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  1. @JorgeB Additional thing, when I tried to delete my resilio-sync and just do a new install, I got this error (in the command execution box of the container install): docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint binhex-resilio-sync (7cdee1e0c80eec8d19376c0bdc99e2d08911e8092cf2587e954b6eccdfcc4461): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp4 bind: address already in use.
  2. Thanks a lot. So I ended up deleting my docker and reinstalling all of them. It was a pain but everything was seemingly working until today, when I restarted my resiliosync it doesn't start and gives an execution error. The only thing I did today was use docker compose to install Jitsi. I don't know if this is the problem. I've posted the diagnostics.tower-diagnostics-20230707-2039.zip
  3. I just upgraded from 6.11 to 6.12.2 and initially everything was working fine. I have a bunch of dockers I use and they were all working fine. I then decided to upgrade jitsi using docker compose, and it worked fine. after that I was trying to work on my wireguard which hasn't been working for a while and when I tried to stop the array it got stuck unmounting the shares. I had to shutdown the server manually and restart it, after doing that, half my dockers didnt work. they won't start. I tried to downgrade to 6.11, they still wouldn't work. I re-upgraded and thought maybe I'll just reinstall the dockers I have, so I deleted my docker image and used my old templates to reinstall the dockers. the dockers that weren't working before, still won't work (despite me deleting the folders in my apps and trying to do a fresh install). when I look at the server log I get all these docker entering disabled state errors. swag and Nextcloud give a ton of these errors: nginx: [emerg] no "events" section in configuration not sure where to go from here and I probably made things worse than better. I would appreciate any help.
  4. Do you mind providing a more dumbed down version of the instructions? I'm having the same problem, I updated and have this error. Where is the repository where you got the files? What did you set the permissions to for those files? Then what do you mean that you upgraded it? upgraded the container, or went into the app and upgraded? did you have to revert back to an older version of the container first?
  5. Hi, I have MariaDB set up with my nextcloud and it works fine, but if I try to add a new user, I get an error. sh: create not found any one had this problem?
  6. I have been running Unraid for 8 years now with an intel Core-i7, I recently got a ASUS ROG Strip B550 motherboard and Ryzen 5900X and the server keeps having these lockups/errors and then stops working. I searched and found a bunch of issues with this, so I went into the BIOS and disabled c-states and downclocked the RAM DDR4 to 3200 (its 3600). I also read that ASUS motherboards have more problems, should I get another one? has anyone successfully set up an unraid server with this combination?
  7. I've been having a problem with my docker.img filling up, when I checked the container size, I noticed that my deluge container seems really large. I'm not sure why, I checked the download folders and mappings are to a share. the log file isnt big either. any ideas? Thanks
  8. I ended up changing some network settings in unraid (had IPV4, 6 addresses, and DNS server assignment be automatic) and I haven't had the problem again. not sure if this is the solution, but thats all I got.
  9. If you use a reverse proxy, which ports do you have to open up?
  10. I use swag to route all the traffic to my dockers, but wanted to set up wireguard using a subdomain, is there a way to not have that route through swag? if I put my home IP address it works fine. or can you use swag to point it to the right place?
  11. does any one know what happened to the linuxserver unraid Nvidia plugin? its not available anymore
  12. Hi, I have been running the Riot IM docker for some time and it is great. Now that you created a Element IM docker thats separate, is it possible for us to migrate what we have to that?
  13. Hi, did you ever get this working? I am also using the nextcloud as per SpaceInvader video set up. Did you install it on the proxynet?
  14. im having the same problem, any one figure this out?