr to recognize all of my Movie shares. I've added some paths in the docker configuration since I have multiple shares where my movies live in. I've attempted to use Path Mapping to map the path of a share in Radarr with the one created for Sonarr, but it seems that the subtitles are not being pulled because I'm getting errors such as this: Traceback (most recent call last):   File "/app/bazarr/bin/bazarr/get_subtitle.py", line 70, in get_video     video = parse_video(path, hints=hints, providers=providers, dry_run=used_scene_name,   File "/app/bazarr/bin/bazarr/../libs/subzero/video.py", line 61, in parse_video     return scan_video(fn, hints=hints, dont_use_actual_file=dry_run, providers=providers,   File "/app/bazarr/bin/bazarr/../libs/subliminal_patch/core.py", line 501, in scan_video     raise ValueError(\'Path does not exist\') ValueError: Path does not exist Is using individual Path Mappings the way to ensure all my movie shares are going to be found in Bazarr, or is there another way to do this?
  4. After some investigation I have determined that my Plex DB is corrupt. Following Spaceinvader One's tutorial got me to "Error: database disk image is malformed" when running PRAGMA integrity_check. So, I followed his tutorial and tried a dump/read of the database. When the new db is being created, it seems to fill with data almost all the way, then stop and show as an empty db. I was able to verify this happens every time I attempt to create a new DB from the old DB's data via Krusader. So, I decided to take a copy of the DB to my Mac and use SQLite browser to try an export/import. When I do, the export is successful, but at import I get an error "Error importing data: Error in statement #139: no such module: spellfix1. Aborting execution and rolling back." I have no recourse to fix this issue, but I need someone who knows a bit more about SQL to help me find a way to get this DB back in shape. I'm convinced that the db corruption is the root of all my issues, but I can't figure out why it's so difficult to get this back in some sort of working order.
  5. My issue hasn't gone away, but my troubleshooting has led me to trying to do an integrity check on my Plex DB to see if there's an error. When attempting to do the check, I'm getting an "unable to open database file" error. I'm running the PRAGMA integrity_check from inside the Unraid console (actually following Spaceinvaderone's tutorial) and hitting this wall. I'm logged in as root and I believe the permissions are set correctly for this directory and this DB, yet still nothing actionable. Has anyone else run into this?
  6. I've got another problem, I'm finding slow SQL queries in the library. I think this might be the root of a whole lot of "Couldn't retrieve play queue item" errors, both locally and remotely. Can someone take a look at this diagnostic and help me troubleshoot? trescommas-diagnostics-20211025-1935.zip
  7. My issue is resolved, a second reboot of my Unraid server solved the problem and transcoding is back to running normally.
  8. Managed to fight my way through the previous error, but came across a new one. I had been transcoding successfully for the past week, but my Node stopped a few hours ago and I'm receiving the below errors in the log. Both docker containers for Server and Node are running and I haven't made any configuration changes to either one, unsure what has caused this new problem. Also, I can confirm Health Checks are running without an issue, and I am using the GPU for both tasks.
  9. I've been experiencing a problem with file playback. It seems that random movie and TV episodes are failing to play. I have a pre-roll that runs in front of any movie that starts, which pretty reliably loads, but both locally and remotely there seems to be a random assortment of videos that won't play. I have even re-ripped a few DVDs and blurays to try h265, x265, mp4, mkv and at different bitrates, and yet I can't find what is causing the issue. I'm receiving a ton of errors in the Plex docker logs stating the following: [mp3 @ 0x152397af5240] Header missing Error while decoding stream #0:0: Invalid data found when processing input I've been hunting for answers across some of the Reddit Plex subs as well as here to no avail. If can provide me with some additional things to troubleshoot I'd greatly appreciate it.
  10. As an update, it seems like file size is not a determinative factor as files as low as 1.4gb are also failing, and I still can't find the reason why.
  11. LInking my issue here: I am not sure what is causing the issue, but very consistently larger files are failing while smaller ones are succeeding. I am need a little guidance on what else I can troubleshoot here, but I'm curious whether or not this is related to the plugins I'm using. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. You were correct that my Transcode Cache path was set incorrectly, so thank you for that. After the change, I re-queued the failed transcodes and unfortunately many of the same files are failing, with the same error. I've attached a screenshot of the plugins I'm using, and I will note that the transcodes are going much faster than they were previously, which is of course great. Many of the failed transcodes are Remux Bluray 1080p files, is it possible one of these plugins is having difficulty parsing some of the data? I attached a second screenshot with a sample of one of the information tabs for a failed transcode.
