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  1. Was renaming some anime episodes....26 of them total. Ends up crashing filebot completely. Pulled this from the logs Tried multiple times...same results.
  2. Great....letting it finish the format/rebuild and heading to bed! Appreciate the assistance trurl! Urlryn
  3. So I started the array and Parity-Sync/Rebuild is in progress.... All drives showing green.... but the 2 new drives the file format is set to Auto instead of XFS and unmountable. Will this be corrected during the sync? (don't think it will but asking to be sure) Do i need to stop the rebuild and start the array in maintenance mode and then format them there? Or can I just click the available button for "Format will create a file system in all Unmountable disks"? and do I need to stop the parity sync first before starting a format? Urlryn
  4. Ok one more question here... Replaced the PSU and have the 2 replacement drives in. But best news was I didn't lose anything. I had put the 2 drives in because a couple of my shares were getting close to max but looks like no data was saved to those 2 drives. Booted up system finally! Did the preclear on both drives Went to Tools > New Config > Retain current configuration: All > Apply Verified all drives are where they should be At this point I should be able to start the array.....just curious about the "Parity is Already Valid". Since these are new drives i'm assuming it has to rebuild parity even though the old drives were empty and replaced with empty? Thanks Urlryn
  5. Looks like the PSU. Pulled out 2 new drives. Connected them via my USB HHD dock and both powered on and identified in windows. Put them in the case...plugged them up and the power on/off loop happened again. Took the drives out...one is dead. So all my other drives boot up no problem...so might be one or 2 of the connectors on the back of the PSU thats bad. So pulled it and getting a new one.....HGST gonna love me... 3 RMAs! Urlryn
  6. Bummer...so just replace / reassign is about all i can do then. Wish I knew.....they were all working prior to the move. All the drives are HGST NAS 4TB disks. 8 total. 4 + parity were from the first batch purchased when I built the system. The last 3 are from a second batch that was purchased a couple years later (since were on sale). Other than the initial power on/off loop problem...there was no indications of drive problems or failures. No errors in smart or anything. Yeah I've tried 2 different power supplies/computers even have a external usb drive caddys and not a peep. Probably the PCB board. I do have a two new parity disks to add at least...5TB ones (were cheaper than the 4TB at the time). So guess that will be my project this weekend after get these dead disks replaced. Also is there a way to see what shared the drives were assigned outside the GUI since you can't view that without the array being online? Thanks Urlryn
  7. Everything has been running great for a long while. Reboots/parity checks and all that stuff all been green. This past weekend I shutdown the server to move all the hardware to a new case. Started up the server...it went into a power on/off loop for some reason. After troubleshooting it ended up being my last 2 drives, that were added to the array at some point, are completely dead now. No power...nothing. Luckily one drive didn't have any data yet on it but the other....had some data. So I hope we can recover that one since I have only 1 parity drive installed. Do I just put both replacement disk in and assign them both to the "old" drives? How do I make sure the system tries to rebuild the one drive with data vs the other? Thanks Urlryn
  8. One other thing I've noticed using the web GUI....wondering if its a issue with it or is this another issue with my Unraid... A lot of the time when you go into the profiles and say you download something in forge. It gets to about 37% then the screen refreshes to a blank screen. Reload the entire page...go back into profiles.....forge is no longer an option to select. The option disappeared. Go to the server screen....you can't assign that forge version to the server since its not showing. Same with the actual .JAR file. Takes a few refreshes/restarts and stuff to get it back. Wondering if i'm having a issue with my docker image or could it be something else? Though this is the only docker I am having issues with. Granted I don't have many but still. Has anybody seen issues like this and/or had some recommendations/ideas what might be going on? Thanks Urlryn
  9. Ended up restarting my Unraid box and now its working again...go figure! Had to create new servers with same name and stuff...and then it would let me restore them
  10. I've had MineOS installed for a long while and everything was working fine. Kids got busy doing other things...stopped playing. Upgraded Unraid not to long ago.....and now kids want to play again. Started the docker and webUI wasn't working. Checked logs and shows this: Created user: xxxx (uid: 1000) Generating Self-Signed SSL... Generating a RSA private key ...................................................................................................................................................+++++ ...+++++ writing new private key to '.tmpkey.pem' ----- writing RSA key 2020-04-30 08:30:13,299 CRIT Supervisor running as root (no user in config file) 2020-04-30 08:30:13,299 INFO Included extra file "/etc/supervisor/conf.d/mineos.conf" during parsing 2020-04-30 08:30:13,307 INFO RPC interface 'supervisor' initialized 2020-04-30 08:30:13,307 CRIT Server 'unix_http_server' running without any HTTP authentication checking 2020-04-30 08:30:13,307 INFO supervisord started with pid 1 2020-04-30 08:30:14,310 INFO spawned: 'mineos' with pid 30 2020-04-30 08:30:14,616 INFO exited: mineos (exit status 1; not expected) 2020-04-30 08:30:15,620 INFO spawned: 'mineos' with pid 40 2020-04-30 08:30:15,887 INFO exited: mineos (exit status 1; not expected) 2020-04-30 08:30:17,891 INFO spawned: 'mineos' with pid 50 2020-04-30 08:30:18,153 INFO exited: mineos (exit status 1; not expected) 2020-04-30 08:30:21,160 INFO spawned: 'mineos' with pid 60 2020-04-30 08:30:21,432 INFO exited: mineos (exit status 1; not expected) 2020-04-30 08:30:21,432 INFO reaped unknown pid 70 2020-04-30 08:30:22,434 INFO