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  1. Updated back to 1.8.3 (and latest) but alas still getting can't change --login-server without --force-reauth as the final line then the container shuts down. Reauthing gets it back online as a new machine. I've noticed i'm getting alot of ipv6 errors in the log, about being unable to bind.
  2. HI, Im afraid i'm no longer maintaining this container. It also appears that watcher3 itself is no longer being maintained
  3. Hi All, I've branched the watcher docker and updated it with the BBQSauce repo for tetsing. I'm afraid i dont use watcher anymore myself so i can't test it aside from the huild process. As such, if you would like to test it, please append you docker image path with :test eg-uirel/watcher:test and let me know how you get on. If all works well i'll merge it into the main branch and everyone will get the update -Uirel
  4. So i have potentially a specific usage case thats a bit odd. I'd like to setup some cache containers inside my network, steamcache, origin, windowsupdates so on. The implementation i'm using and am familiar with uses separate ips for each service, as i can bind an ip to each container this makes for a less resource hungry setup than spinning up a vm for each service. I've setup all the containers and added extra ips to the br0 with (a few times for different ips) ip addr add dev br0 As such I can get everything working correctly. However, when some of my conventional containers (plex and so on) get updated or generally restart, sometimes they'll bind to these new ips, rather than the default ip of the server where i'd like them to stay. If i try and set them to bind to the servers default ip the first will stick, the next will complain that that ip is already assigned. Is assigning the cache containers via br0 the right way? should i make a new interface and assign the ips to that and hang those containers off of that interface? Will that stop the 'Bridge' containers attaching to the ips?
  5. Application Name: Get-iPlayer Application Site: https://github.com/get-iplayer/get_iplayer Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/uirel/get-iplayer/ Github: https://github.com/Poag/get-iplayer This is a get-iplayer container built on the LSIO baseimage. Containers are built weekly with the latest PPA version of get-iplayer. (https://launchpad.net/~jon-hedgerows/+archive/ubuntu/get-iplayer) It can be used as a drop in replacement for binhexs' container (which i used as a basis for this one all credit too binhex), formatting and variables are the same and can be copied directly, or uirel/get-iplayer can be dropped into the existing app for a seamless update. Notes I made this container as binhexs container had stopped downloading new episodes for me, and i have a thing for auto updating images.
  6. Hmm, modprobe i915 isn't showing up /dev/dri for me. According to the plex docs anything above gen2 that supports quicksync should be working. My i3-3220T is above gen2 and has quicksync so /shrug
  7. I've been looking at my current HP Gen8 MS and pondering if i could get it to do HW transcoding. As i understand it the i3-3220T has an iGPU supporting quicksync ( https://ark.intel.com/products/65694/Intel-Core-i3-3220T-Processor-3M-Cache-2_80-GHz ) the method i've read about in other threads being to modprobe i915 and then check that /dev/dri has appeared? Sadly it has not so i'm unsure if the iGPU is not supported, QuickSync != QuickSync in all cases or whats occurred. Am i barking up the wrong tree and the iGPU isn't supported in the fashion i think it is or should ti be and i'm missing something? In my attempts to troubleshoot this i've gone through the BIOS to ensure that both the embded (Matrox) and optional (which i assume is the iGPU) are enabled as secondary/primary. I understand disabling the Matrox will make iLO Remote not function correctly so i've left it on for now. Has anyone got a 3xxx series iGPU to be presented as a useable encoder/decoder in UNraid in a HP Gen8 MS i guess this boils down too? Thanks -Uirel
  8. I've updated the docker to pull from the new watcher3 repo. Assuming no other changes things should be ok. (Also updated dependencies to python3)
  9. So my Watcher /downloads folder matches my nzbget /downloads folder in this case /mnt/cache/downloads From the scripts folder (in your config dir) take the nzbget/sab py file and put it into nzbget/sab pp scripts folder, call it with the movies category. That triggers watcher to move the files into the correct location. Dont forget to set your post processing options in watcher.
  10. I've updated the docker with a change that drops a scripts folder into your /config mapping. If you edit the prepackaged scripts save them with a new name else they'll get overwritten.
  11. Application Name: Watcher Application Site: https://github.com/nosmokingbandit/watcher3 Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/uirel/watcher/ Github: https://github.com/Poag/watcher Reverse Proxy To put Watcher behind a reverse proxy you need to edit the following settings in the config.cfg [Proxy] behindproxy = true webroot = /watcher In your nginx default site conf location /watcher/ { proxy_pass http://<local-ip>:9090/watcher/; } Note Please be aware that the Watcher application is very new, under heavy development and some functions are a bit funky. If you have problems getting the docker setup correctly on your system please let us know below. However if you are having issues with the application itself, please refer to the Application site above. As indicated by CHBMB below, the application writer is still writing the core aspects of this application and as such may be reluctant to support Docker users at this time, especially as this is a UNraid container, rather than the 'official' Watcher container.
  12. Ah no, i just slurped the baseimage in and did the watcher install myself(ish) I snipped the structure from https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-plexpy/blob/master/root/etc/cont-init.d/30-install to get my install formatting correct/perms etc. TBH i didn't know you guys were working on your own watcher container. I only made this as noone else had (to my knowledge) and i wanted to get going using it.
  13. Sorry i pulled the layer from a published app (plex in this case), figuring a healthily maintained baselayer would be more reliable/updated than any i could put together, credited the image to yourselves in the readme, tested it on a few different OS's and cast it to the winds... However if its a problem i'll change it to the ubtuntu16.04 base. I just figured most people around here are using your dockers, so using the common baselayer would save people download and storage.
  14. I've put together a container based on the linuxserver image here https://hub.docker.com/r/uirel/watcher/ I'm looking at what i need to do to get it into the community apps section
  15. Fresh docker created today 0-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[tato.core._base.scheduler] Scheduling automation.add_movies, interval: hours = 12, minutes = 0, seconds = 0[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[tato.core._base.scheduler] Scheduling renamer.check_snatched, interval: hours = 0, minutes = 1, seconds = 0[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[tato.core._base.scheduler] Scheduling renamer.check_snatched_forced, interval: hours = 2, minutes = 0, seconds = 0[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[tato.core._base.scheduler] Scheduling updater.check, interval: hours = 6, minutes = 0, seconds = 0[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[potato.core._base.updater] Checking for new version on github for CouchPotatoServer[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[tato.core._base.scheduler] Scheduling manage.update_library, interval: hours = 24, minutes = 0, seconds = 0[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[tato.core._base.scheduler] Scheduling "movie.searcher.all", cron: day = *, hour = 17, minute = 2[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[hpotato.core.plugins.base] Opening url: get https://api.themoviedb.org/3/configuration?api_key=xxx[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[otato.core.plugins.manage] Updating manage library: /movies[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[potato.core._base.updater] === VERSION git:(RuudBurger:CouchPotatoServer master) e6fa8b8b (2015-10-04 10:13:08), using GitUpdater ===[0m 10-04 18:20:00 INFO [0m[hpotato.core.plugins.base] Opening url: get https://api.couchpota.to/messages/?last_check=1384713000, data: [][0m 10-04 18:20:02 ERROR [31m[chpotato.core._base._core] OpenSSL installed but 0.15 is needed while 0.13 is installed. Run `pip install pyopenssl --upgrade`[0m