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  1. Not sure when I upgraded to 6.9.2, but it could've been around the time problems started. I do use i915. Seems like there is not a solution except for going back 6.8.3. Not sure what that might break if I do, though.
  2. I got the syslog server setup. Just had another crash, but I don't see anything helpful in the syslog. Dec 3 03:50:20 unRaid5 emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdn Dec 3 04:40:01 unRaid5 root: Fix Common Problems Version 2021.08.05 Dec 3 05:45:45 unRaid5 emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdm Dec 3 05:46:43 unRaid5 emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdk Dec 3 06:08:51 unRaid5 emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdn Dec 3 07:09:15 unRaid5 emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdn Dec 3 07:10:00 unRaid5 emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdn Dec 3 07:36:58 unRaid5 emhttpd: read SMART /dev/sdm Dec 3 08:27:01 unRaid5 emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdn Dec 3 08:37:00 unRaid5 emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdm Dec 3 12:20:27 unRaid5 cache_dirs: Arguments=-l off Dec 3 12:20:27 unRaid5 cache_dirs: Max Scan Secs=10, Min Scan Secs=1 Dec 3 12:20:27 unRaid5 cache_dirs: Scan Type=adaptive Dec 3 12:20:27 unRaid5 cache_dirs: Min Scan Depth=4 Dec 3 12:20:27 unRaid5 cache_dirs: Max Scan Depth=none Dec 3 12:20:27 unRaid5 cache_dirs: Use Command='find -noleaf' Dec 3 12:20:27 unRaid5 cache_dirs: ---------- Caching Directories --------------- I can include more from the syslog, but it seems like the issue was between 08:37 and 12:20 when I restarted and nothing was logged then. I'll attach the post-restart diagnostic file, if that helps. What else can I do to get better information. Thanks unraid5-diagnostics-20211203-1234.zip
  3. I made this change and emails stopped. But, then they started again. I rechecked the file and it's back to an echo statement. I think it's because I rebooted. Does this change not survive a reboot? If so, is there a way to make it permanent?
  4. Just happened to me for first time. Running UnRaid 6.9.2. I caught it with the logs at 77% full. I deleted syslog.1 and dropped to 51%. Can I delete syslog, too, to get usage down more? I restarted nginx and errors stopped. Now replaced with the following error every 2 seconds: Sep 30 08:41:23 unRaid5 nginx: 2021/09/30 08:41:23 [alert] 12576#12576: worker process 18277 exited on signal 6 How to stop this error message? Reboot? Things I did yesterday that may or may not matter: Installed shinobi Stopped openvpn-as docker and installed and setup VPN Manager plugin I had been using MS Edge on laptop with a pinned tab to UnRaid. Switched to Firefox, also pinned a tab to UnRaid, but both were running at the same time unraid5-diagnostics-20210930-0843.zip
  5. Hello! Has this happened again? I'm getting emails when the daily cron job runs that say "Mover not Needed." I don't get one every day, I guess only when the mover is not needed.😃 Thanks
  6. Thanks! I have that setup now, so I'll check back after the next crash...
  7. Over the past 2 weeks Unraid server has crashed 4 times, I think. Each time requires a hard reset which results in a parity check. By crashing, I mean the web gui is unreachable and pings are unanswered. I suspect a hardware issue, but not sure how to check for one. The log file only contains info since the reboot. I'm not sure how to find out what was happening just before the crash. Happy to provide additional info, just not sure what is needed. Any suggestions much appreciated! unraid5-diagnostics-20210919-1150.zip
  8. Thanks! But, I had to get it ordered to get here quickly. I went with a Seagate IronWolf 8TB. A little better price and delivery time. It's 7200 rpm, so maybe that will give a little better performance. Probably not noticeable, though. Anyway, hopefully it lasts awhile. Rebuilding parity now. After about 15 minutes, running at 122MB/s with a estimate of 18hrs to finish.
  9. No luck with the cable. When I booted I could hear one of the drives grinding and stopping. Unplugged it and that noise went away. Seems like a truly dead drive. Except for one, my other drives are also WD Red ERFX. I see those in a lot of setups. Should I still trust them and get another one or is there a consensus on a better drive for unRaid?
  10. After reboot, parity is unassigned and the drive formerly know as parity is not visible. I'm going to shut it down and switch out the sata cable, maybe I get lucky. I checked warranty status and, of course, it is out of warranty (since 8/2019). unraid5-diagnostics-20210105-1422.zip
  11. Well, this just happened. I did parity check a couple of days ago with no errors. System is still running, but no parity is obvs not good. What should be my first step? Reboot and hope it works until I can get a replacement disk? Thanks Partial log file when it happened. Full diagnostics attached. unraid5-diagnostics-20210105-1319.zip
  12. Back in April I started getting emails from this plugin. hugenbdd replied with a fix that worked. Here's a link to my post, followed by his replies. Well, the emails are back. They're address to root with a bcc to my gmail address. The subject line (cron for user root /usr/local/sbin/mover force 2>/dev/null) is the same, but the content is a little different: It's been doing this for awhile. I'm a little surprised no one else has posted about it. I must have something setup different than others. Any ideas?
  13. I'm having issues, too. Recordings from HDHomerun (*.ts files) give a playback error (No compatible streams available). Emby is set to use quicksync, but in Settings, Transcoding, switching to Advanced doesn't show any hardware encoders/decoders available. I rolled back to linuxserver/emby:, as suggested above. Hardware shows back up and recordings play again.
  14. Ok, thanks! So is there a way to tell if Sonarr is going through the vpn or not?
  15. I've been struggling with this too. I downloaded the strong files and dropped them in (Toronto). Before editing the opvn file, I restarted just to test and it worked! My problem now is that Sonarr isn't going through the proxy. I tested this by opening the console and typing curl ifconfig.io and get my IP from my ISP. Doing the same with SAB's docker I get an IP in Toronto. If I change my browser to use the proxy it works. Any idea why? Thanks