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  1. Nope, its a custom, but its not impossible to be the same issue. HP does have micro servers with the E3 1231 v3 and such.
  2. This thread is about his machine actually. He just created this account a few minutes ago so he could follow the thread and get his server going
  3. Yes, this method was used. (windows) It was then changed 6.4.0, and then 6.3.5, and back to 6.4.1 in Linux with no change. UEFI is not being used. BIOS CSM is set to legacy only. The current method just takes the flash drive, formats fat32, and sets the bootable flag on the partition, then drops the zip contents on the flashdrive. Forgot to mention. Unraid boots perfectly fine on his desktop when booting from the drive. It just seems to have a problem with his server.
  4. unetbootin, dd, flashed, imaged, etc. to put an image on a media. Just as a clarification, the second 2 pictures are from the other distribution we used to test as a comparison.
  5. Here's what were seeing if that helps at all.
  6. I currently own a copy of Unraid Pro and swear by it. A buddy has become interested and wanted to get the trial copy going before buying. He bought a suggested flash drive, imaged it, and it just hangs. I tried another distro, it also hangs at INIT and complains of microcode needing to be 0x22 or higher (it currently IS 0x22). These 2 distros have one thing in common, they're using a much more recent kernel. System is currently using ubuntu 16.04 just fine with a 4.4 kernel. What is happening here? On unraid it boots all the way up to INIT: version 2.88 booting an
  7. Sorry guys, didn't mean to cause you trouble, I evidently caught the flu right not long after that tweak. I had intentions to go back and fix that, but flu hit me pretty hard, I'm at the end of it now. Seems like you guys got it under control! Thanks for the fix and sorry for the trouble.
  8. Interesting, its still setting the directory as 770?, just performed uninstall and reinstall I even went back and removed cache to make sure it wasn't using an old script. I've updated the plg again with a few lines to automagically change the folder perms after install so no additional script-fu is needed. I noticed other plugins were using this method so I'm trying the same. https://github.com/docgyver/unraid-v6-plugins/pull/3 https://github.com/docgyver/unraid-v6-plugins/pull/4
  9. If we can get these merged, it'll fix the wrong perms issue. https://github.com/docgyver/unraid-v6-plugins/pull/1 https://github.com/docgyver/unraid-v6-plugins/pull/2
  10. you could try just setting it to use bait files instead of also using bait shares and see if the issue still occurs. I currently use the bait files option with the bait shares option disabled.
  11. When you write files and have a cache drive, the machine will offload those writes to the SSD because its faster, then the mover will force those files off the SSD/cache drive onto the HDD storage. the mover runs on a cron job IIRC to automatically move files from cache to long term storage. Sometimes the system will just add a label to the HDD or the share that they are read only, sadly if you fix the problem and it goes back to R/W that label can still remain. you can manually go into the setting of the drive or share and remove that label. its only meant for you to notice in cas
  12. odd. you can go to the plugin settings, stop the service and click delete all bait, and start the service so it can generate new bait. See if that fixes your issue. the only way there should be false positives is if the bait is going missing. I also don't use bait shares, just bait files.
  13. 169.254.X.X is an APIPA address. Thats really odd..Can you check to see if you static'd the IP on the server or if that static setting is sticking? https://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia/term/37858/apipa
  14. I"m having a strange issue with rc14 (not a typo). when I try to stop the array its almost as if it gets hung up? its having trouble stopping the array. it hangs up on "Array Stopping•Retry unmounting user share(s)..." cold-rewind-diagnostics-20171213-0809.zip EDIT: Nevermind. I'm an idiot. I had left an SSH session open and was in one of those directories.. I just killed the session and the umount went fine. Excuse me while I hang my head in shame.
  15. thanks, I'll give these a try. I actually don't plan to use unraid GUI through forwarding, I was just using it to make a point to show what I was seeing with Lychee where the page isn't rendering properly. I already access unraid GUI through SSH tunnel as a safety measure.
  16. If I were to post screenshots of what I'm seeing, would that help people diagnose my issue and give me some feedback?
  17. sgt_spike you need to edit the "default" file. You can look at the one I have posted previously, but I'll be honest, it doesn't work right for me... I've got PLEX working in reverse proxy and keeweb working as nginx is hosting it, but thats about it... Everything else is broken
  18. I've tried getting unifi passed through (has trouble loading), homeassist (has trouble loading), qbittorrent (502 bad gateway), lychee on apache (loads really big icons on white background out of order), lychee in www folder (Server error: API not found), and unraid has the same issue as if I were handing off to lychee on apache with all white background some text, but no acutal website. I'll be honest, I've never even used nginx before this docker. Any assistance would be extremely helpful. proxy.conf default
  19. I'm currently trying to get lychee working in this docker underneath the www folder and I get "Server error: API not found". Lychee has no issues in apache when accessed locally, but for some reason lychee doesn't want to work correctly when passed over from nginx to apache OR when just using the www folder in letsencrypt. This stuff is literally drag and drop into a www folder and it should work. As for the unraid UI, it seems to completely strip EVERYTHING but some text leaving the page bare and white with some text in one column. Whenever I try to access index.php it
  20. I'm experiencing something odd that I don't recall experience before rc10b. My Linux VMs are set to use QXL for video. When I attempt to resized resolution to 1920x1080 (or anything above 1024x768), the resize throws big portions of the screen outside the viewing area of VNC. This has occurred in Sabayon Linux 7.11 XFCE, KDE, and Ubuntu Desktop. trying to resize them back to 1024x768 is a nearly impossible task. reboot doesn't appear to help either. cold-rewind-diagnostics-20171114-2325.zip
  21. Sorry, I'm clueless as to how this docker works. no matter how I set it up, it denies any connection ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED I've tried using ports 81 and 444. I just can't seem to connect..
  22. It would be really nice if Unraid had a method to generate certs for HTTPS and I could manage them natively. Dockers tend to want to use ports 80 and 443 which is already in use by unraid itself, and piping it to br0 and assigning the docker its own IP seems to break the letsencrypt docker.
  23. I'm having strange issues when attempting to update my dockers. They download OK, but when they try to extract or update, sometimes I have to perform the update twice for it to actually take? Not sure whats happening here. I'll even see "command finished successfully" even though I just witnessed it hang up on extraction at 75% (percentage is random it seems). I can now no longer update my plex or unifi dockers. Hmm, it seems having 11 dockers was actually my problem. I filled up the 10G docker img. I've noticed for a while now when updating my dockers it would complain of 9
  24. I'm experiencing an odd issue. As of recent on rc7a whenever I halt or force stop my windows 10 VM I get this error when I try to start it back up. internal error: qemu unexpectedly closed the monitor: 2017-08-26T14:45:49.801811Z qemu-system-x86_64: -chardev pty,id=charserial0: char device redirected to /dev/pts/0 (label charserial0) 2017-08-26T14:45:49.851579Z qemu-system-x86_64: -device vfio-pci,host=06:00.0,id=hostdev0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x6: vfio error: 0000:06:00.0: failed to open /dev/vfio/33: Device or resource busy cold-rewind-diagnostics-20170826-0947.zip
  25. Does anyone know if this version of unraid enables SMB3 multichannel in samba?