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  1. Reporting 2.27TB be moved from a 2TB drive with 162GB free??? I have one ReiserFS disk left in my system, that I would like to empty and convert to XFS. However, after planning, the Plan says it will move 2.27TB from a 2TB drive with only 1.84TB data. Also - in the GUI it suggests 2.27TB, in the log 2.11TB Does this mean, that some files on that disk are corrupt in some way (I would assume yes)? Any suggestions for how to proceed? Thanks in advance for input.
  2. I made a very similar mistake - or at least ended up with the same issue😖 However - the procedure above with btrfs-select-super -s 1 /dev/sdX1 and btrfs-select-super -s 1 /dev/sdY1 saved me 😅 Thank you so much @Robb3rt for posting here 👌🤘
  3. I have a similar issue - any solution yet?
  4. Regarding anniversaries: Later this year I will have the big 10 year anniversary with unRAID 😎. Through all these years, unRAID has always had my back. Just now, I'm in the process of finally leaving my old setup with unRAID running in a vSphere VM alongside other Windows VM's, and in stead let unRAID be the host. I think it will be better that way 🙂 It would for that reason be ever the more appropriate with a sticker for my server 😏 Anyway - keep up the excellent work guys - Happy Birthday! /Niels
  5. Thanks @bonienl- that was what I thought 😅 Just wanted to make sure. 😊
  6. Hi. I'm trying to move to XFS from ReiserFS, but I've run into an issue. I'm following the steps in but I'm stuck in step 11. It says: Click on Tools, then New Config, then Retain current configuration:, then select All, then check Yes I want to do this, click Apply then Done But in my "New Config" page I only have the option "Preserve current assignments". Is the documentation not valid for my version 6.6.6? Is the effect the same, just in a new wording in the UI (I suspect this is
  7. @trurl You are right - I was not thinking it all the way through, sorry... Now - thinking a bit more carefully, I still think I can find a way. Adding a 4TB to replace the 2TB will add 2 TB free space. The data from the next 2TB can be copied to the free space on the 4TB, while the old 2TB disk (the one that was replaced by the 4TB) is formatted to XFS. Then I can remove the disk that has been copied to the 4TB from the array. Restart the array Then I can add the XFS-formatted disk, so now I have another 2TB of free space. I can then copy
  8. @trurl I found a place that can ship so I have a 4TB tomorrow. Then it can run Preclear for the 24 hours or so that it takes(?), I can then swap it in to the old 2TB slot and rebuild on XFS in stead. I guess the risk profile of running with a emulated disk but the data safe on the physical one for a couple of days extra is lower than trying to rebuild, right? Afterwards, I can start updating other disks to XFS on a 'rotational pattern' having an extra 2TB disk for the purpose I guess (except for the three of four 4TB on ReiserFS ) ...
  9. Thanks or the quick answers guys! @trurl I appreciate the thinking about the safest approach. I don't have a spare at hand unfortunately - only 1TB's. I think I will put it back into service again, as it was apparently a cable issue, and SMART looks OK (it would take 2-3 days before a spare can arrive, and I think I would rather replace other drives first). Regarding updating the filesystem. Can I do that on the current 2TB disk before re-creating the data on it - i.e. get XFS on it?
  10. I stopped the server, massaged the cables, and the disk is back again - but still with a red X in the UI, so the data is still Emulated. I can see, that only 9,03MB is free on the disk (ReiserFS). Could that be contributing to the issue (if only a few sectors are failing, then there's nowhere to put the data i guess?) Anyway, the SMART log is attached. One thing makes me think it should be replaced soon anyway - it's been powered on for 68595 hours (7y, 9m, 26d, 3h) ! Back to the current issue though. How can it get back into operation again. Would it help
  11. Hi. A disk suddenly appears to be disabled. There has been no physical interaction with the server for a long time. I just recently upgraded unRAID to the latest version, and only afterwards discovered that Zerons OpenVMTools is no longer updated and compatible. I run on ESXi 6.0, but I don't think that has any influence on my issue. Can anyone tell from the attached diagnostics (current logfile where the disk was disabled), if I need to replace the disk? Or should/can I do something else to bring it back online? I think the interesting sequence in the log
  12. Thanks for the suggestion and fast response :-) (PS: Also just just discovered and installed your Ransomware Protection - thanks!) According to your suggestion, I changed passthrough to one of the USB headers on the motherboard (connected to a USB bracket I had lying around) and mapped that through. Also in earlier I tried changing to FreeBSD64 bit in stead od 32 bit as someone in a different thread suggested. Unfortunately, the resets remain, and probably at some point the USB key will drop off again. BTW i have also tried mapping a second USB port through (another suggested fix)
  13. I'm starting to see the same behaviour - also on ESXi (version 6.0.0). Could it be that the passthrough of the USB is not quite stable, and this triggers this? Also - my syslog has this pattern repeating quickly filling the 3 generations saved in /var/log folder. Please note: /boot folder is empty when looking at it from console login. May 13 04:40:01 Tower liblogging-stdlog: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="8.23.0" x-pid="1779" x-info=""] rsyslogd was HUPed May 13 04:40:01 Tower root: May 13 04:40:01 Tower root: Wa