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  1. My mining status keeps flipping from no to yes. I got it set up and the nicehash website said it was benchmarking. Showed fan speed and temp. But now it's unavailable, but the VNC screen show's it's connected. I have an AMD video card if that matters. I restarted the unRAID server and started the VM. The nicehash website said pending and then eventually error check locally. I don't know where any logs would be to check. Just looked again and now it's going back and forth every few minutes between pending and benchmarking.
  2. I figured it out. Another docker was using the same port. I changed the Unifi port, but that didn't work. Had to change the port on the other docker.
  3. I just installed this docker on my unRAID server and left everything as default. When I start it I get Execution Error. If I change the network type to Host, then it does start, but I can't access the WebUI. This is all new. I just bought ubiquiti stuff, not a migration.
  4. I figured out my issue. I was adding CPU's in the VM settings, but I wasn't running the macinabox_helper script after the changes, so the Mac VM was just kinda freezing up. All set now, thanks for the reply though.
  5. Big Sur is hanging at the Apple logo, no loading bar, and one cpu at 100%. I followed the video very closely and after using the opencore config, removing two of the three disks (copying the path to the first one), all that. Shut it down and updated the XML with my VM name and changing firstinstall to no. I have no graphic card. Now when I boot the VM, I get the bigsur disk option and press enter. Then it just hangs at the apple logo for ever. My CPU-0 is pegged at 100%, no matter how many CPU's I assign to the VM, it's just the first one. I burned it all down and started from scratch and ended up in the same place the second time. If I need to paste my XML, let me know where exactly to get that from please.