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  1. Thanks! One last quick one... So if I wanted to move all files 30 days old always, can I just set the percent full to 0% and days to 30?
  2. Thanks! So is it an "AND" then? So if I set 50% full and 30 days old... When it hits 50% full it will move everything 30 days or older off and leave the newer stuff on the drive?
  3. Squid are you still maintaining this or is it someone else? Just wondering why selecting yes for move when days old grays out the options that should be there to support it. Or am I missing something? Thanks!
  4. trying to use this plugin but i am a bit confused... so i want to set my mover to run every hour but it only to move files when they are 30 days old or the disk is 80% full. so either or... is this possible? also when selecting "yes" for "Move files off cache based on age?" it grays out the 2 boxes that look like they should work with it. age and ctime. am i reading this backwards? selecting yes move but age should enable these 2 boxes not disable them right? also what does use ctime instead of mtime actually do? i just want the files to sit on the cache for 30 days and then
  5. Thanks to both of you for the help! I had it laying around and I didn't even realize it was a SAS drive lol. I installed the SAS spindown plugin and it is spinning down now. I am on 6.9.2 and the plugin is still needed
  6. Zip attached. I don't see any settings that would keep it from spinning down. It is Disk 10
  7. As the title says... Not even if I try to manually spin it down. It just refuses to spin down at all. All other drivers are spinning down fine. Anyone else have this issue? Is this something specific to helium filled drives? Thanks!
  8. I think I read someone somewhere saying that the SMART test was keeping the drives awake by resetting the spin down timer. If you use 1 hour spin down delay try changing the Tunable (poll_attributes) setting to something above the hour (or above the spin down delay you have set). I have mine set to 1 hour spin down and 7200 for the tunable setting. Once I adjusted this all my drives spin back down now. All except for 1 helium filled drive. It won't even spin down if I manually try to. Not sure if its because of the drive type or what?
  9. I think I read someone somewhere saying that the SMART test was keeping the drives awake by resetting the spin down timer. If you use 1 hour spin down delay try changing the Tunable (poll_attributes) setting to something above the hour (or above the spin down delay you have set). I have mine set to 1 hour spin down and 7200 for the tunable setting.
  10. I broke down and bought a pi 4 to run pihole, unbound and wireguard on.
  11. Anyone else planning on taking over work on the pihole docker by chance?
  12. Looks like he has 2 dockers that were updated 2 days ago
  13. Thanks that got it running again and I can add it and the channels to plex... however I still get the playback error trying to launch any channels. It appears to timeout whenever I try to tune to any channel. This has always happened and never worked for me. Any ideas from anyone that has it working?
  14. has anyone got this working on the new version? do we just remove the vars now and add one for the location of the config file in appdata and pass that in?
  15. I followed the instructions and the xml file is fine and the guide comes up... however, i cannot get any channels to play. they just error when trying to start... this is from the logs: Aug 20, 2020 10:15:22.193 [0x146a9f7fb700] DEBUG - Activity: updated activity 9102a5fe-0717-43ea-8299-bc98d4ceeb8c - completed 8.0% - Recording Aug 20, 2020 10:15:22.193 [0x146a9f7fb700] DEBUG - Activity: updated activity 10d9ddb5-d843-4536-b87e-b463c9e790da - completed 8.0% - Refreshing Sub Aug 20, 2020 10:15:23.173 [0x146a9edf6700] DEBUG - TranscodeSession: timed out waiting to find duration for
  16. Hmm... Mine seems to be up to date now with plexpass as the version variable. I did install this years ago and back on the first few pages of this thread it says to use plexpass in that field. That is no longer the case? Should we be using latest now instead?
  17. Anyone else having issues with this not updating to the latest plexpass version (Version I have tried restarting the docker etc and still no luck. Looks like a newer version has been available for days now. Thanks!
  18. I can't seem to access the interface anymore. Is anyone else having this issue? Maybe related to 6.4.1 that way recently released? STARTING TRANSMISSIONNO PORT UPDATER FOR THIS PROVIDERTransmission startup script complete.RTNETLINK answers: File existsWed Feb 7 04:29:36 2018 ERROR: Linux route add command failed: external program exited with error status: 2Wed Feb 7 04:29:36 2018 Initialization Sequence Completed looks like everyone else worked but maybe couldn't add the lan route? Anyone else having this issue?
  19. Ah... Where do I edit the drop down options? I just deleted the whole field and re-added it so I could just type in the value.
  20. Thanks... Last night I ended up moving my vpn to 192.168.255.x so I could use as the local lan and that fixed it (forgot to respond)... I am using PureVPN because I have lifetime subscription and didn't renew my PIA. I got it working by deleting the config field with the dropdown server values and recreating it with the opvn netherlands1 filename without the extension. That seems to make connection but I do get warnings in the docker logs about the certs. At least I am assuming I am still connected from everything I can see in the logs. If I wasn't connected it w
  21. ok so i figured out 1 issue and it looks like i got the connection working however... I have to manually configure all the directory vars because it always uses /data - why not use /download or give us the option easily? I need to add 2 local networks because I have a local and vpn network I need to connect to. I tried both x.x.x.x/24,x.x.x.x/24 and with a space instead of a comma. In activ's docker I could use a comma and get both networks in. Is there any way to do this with this docker? Thanks!
  22. I was running activ's transmission vpn docker but since he is no longer updating it I am trying to switch to this one. But for some reason I cannot get this one to work at all. Couple of questions: 1. I don't want a username and password to access transmission and it looks like yours is trying to force me to use it. How can I get around this? 2. I am entering the following for directories: data - /mnt/cache/Apps/transmission/, download - /mnt/cache/Apps/downloads/, watch - /mnt/cache/Apps/downloads/watch, config - /mnt/user/Apps/transmission/transmission-vpn Her
  23. Anyone else having an issue with Schedules now? I am setting mine for midnight and server time is EST but nzbget is executing at 19:00. Looks like it is going off UTC somehow. My other schedules work fine like transmission etc
  24. Anyone else having issues with the Sonarr plugin? It wasn't showing the new Dec 10th release so I removed and added it back and now it won't even install the old one.
  25. Looks like he figured out a way to do it: Hopefully he can get the login stuff working again for plex pass from the plugin and get the plugin updated soon