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  1. Nope ☹️ Ive just powered off the freeipa VM for now. Need to revisit it and try again
  2. Can we please please please get the ability to create user accounts, disable root logon, and enable mfa.
  3. Did you resolve this? I am having the same issue. I switched from password to LDAP with FreeIPA. i followed the ibracorp LDAP video and copied over the LDAP configs from the git repo, and commented out the password file configurations. In freeIPA i have basically set it up, created an admin user and a non-admin user (ipausers group), the latter i would like to use to log in to authelia. Do i have to do any configurations in FreeIPA so that this will work?
  4. Hi Forum, Not sure if this is the right place for this, and i did some quick searching to see if a topic like this existed but i didn't see one. Since there are some Docker containers that backup your data to AWS S3, i thought it would be important for members of the community that are inexperienced with AWS to have some pointers on securing their account, and s3 buckets. I put together a walkthrough that covers the following topics. Create an admin user, to avoid using the root account Enable a password policy and MFA Create an s3 bucket, disabling global access
  5. Hey @Jacob Bolooni, I put together this how-to that walks users through setting up an s3 bucket, and creating a separate IAM user and Policy specifically for backups. I had security in mind when i wrote this so I include things such as blocking public access to the bucket, enabling encryption, and restricting access to IP addresses. Let me know if this post is ok for here, otherwise i can certainly remove it. Thanks, Malcolm Some notes before we get started: As a best practice, you should never do anything using your root account. That is the account/ema
  6. There is also Glacier Deep Archive. It is slower to retrieve the data if you do actually need to access it, the thawing time is 12-48 hours depending on what you want to pay. It is a fraction of the price to standard Glacier though. ^^ Do this please. @joch do you have a write-up for users to help them create the IAM user and policy, disable public access, enable encryption etc? Some general ways that the users can harden their buckets?
  7. Hi, i'm following IBRACORP's videos on the configuring Authelia, and am hitting an issue similar to that reported by another user in this thread. the file stanza starts on line 217 ##Line 216 file: path: /config/users_database.yml password: algorithm: argon2id iterations: 1 key_length: 32 salt_length: 16 memory: 1024 parallelism: 8 and the obfuscated users_database.yml file cat users_database.yml users: <username>: displayname: "<name>" password: "$argon2i$v=19$m=1024,t=1,p=&l
  8. hey tjb, all my settings in there were from detect except the minutes to refresh which i set manually to '1' I opened my rig open and tore all the fan connections apart and started testing things 1 by 1. It seems my issue was: Noctua fans had a 4 pin connector the 1 female to 3 male adapter had 4 pins or holes on each end The 4 pin female end adapter was plugged in to sys_fan3 which only had 3 pins. Under this setup i was trying to adjust the fan profiles in the bios but nothing worked, all the fans were only running at 1 spee: blast off.
  9. Hello, i'm having some issues with my chassis fans on unraid 6.9.2. I installed 2 new fans to my MSI Z97 PC Mate(MS-7850) mobo today. i introduced a 3 male to 1 female splitter with the two fans that came with my chassis and 140mm noctua, going to sys_fan3. I have 1 140mm noctua plugged directly in to sys_fan2 and have a water cooler plugged in to cpu_fan1. Until i installed the two noctua fans today, the two chassis fans and the cpu cooler fans seemed to operate normal. After introducing the 3 to 1 splitter and adding 2 new fans today, my system sounds
  10. I believe that you are correct. It's just strange because when i first set up unraid and loaded the console the font was fine. I only noticed this issue after i installed the nvidia driver plugin. Perhaps it was just a coincidence. But thank you for that post! Yeah, i know. I thought i read at first that docker would not do the GPU passthrough, so i was going to launch a VM to run plex. I was looking at binhex's plex container and saw that it is infact possible so i started following his faq to enabling it which led me to the video plugin. I read somewhere tha
  11. Hello, Let me start off by saying I'm new to unraid, and am doing my best to follow guides on the site and forum to get things set up to my preferences I'm having a few issues with the Nvidia Plugin. I'll start with the (hopefully) easiest, first. Since i installed the nvidia driver plugin and drivers, and rebooted, the resolution in my consoles is to the point where i can barely read it. A few notes -- i was initially trying to configure GPU passthrough for VM's -- i enabled PCIe ACS Ovveride : Multifunction. I have a stopped windows vm whose profile