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  1. Background is that we recently moved a daughter from a regular windows laptop to a Chromebook/Google Drive/Photos setup. She will access those data from her chrome book, phone, tablet and a browser at work. Lots of pros and cons. Now we would like to setup an automated backup of her data placed at Google Drive/Photos. It is not a lot, just about 80G. Manual exports, or trusting that Google never fails, is not in scope Anyone with a good idea for this?
  2. To me the basics are: -Monitoring/Verifying data integrity -Monitoring hardware health -Having a step by step foolproof hardware failure plan -Optimize power saving -Optimize read/write speeds -Scanning for problems -Scanning for virus/malware in data -Monitoring logs/Early warning when unexpected things happen. I'm a huge podcast fan, so I think this could be worth a try.
  3. Is it possible to choose to show more than 25 posts per page?
  4. That would be so awesome :D... I'm a very willing betatester
  5. Is it possible to have some progress indicator on the log, maybe a file counter that updated every hour or similar? I'm about to scan 2.1 mill files, which I assume will take quite a long time, so some sort of indicator would be helpful.
  6. Awesome.. and we are back up
  7. Great Plugin, love it, awesome work. When I run an extended scan, it scans my /URbackup/ for a rather long time. Last time I gave up, it had been running for 5 days. The /URbackup contain approximately 2 million files, so yes it is a lot of files. Should I just wait it out, or should I start troubleshooting? I tried browsing the System Log to see any messages of problems or progress, but found none. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  8. @trurl np Set "suspend when non-boinc cpu usage is above 30%" Start a few Plex streams to make sure that the load close to max. Observe if Boinc suspends its calculations. In my case it do not. Hence the question if it works for you?
  9. @trurl @Constructor Does "Suspend when non-BOINC CPU usage is above 25 %" work for you? I want Boinc to suspend, when the server starts its dayjob of Plex streaming, but I cant get it to work.
  10. I ended up with just one Minio docker and then just create multiple containers inside. The clients are using Duplicati installed as a service, backing up into each their Minio containers. Duplicati encrypts the backups, and they all use different keys. After backup duplicati sends a http string to, which then again sends me daily emails with status. I have run a few restore tests, and it all seems to work fine. All the notes about installation, keys, restore process, etc, is kept at Lastpass. So when things turn bad, i don't need to rethink what to do, just logon to Lastpass and follow my own instructions :) For me this is exactly what I need, and I consider the problem solved... for now at least.
  11. Yes, I looked into Nextcloud, but with the features comes complexity, and what I like about Minio, is that it does exactly what I want.. nothing more, nothing less. I don't want the sync or all the other awesome things that Nextcloud can do... as with the features, comes a greater need for uptime. But thanks for the input
  12. Just an update, I'm currently testing a combination of: -Minio, by Topdockercat, as the backend S3 storage, and I will make one Minio instance per "backer'upper person/household" -Duplicati as the client, doing source encryption, for giving me and the backer'uppers the status reports.
  13. Yeah. thanks and I did read up on it. But as with Nextcloud, I can't figure out, how I can keep track of the "succesfullness" of the backups. Maybe what I am looking for is just not very relevant for Unraiders. But I feel it is just around the corner, like there is something I have not realized, one last search I need to do. And then it will be there.. an ability to send invites, people can download clients, backups will happen, both clients and server can keep track of the success, and the storage use, and data will be source encrypted.... I just need to find it.