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  1. Parity sync is as fast as the slowest disk. My guess is that your USB disk is making the parity sync extremely slow.
  2. Any news on this as a plugin? I would really love one
  3. Wen it comes out as a plugin, i will surely use it
  4. Sure its not a huge problem anymore, but there is so many plugins for almost everything already so it would be nice to have one for defragging too
  5. Why isnt there a plugin to make a defrag on the disks?
  6. Well, that is not what I want to do with my server. Thanks for the tip. but that actually made it worse than before Trying on version 6.6.6
  7. I am downloading to my User Shares, but they are all set to use my Cache drive which is an SSD. I actually bought an SSD because i thought that was the issue. Still, no issues with 6.4.1. Or VERY rarely and for a shorter period of time, newer versions I have to paus the downloads to get it to catch up. Glad It works for you, I still think It's a bit overkill to have to create a VM to download things to a fileserver. I really just wish I knew what the issue could be with all the newer versions of Unraid that says the disk overload when the older version don´t.
  8. I am still stuck with Unraid 6.4.1, I have newer hardware now and still has the same problem when I update to a newer version of Unraid. Is there someone that has any idea how to solve my problem or will I be stuck with 6.4.1 forever?
  9. Zero replies to this? Does no one have any idea what causes issues with Unraid 6.5+ on my rig?
  10. So my problem is, whenever I am using any newer version of Unraid than 6.4.1 I cant utilize my internet bandwith for downloading directly to my Unraid server. My usual speed with 6.4.1 is about 50Megabytes per second (I have 500/500Mbit). And it rarely gets disk overload in Utorrent. But as soon as i have upgraded to version 6.5 and newer I have always had this problem that my speed drops and disk overload. Nothing else is changed than the never version of Unraid. I have tried all 6.5+ updates to date and I have always reverted back to 6.4.1 because of this issue. I wonder if this has something to do with the Meltdown/Spectre update and my server cant handle it?
  11. I have the exact same problem, alot of stuff has been put in the recycle bin folder, it seems like all files goes to the recycle bin folder even on the cache drive. And then is moved to the wrong place on my shares.
  12. Same. I had hoped to see a solution soon.
  13. I was about to ask the same question, I would really love to have a script/plugin to automatically even out space on the disks if you accidentally overfilled them. Right now I manually have to move files from one disk to another.
  14. It would be great if you could make unRAID packages of, PluginDataDir, Plugin_GetDir and PluginChoose. Really great work you've done with this UnTorrent package. Second that, those would be very nice to have.