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  1. Your disks are not all being recognized by Unraid as unassigned disks. The 'Dev 4' disk is the only one being recognized by Unraid as unassigned. 'Dev 4' you have marked as 'Passed Through'. Not sure if you intended to do that. All physical disks are mounted at /mnt/disks/ not /mnt/remotes/. /mnt/remotes/ is where remote shares are mounted. Post your diagnostics.
  2. The installation of the plugin was not successful. It failed with a retval of 2. Post your diagnostics.
  3. The pass phrase doesn't match: Sep 22 14:19:59 shogun unassigned.devices: Using disk password to open the 'crypto_LUKS' device. Sep 22 14:19:59 shogun kernel: device-mapper: ioctl: 4.43.0-ioctl (2020-10-01) initialised: email@removed.com Sep 22 14:20:02 shogun unassigned.devices: luksOpen result: No key available with this passphrase. Sep 22 14:20:02 shogun unassigned.devices: Partition 'ST8000DM004-2CX188_WCT2AE35' cannot be mounted. Don't use special characters. php has trouble with some.
  4. That is the only partition mounted. The other partitions are 'linux_raid_member' partitions and UD can't mount those.
  5. Disks are mounted at /mnt/disks/. /mnt/remotes/ is for remote mounted shares.
  6. Type the following command at a command line: 'ls /etc/samba/unassigned.devices/'. You should see a file share.conf. It does take up to a few minutes for Unraid to configure the SMB share. It is not immediate. UD writes the configuration file and Unraid will set up the share when it next polls.
  7. You are mounting a remote NFS share and it doesn't show when you browse the share in Windows? Can you type the name of the share in Windows and browse to it? i.e. \\Tower\share. It is working for me.