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  1. How do I install this driver if i'm getting this? 😛 plugin: installing: unraid-r8125.plg Executing hook script: pre_plugin_checks plugin: downloading: unraid-r8125.plg ... done Executing hook script: pre_plugin_checks -----------------------Downloading RTL8125 package!------------------------- --------This could take some time, please don't close this window!---------- -----------------------Can't download RTL8125 package----------------------- plugin: run failed: '/bin/bash' returned 1 Executing hook script: post_plugin_checks
  2. When using a custom docker network, the port(s) used is the one set by the app in the container. Setting the port in the template wont change anything. You need to change the port within the app for it to work on 8585 and/or change the environment variable if one is available. If you are using this threads method to avoid macvlan traces then your containers using static ip's (custom network) won't be able to communicate with the ones using the bridged network, since host access is disabled.
  3. Atleast for me it started happening after switching from an Intel platform to AMD Ryzen.
  4. While this solution works, it does not allow host access, so it's not really a solution. 1) macvlan + host access = bridged containers are able to talk to containers that has static ip's but it crashes the server 2) ipvlan + host access = bridged containers are able to talk to containers that has static ip's but server loses connection to the outside after a while 3) ipvlan + no host access = no crashes or connection issues, but bridged containers are unable to talk to containers that has static ip's 4) this solution = works the exact same as option 3 So an example, to get nginx proxy manager to work with bridged containers or to make bridged containers use my adguard home which has a static ip, I will have to use option 1 or 2 which will result in either crashes or drop of connection to the outside. this solution is no solution at all but a bandaid for people using macvlan without host access. It's so frustrating
  5. Hey ich777 I also got my hand on an A380 if you need more help testing.
  6. That was fast! 😂 alright I'll try that! thanks
  7. Hey guys. So I have been having issues for quite a while with unraid at random times becomes unresponsive so I have to do a hard reboot. I have tried troubleshooting myself but have reached a point now where I need some help. It can sometimes take months before it happens but most of the time it does it every few days(weeks). I have changed memory multiple times, and made them run at default without xmp/overclocking to no luck. Kind regards mlgz0rnnas-diagnostics-20220615-1257.zip syslog1-
  8. My bad then. I just find it weird that if those permission issues was not there on 6.9.2 why would they be there on 6.10.0? Is there something more strict with permissions on 6.10.0? And you did update the docker version, wouldn't that be able to touch the disk drives if changes was made to that version vs. the one on 6.9.2?
  9. I think some of the folder permissions reset with the upgrade which is why alot of docker containers are having issues
  10. Try this https://forums.unraid.net/topic/123671-unraid-610-permission-denied-from-docker-containers/?do=findComment&comment=1128912
  11. I know a lot have been having issues with permissions for some docker containers after updating to 9.10.0. Could be that? You can try this, won't hurt at least.
  12. I fixed it by running the New Permissions tool on the affected folders You can also add this script to user scripts and run it to be more specific on folders instead of shares/disks. Remember to add the path to your folder #!/bin/sh for dir in "/mnt/user/!!you folder path here!!" do echo $dir chmod -R ug+rw,ug+X,o-rwx $dir chown -R nobody:users $dir done