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  1. Thanks, Squid... I had exactly same problem and your solution is perfect.
  2. "Warning: SQLite3::exec(): near "ON": syntax error in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/disklocation/pages/system.php on line 651 near "ON": syntax error" First use, version Disk Location 2019.02.18b, unraid Version 6.5.3 2018-06-12
  3. That's too bad... so my page looks like this (see below) where trays 12 and 16 are actually RAID pair configured as cache drive, and only tray 14 is really empty... it has broken SATA connector and there is no way to comment both trays 16 and 14...
  4. Using Disk Location 2019.02.18b. Noticed that if the plugin does not pick up drive data ("Available disk slot") then you can not add (and display) anything in the comment for this tray. I would like to be able to add (and display) the comment for empty trays. TIA...
  5. No prob. Actually, number 2 would provide some nice workaround when implemented. Thanks!
  6. And now my dreams and wishes... 1. It would be nice to be able to edit configuration "in opposite direction" -- not assigning tray number to predefined disk info, but assigning disk info (probably loosing autoupdate, etc) to a tray. My reasoning: I have 2-disks RAID serving as unraid cache drive and this plugin can only see it as "Marvel, unassigned". And yet another tray has broken SATA connector -- no way to see this programmatically. 2. It would be REALLY GREAT to see comment field on Devices tab. Really, really great...
  7. Thanks, Ole. Now it works fine 😊
  8. Warning: SQLite3::exec(): near "ON": syntax error in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/disklocation/pages/system.php on line 646 near "ON": syntax error
  9. pkn

    Sad to see ...

    Light+compact -- very good, thank you so much!
  10. Light+compact -- very good, thank you so much!
  11. pkn

    Sad to see ...

    The first two. >The marketing site is <...> designed by some true pros. Yeah, that figures... I bet they were arguing that your site needs "modern look". Been there, heard that... Anyways, as was said, to each his own. >We do not intend on redesigning the UI to have "more air" like the marketing site. It's a relief to hear that, thanks. I was kinda worrying.
  12. pkn

    Sad to see ...

    After consideration -- it's good though that you guys realize that this whole "more air" concept is a scam.
  13. pkn

    Sad to see ...

    Thanks a lot, good to hear.
  14. pkn

    Sad to see ...

    Frankly, it is. Even more on other pages. Simple check: look at page and compare layout of the page itself ("material design" all the way) with the compact one on unRAID/Main screenshot on the same page.