gave up: mineos entered FATAL state, too many start retries too quickly Checking /var/log/mineos.log (cleaned it up a bit to make it a bit easier to read) {"date":"Thu Apr 30 2020 08:32:42 GMT-0500 (CDT)", "process":{"pid":39,"uid":0,"gid":0, "cwd":"/usr/games/minecraft", "execPath":"/usr/bin/node", "version":"v8.9.4", "argv":["/usr/bin/node","/usr/games/minecraft/webui.js"], "memoryUsage":{"rss":49614848,"heapTotal":32874496,"heapUsed":13493608,"external":348363}}, "os":{"loadavg":[0.1923828125,0.1494140625,0.103515625], "uptime":2831844}, "trace":[{"column":11,"file":"util.js","function":"_errnoException","line":1022,"method":null,"native":false}, {"column":19,"file":"fs.js","function":"FSWatcher.start","line":1374,"method":"start","native":false}, {"column":11,"file":"fs.js","function":"Object.fs.watch","line":1400,"method":"watch","native":false}, {"column":8,"file":"/usr/games/minecraft/server.js","function":null,"line":138,"method":null,"native":false}, {"column":5,"file":"/usr/games/minecraft/server.js","function":"newserver.backend","line":150,"method":"backend","native":false}, {"column":12,"file":"/usr/games/minecraft/webui.js","function":null,"line":173,"method":null,"native":false}, {"column":30,"file":"/usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/async/lib/async.js","function":null,"line":1108,"method":null,"native":false}, {"column":37,"file":"/usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/async/lib/async.js","function":null,"line":166,"method":null,"native":false}, {"column":13,"file":"/usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/async/lib/async.js","function":null,"line":726,"method":null,"native":false}, {"column":16,"file":"/usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/async/lib/async.js","function":null,"line":52,"method":null,"native":false}], "stack":["Error: watch /var/games/minecraft/servers ENOSPC"," at _errnoException (util.js:1022:11)"," at FSWatcher.start (fs.js:1374:19)"," at Object.fs.watch (fs.js:1400:11)"," at /usr/games/minecraft/server.js:138:8"," at new server.backend (/usr/games/minecraft/server.js:150:5)"," at /usr/games/minecraft/webui.js:173:12"," at /usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:1108:30"," at /usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:166:37"," at /usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:726:13"," at /usr/games/minecraft/node_modules/async/lib/async.js:52:16"],"level":"error","message":"uncaughtException: watch /var/games/minecraft/servers ENOSPC","timestamp":"2020-04-30T13:32:42.356Z"} I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. I've tried installing a second instance using different names. Tried manually installing the docker using: Not sure whats going on...so hoping someone may have a suggestion. Thanks Urlryn
  11. I will try and take a look sometime this week! I'll post anything I find up. Also quick question...how do you see what version is currently installed? Console you can just do filebot -version from cmd line. but wasn't sure how to pull that within docker or the UI. Thanks Urlryn
  12. Ran into a strange issue using the [{crc32}] attribute during the matching/fetching process. When you do the initial fetch it is only adding the brackets [] to the file name. Not the actual crc info inside of the brackets. But before you go and select rename....you can go to the edit format option. Then without changing anything just click "use format". It updates the name correctly with the crc32 like its supposed to. I thought it might be a error in my format....so i deleted it and just used {n} [{crc32}] and got the same results as described above. Thanks Urlryn
  13. Well got it to finally work. Probably not the way it should be working. If not...would welcome some recommendations on how to fix. First I had to change user_ID to 0 (root) and Group_ID to 0 (root) instead of using Nobody/Users. Also when the new folders were being created...they were being set with no permissions at all. So needed to update the script to include --def "exec=chmod -R 777 '{folder}'" Some folks reported issues sometimes with the above command. You may need to escape the quotes. --def "exec=chmod -R 777 \"{folder}/\" Some info I found in a post from rednoah Since I wasn't finding a whole lot regarding this problem...Thought I'd throw up a bit more information for other folks. Urlryn
  14. Been using GUI filebot for a long time with no issues...but decided to try the docker version. So I just installed the docker...thought I had the configs done and ran a test. Nothing happened. So decided to check the logs...and it looks like permissions issues Locking /config/amc.log Error during startup: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /nobody/.filebot/cache java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError at net.filebot.Main.main(Main.java:107) Caused by: net.sf.ehcache.CacheException: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /nobody/.filebot/cache at net.filebot.CacheManager.<init>(CacheManager.java:36) at net.filebot.CacheManager.<clinit>(CacheManager.java:22) ... 1 more Caused by: java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException: /nobody/.filebot/cache at net.filebot.util.FileUtilities.createFolders(FileUtilities.java:183) at net.filebot.CacheManager.acquireDiskStore(CacheManager.java:73) at net.filebot.CacheManager.<init>(CacheManager.java:33) ... 2 more /files/filebot.sh: line 56: /tmp/tmp.Lcc6U1bZRb: Permission denied sort: write failed: standard output: Broken pipe sort: write error Went to look at the permission for /nobody/.filebot/cache? drwxr-xr-x 1 nobody users 86 Feb 27 14:05 nobody The changed directory to .filebot and the cache directory and everything thats supposed to go under it isn't being created. For a test I manually created each of the folders and the .lock file. Chmod 0777 all of it and it started running. Stop filebot...start it again. cache and everything under it is removed and permissions on nobody/.filebot are reverted back. Checking the /tmp folder permissions (which i've never touched since installing unraid)...it looks like its root/root. Should I change the permission on that folder or point it to another directory like /config/tmp? So there is definitely some permission issues...just what do i need to do to fix this mess? Thanks Urlryn