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  1. I think you need to click through the "macOS installer" (2nd icon from left) 3 or 4 more times before it finishes and the OS starts
  2. Exact same on mine, first attempt yesterday, on 6.9RC1 - Completely removed everything, rebooted and getting the same thing on 2nd Try (attempting to install BigSur).
  3. Thanks so much for all that the LinuxServer.Io team does... just got this working on 6.7.0-rc5 with my new 1660 ti and also tested with the Decode patch/script... all appear to be working as expected! Sent a couple chits for donation...will add some more when I get more in my PayPal account! -Sw2
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    Please Delete since nobody responded anyhow...
  5. Far from an Expert... but are you passing through a Graphics ROM BIOS? I have a GTX1080 that I had setup to passthru to my Win10 VM. I installed the Card in a standalone Win10PC, downloaded the GPU BIOS ROM file with CPU-Z (following one of the processes in SIO Windows VM Videos), then reinstalled back into my unRAID server... I used that same GPU Rom file to the High Sierra VM... before I added the ROM to the VM Config, it wouldn't boot at all with NVidia Card added to Mac VM, once I added that, it booted and I was able to install the nVidia drivers per the SIO Video. Doubt that helps much
  6. I'm going to make a backup copy of the entire VM and try to update again... I did confirm it was the iTunes/OS Security updates... not exactly sure how to update the Clover or kext, I'm just using whatever versions SIO included in the video links.
  7. Thanks again for this great stuff... I re-setup my High Sierra VM with the new video and passed through my Nvidia card and everything was working good...then the OS did an update (iTunes, 10.13.6 security stuff, etc), which I think crashed the whole setup...when it went to reboot just had the circle with slash through it after the Clover boot screen. So I blew it all away and started over (didn't yet have any data). My question is what is everyone doing for system/os updates? Should I be able to do them (not upgrading to Mojave from the App Store) but anything else that Apple tri
  8. Thanks for the update @1812, I have Mojave working now too... interestingly enough this is the exact settings/setup I was trying with High Sierra nd it was failing on the first reboot every time.
  9. Well, it boots once at least, which I guess is something... I get as far as installing Clover on the macOS shutting down the VM and restarting (@ About 17:30 in the video where you remove the Boot IMG from the XML) and can never get it to reboot again. Just get a static Apple Logo on the VNC Window and nothing ever happens after...maybe I'll just wait to see if SIO does an update for the new OS. -SW2
  10. OK, I deleted and redownloaded everything (including re-downloading the MacOS High Sierra Installer), new USB Stick, re-downloaded Clover 2.4K r4674, and it's actually booting now and beginning the install process. So it's not totally complete yet but a lot further along. I am using Q35-3.0 so far.
  11. Regardless of how I've configured my VM, it isn't booting to the initial boot (I never see the Apple or Clover Screen) so it seems that it's not even recognizing the Primary VDisk boot IMG file made from the Boot USB (which I've recreated several times on multiple USB Sticks). I guess I don't understand where Clover is even involved as there is no mention of it at all through the first 9 minutes of the video (where SIO boots the VM and gets the clover boot screen). It feels like I'm missing something or should have watched another video to do other things to prepare for this one.
  12. Thanks... I did try to use the Q35-2.9 as shown in the video. There is zero mention of any Clover versions in the updated video what-so-ever (at least up to the halfway point where I couldn't get anything to boot), so I'm not sure how or where I can I have any control over that. I also have zero clue where to find a older 10.13.0 macOS installer, so I guess I'll just shelve this for other endeavours. Sig was super old, forgot to update as I've gone through several HW iterations since last updated.
  13. I created the USB Boot with 10.13.6 Macbook and I'm not sure what SIO is or what version of Clover...Following the SpaceInvader One Updated Video with the "unpatched" Clover. Created the IMG from the USB, Created the VM, Edited the XML with the parts from the vm-ackintosh text file, boot VM and can't get anything other than "UEFI Interactive Shell v2.2" screen in the VNC.
  14. Has anyone successfully completed a new setup of High Sierra following this vid with UnRaid 6.6? I wonder if something has changed. I've followed this thing to the letter and booting the VM (after making all the XML updates) will ONLY boot into the UEFI Interactive Shell... never ever see the Clover Boot Manager
  15. No idea if the $85 # is real or not, but the thought of 4 2.5" (15mm height) drives in a single 5.25" Bay is very interesting to me I could eventually phase out my (4) 5 in 3 Cages for a few of the 4 in 1 5.25 instead. I have to imagine there is a heat/noise/power advantage of the 2.5 to 3.5's in this use case? Maybe worry about heat, although the 5 in 3 cages only use a single 80mm fan to cool all 5 3.5" drives and it does OK. -SW2