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  1. I can't help with the hook processing. I don't know anything about how it works. All I did was follow the instructions from the zmeventnotification GitHub.
  2. I would suggest the following to see if any of these steps fix your Zoneminder: - Remove and re-install the Docker. - Restore your database from a backup. - Remove the Docker and appdata and start from scratch.
  3. Unraid should time out and force a shutdown once the timeout has been reached. If Unraid doesn't force a shutdown, you have other issues. This should happen no matter what the remote shares are doing. Some have reported issues with dockers using remote mounted shares. I'm thinking your docker may be hanging the system when the remote share goes off-line.
  4. Remote mounts are mounted when the array starts if they are set to auto mount. UD does not attempt another mount if the remote mount comes on-line. You could set up a User Script on a cron to auto mount remote mounts with the following script: /usr/local/sbin/rc.unassigned mount auto This will mount any devices that are not mounted if they are set to auto mount. It doesn't affect any devices already mounted, but could add a lot of entries to the log. It will also mount any disks set to auto mount that are not mounted.
  5. You need to review your shutdown timers. You have the disk shutdown time out and the VM shutdown time out both set to 60 seconds. That's generally not enough time for Unraid to shutdown. Read this post and see if you need to make any changes. You are giving me snipets of logs that have little to no value. Run your system until you have problems. Then reboot and let Unraid time out on shutdown. Don't force a shutdown. Then post the diagnostics that Unraid collects at /flash/logs/. If the diagnostics aren't collected, then post your syslog server log for the server. Give me the full log, not just the last few entries.
  6. Setup the syslog server on your Unraid server to capture the log. You can then post the log after a reboot so I can see what it shows when the situation happens.
  7. I have several remote mounted shares using a VPN and I don't have this issue. Post diagnostics before the system hangs so I can look at your setup.
  8. I've seen this issue when I backup shares from my main server to a backup server using robocopy. If I exclude the .Recycle.Bin folders, it doesn't seem to happen. I have been unable to determine how/why this happens.
  9. Click on the help button while on the UD page and you will find the answer.
  10. Go to a command line and type this command and post the output: /usr/bin/timeout 1 /bin/df
  11. I have spent a lot of time on the UD plugin to keep it from appearing to 'hang'. The issue comes from some commands UD uses to get the mounted devices information. Remote mounted devices using CIFS mounts are particularly messy because of the 'df' command used to get remote mounted devices information and the way servers going off-line are handled. I've set timeouts on all commands that I can to keep UD from hanging, but there may be more that needs to be done. I can't reproduce the problem with the setup I have, so it is very difficult to fix the issues you are seeing because it is probably related to your particular setup. You can't unmount a remote mounted share when it goes off-line because CIFS reports the mount as busy. Unless UD does a forced unmount, the device won't unmount. It is not a good idea for UD to do a forced unmount, because the device could actually be busy. My suggestion is to unmount any remote mounted shares before you take the remote server off-line. Also, any of you having any issues with UD, please remove the preclear plugin and reboot your server. The preclear plugin is partially integrated with UD (that's why you can see preclear information in UD), and there is a background preclear task that collects device information that may have some issues. I don't have the time or desire to troubleshoot preclear. There has been a lot of discussion about the need to preclear disks. It really isn't necessary and the preclearing has been a source of problems. I know all you preclear fanatics will want to start a debate about it, but for troubleshooting these issues, please get it out of the way. Post your diagnostics from normal operation.