  13. I'm running Tdarr in an Unraid Docker, after following the recent Spaceinvaderone guide. I have a large library and am experiencing problems transcoding large files (File sizes ranging from 4gb to 50gb). I keep receiving errors such as: [hevc_nvenc @ 0x55b3f455ef00] OpenEncodeSessionEx failed: out of memory (10) [hevc_nvenc @ 0x55b3f455ef00] No NVENC capable devices found Error initializing output stream 0:0 -- Error while opening encoder for output stream #0:0 - maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height Conversion failed! I also receive an error stating that my /temp directory is out of space when trying to write the file. My /temp share is on a 1TB SSD and I have 32GB of memory, according to the Unraid dashboard I'm not seeing RAM spikes above 70% at most. Tdarr is successfully transcoding other files under 4GB, but I can't find the bottleneck. I tested while running only one worker as well as up to 5 simultaneously, and fairly consistently the smaller files are working, while the larger ones seem to be getting up to 70-80% completion before going into the Error/Cancelled category. There are some files that fail instantaneously. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I was able to fix the issue. My server came up with the wrong IP address, I statically assigned the original IP and everything is operating correctly now. Thank you for the help!
  15. I can reach the internet from all other computers on my network, and I can ping google.com from the server. I recently moved to a new house but brought my router along with me, I've been at this location for a few weeks and this issue hasn't arisen yet, but could it be a problem with my public IP having been changed?
  16. My server had to be rebooted last night and I'm unable to access the web console via https any longer. I can only reach the console via http, however after doing this I was unable to reach my docker apps (Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr, Organizr, etc) unless I'm using http. I was able to verify the server came up on the same IP it always has and it is showing up on my router. I keep getting an error of a connection timeout whenever I try to get to the encrypted address for the console. I'm struggling to no where to start looking/troubleshooting to remediate this problem. If someone could provide a little guidance as to where I can start, I'd appreciate it greatly.
  17. As of this morning, the file is playable once again. The file resides in the correct directory, with the correct permissions, as it did yesterday. For the time being, I'm going to chalk this up to issues conflated by the bad update pushed yesterday as nothing else makes sense and I was unknowingly troubleshooting things while there was a bad update pushed to the docker. This still doesn't explain why the error occurred weeks ago, but the amount of contradictory information that I've found makes me want to wait some time before barking up this tree again. Thanks for the information John.
  18. I've tried the version you suggested ( with no change. This morning I'm getting a different error when trying to direct play the file on iOS: "The Plex Media Server can't find or access the media file for this library item at the expected location." Hardware transcoding seems to be working fine as I tested other files and they are transcoding correctly using the GPU. I checked permissions on this specific file versus other files in the same directory and nothing everything looks correct. I also looked into the inotify limit and increased that number then rebooted the server, but that has had no effect.
  19. I suppose I'm back where I started as hardware transcoding is working properly on the server, so I'm back to not understanding why a few files are unable to play on any device.
  20. I'm seeing a potential issue in the logs: Apr 01, 2021 21:55:43.877 [0x14bb723f1700] DEBUG - [Transcode] Codecs: hardware transcoding: opening hw device failed - probably not supported by this system, error: Generic error in an external library Apr 01, 2021 21:55:43.877 [0x14bb723f1700] DEBUG - [Transcode] Codecs: testing h264 (decoder) with hwdevice nvdec I'm using a RTX 3070 and have the Nvidia Driver installed with driver 465.19.01. I have --runtime=nvidia in Extra Parameters and my GPU is declared under Nvidia Visible Devices in the docker settings. Hardware transcoding was working as recently as yesterday.
  21. I'm having an issue with Plex, and I don't know whether or not it is this docker. I am unable to play certain movies on my server, and this seems to have started a few weeks ago. Without rhyme or reason, certain files will not play on my server locally, but they will remotely for some users, but not all. This seems to be regardless of codec, resolution or source, as I would pull multiple variations of the same movie file and yet they still would not play. The odd thing about this is that some, but not all, of my remote users are able to stream the file without a problem, and when I stream the file from a friends' Plex server, the same file that I have on mine, it streams without a problem. I'm unsure if there is a permissions issue or maybe a problem with my hardware transcoding. I am using a GTX 3070 for hardware transcoding and trying to direct play/direct stream this file on Samsung TV, Apple TV, Roku, iOS and Chrome Browser clients and none are playing the file in question. I have attempted the codec deletion method but that didn't fix anything. I have tried reaching out in another thread here and on the Plex forums but have come up short. I'll upload my current Plex logs and my server diagnostics, but could use a hand diagnosing whatever this problem is. PlexLogs.zip trescommas-diagnostics-20210401-2001.zip
  22. I have deleted the codecs but that did not improve the situation. I'm trying to direct play the files in question via Apple TV, iOS, Chrome browser, Roku 4k and Samsung TV apps and they all are unable to play one of the files in question. Transcoding is hardware transcoding using my 3070 GPU, I have the Nvidia Driver installed and the correct parameters inside linuxserver.io's docker instructions. I saw the errors earlier with the newest build of Plex but have since grabbed the latest stable release. I have looked inside the support thread for this container and found no one else experiencing this issue yet.
  23. This sounds remarkably similar to what I'm experiencing: https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-wont-play-certain-episodes-no-matter-what-quality-or-type-of-file/210390
  24. That was before a reboot, this is post-reboot. The memory errors were due to one of the RAM sticks needing to be reseated. trescommas-diagnostics-20210401-2001.zip