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  1. Thanks @ich777, really appreciate your help - thanks for helping the unRAID community with your plugins/development and assistance on the forums.
  2. My WinTV-quadHD card has been having issues for a week or so, probably since a recent re-start. I'm getting a bunch of cx23885 errors including the common "mpeg risc op code error". This page indicates it's likely due to Vt-d/Vt-x Is anyone else seeing similar issues wiith their WinTV-quadHD card recently? I had this at the end of my /boot/config/go file for some time now but it doesn't seem to help anymore. echo "options cx23885 dma_reset_workaround=2" >> /etc/modprobe.d/cx23885.conf
  3. Here's a workaround, open a console within the container and run this code. Replace with the site you're having issues with. If anyone has a better solution please post here echo | openssl s_client -servername -connect | sed -ne '/-BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFICATE-/p' >> /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
  4. tt-rss docker: I've setup my tt-rss docker as a subdomain with reverse proxy ( swag docker) Unfortunately I'm getting this error when attempting to subscribe to a feed: Couldn't download the specified URL: ; 60 SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate
  5. Zan

    discourse docker

    I saw a youtube clip by IBRACORP on installing Discourse via an Ubuntu VM on Unraid and there was a comment about using bitnami's docker-compose to install it without using a VM, so I thought I'd give it a try, and I got it mostly working, it just needs some tweaks which I don't have the time for, to stop chromium (edge/chrome) from flagging it as untrusted. For anyone interested here were my steps: 1. Setup CNAME for discourse.<mydomain> 2. Change ddclient.conf to enable dynamic DNS for CNAME 3. Installed portainer docker through Community Apps, and docker-compose via pip from command line (and in unraid /boot/config/go for future re-starts) 4. I wanted to use gmail for SMTP for my discourse installation so created an app-specific password for Discourse via 5. Made the following changes to bitnami's docker-compose.yml file: Changed port to - '3000:3000' Added /mnt/user/appdata/discourse prefix for all volumes (eg. redis_data -> /mnt/user/appdata/discourse/redis_data) Added the following environment variables for discourse and sidekiq services: - DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME=discourse.<mydomain> - - SMTP_PORT=587 - SMTP_USER=<my gmail login> - SMTP_PASSWORD=<app specific password> Added your reverse proxy docker network to discourse service networks: - proxynet Added the following to the end of the docker-compose.yml file to flag it as an externally-created docker network: networks: proxynet: external: true 6. Added discourse subdomain to swag subdomains variable to have swag create a new certificate for the subdomain. 7. Added the following proxy conf to nginx (/mnt/cache/appdata/swag/nginx/proxy-confs/discourse.subdomain.conf) for discourse (note that the IP address was hard-coded by getting the IP address for the discourse docker after first start, as I couldn't figure out how to modify the line #set $upstream_app discourse_discourse_1; in order to have nginx automatically figure out the IP address): ## Version 2020/12/09 # make sure that your dns has a cname set for discourse and that your discourse container is not using a base url server { listen 443 ssl; listen [::]:443 ssl; server_name discourse.*; include /config/nginx/ssl.conf; client_max_body_size 0; # enable for ldap auth, fill in ldap details in ldap.conf #include /config/nginx/ldap.conf; # enable for Authelia #include /config/nginx/authelia-server.conf; location / { # enable the next two lines for http auth #auth_basic "Restricted"; #auth_basic_user_file /config/nginx/.htpasswd; # enable the next two lines for ldap auth #auth_request /auth; #error_page 401 =200 /ldaplogin; # enable for Authelia #include /config/nginx/authelia-location.conf; include /config/nginx/proxy.conf; resolver valid=30s; #set $upstream_app discourse_discourse_1; set $upstream_app; set $upstream_port 3000; set $upstream_proto http; proxy_pass $upstream_proto://$upstream_app:$upstream_port; } } Hope this helps anyone who wants to give discourse on their server a try. I'm trying to put together a site for a sport club and ultimately decided that discourse wouldn't suit my needs, so haven't bothered to https and proxy-conf issues that I came across.
  6. Hi @Picha, can you post your current kernel settings? I'm now getting this error after trying out 6.9.0-rc2, and when I reverted back to 6.8.3 I'm still getting the error.
  7. No worries. Good to have that as a fall-back. I appreciate your help and thanks for this plug-in and the kernel helper docker. Keep up the great work.
  8. Attached is photo of the console messages showing dvb_core not found. Also syslog.txt and lsmod.txt from a second boot of the machine. There are mxl5007t errors. I've tried modprobe mxl5007t in /boot/config/go and that didn't help. lsmod.txt syslog.txt
  9. Hi @ich777, thanks for your work on this new plugin. I'm also getting a "dvb_core not found" error during system startup. Subsequently my AF9015 USB sticks aren't getting initialised properly, but I think it's due to the AF9015 firmware not being available during initialisation first time, as when I remove the sticks and re-insert them, the firmware is loaded fine, and /dev/dvb gets created. Attached is my syslog
  10. Success! Downloaded the Intel VGA drivers (v15. off the Gigabyte website for my Mobo (Z97-D3H) and that added an Audio Output device. Then in the Sound Control Panel->Playback->Properties->Advanced, changed default format to 24 bit, 48000Hz.
  11. Windows 10 with i5-4460 - I've got iGPU video working fine however audio is not working under LibreElec (no matter which Audio device I select in System settings) or Win10 VMs, but it works perfectly in a Win7 VM after installing the Intel HD 4600 Graphics driver (version I downloaded off Intel's website for Win7 is 15.36). In Win10, the Audio icon in the system tray shows "No Audio Output device is installed". After installing the latest drivers off Intel's website (win64_15.40.47.5166), still no Audio. Either the Win10 driver architecture changed or Intel made a change to their Win10 drivers that prevents Audio over HDMI when using iGPU passthrough. If anyone has a solution for Win10, would really appreciate it.
  12. Nice work, I also gave this a try on the weekend but even though the app has analysed my 300 photos, I'm not getting any face/person results. I used model 3 (HOG) as model 1 (CNN) errored when I tried running occ face:setup -m 1 Are you getting any faces/persons detected?
  13. Yep, they're on the same custom bridge. I've changed back to the default and it's working. Thanks saarg. Now to get the freshrss android app working. I'm currently getting a "This url is not correct error" as others have had in the past - I haven't found a decent rss app on android (had FeedMe but it's too slow to refresh feeds) and the html ui for freshrss isn't great on mobile as the post titles get truncated. If anyone has any recommendations for a good Android RSS reader that works with freshrss, would appreciate it
  14. Letsencrypt reverse proxy question: After setting up my subdomain forward for freshrss.<mydomain>, letsencrypt doesn't work with the default freshrss.subdomain.conf. I've had to change the following lines because otherwise letsencrypt proxies to (default freshrss docker ip/port). Anyone know why this is? I assume it's something to do with the resolver??? < set $upstream_app freshrss; < set $upstream_port 80; --- > set $upstream_app; > set $upstream_port 8084;
  15. Zan

    xmrig detected

    1. Just forwarded specific ports 2. I will definitely use WireGuard, just haven't gotten around to it yet.