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  1. It can sometimes take a while before showing up as an SMB share. Turn it on and give it several minutes. It will show up. It's not always immediate.
  2. The '@' character is a reserved php character and trying to work around this is a major task.
  3. The docker now sets up the hook processing and installs all the correct files so you no longer have to do a manual setup. I recommend you do the following: - Remove the Zoneminder docker. - Remove the appdata/Zoneminder/hook folder. - Go to CA and use the latest Zoneminder template and set the new hook variables for your needs. - Apply your settings to the objectconfig.ini file.
  4. I've built a docker that installs Zoneminder 1.33 from the master repository. The repository contains snap shot builds while 1.33 is in development. Don't install this docker in a production environment. It is for testing. I will only offer support for the docker properly installing the hook files. I've been working with the Zoneminder event server developer to properly install the event server and the machine learning modules (hook processing). This docker installs all the files needed for hook processing. All you need to do is to configure Zoneminder and hook processing using the ini files. You can install this docker using the existing Zoneminder docker template. Change the repository to dlandon/zoneminder.master. Remove the 1.32 Zoneminder docker and then install the master docker. Remove the appdata/Zoneminder/hook folder and let the docker set up the files for you. What I am really interested in is someone to install this version and verify that the event server and hook processing is working properly and all modules are installed and working properly.
  5. The last few days have been whirlwind. There have been a lot of changes in regards to the zmnotification server and the hook processing. I have been working with the Zoneminder developers to get the docker easier to set up. You will find the hook processing much easier to set up now. It should be just a matter of configuration.
  6. A new docker has been released that will now download and install the yolo and tiny yolo files for hook processing. Two new environment variables have been added to the template where you can set them to download and install the hook models. The new template is available in CA. I would suggest getting the new template from CA and set the variables to your preference. The new docker should be built in about 30 minutes,
  7. Another set of great videos. Because of the concern of a plain text 'keyfile' being left on the server, Unraid 6.8 will remove the '/root/keyfile' once the array has started. I have made a change to UD so it will work with the new keyfile handling, but it will also work with previous versions of Unraid. The methods you describe in the videos should still work fine because UD looks for the '/root/keyfile' first and then if not found will use the built in command to mount the disk using the array pass phrase Unraid has stored.
  8. Next time take a look at the log and see if it will tell you if there is a problem - It will. Just posting that it doesn't work is not very productive and a waste of everyone's time.