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  1. I could be wrong, but IIRC Unraid is based on Slackware. The delayed release of 6.9 may have something to do with this magical announcement : https://www.itsfoss.net/slackware-linux-15-0-alpha1-release/ This is pure speculation on my part. I'm super happy and excited to see my first Linux distro is still alive and well! Thank you Slackware for being such an amazing distro over the years!
  2. The ccextractor thing is still an issue as the location settings do not match. ccextractor wasn't installed in /usr/bin/ccextractor. Its been installed in /usr/local/bin/ccextractor . So the errors still exist. I've not added that settings.conf. MSG:5015,131072,4,"Saving 1 titles into directory file:///out/DVD/ADDAMSFAMILY using profile 'Default' from file '/config/default.mmcp.xml'","Saving %1 titles into directory %2 using profile '%3' from file '%4'","1","file:///out/DVD/ADDAMSFAMILY","Default","/config/default.mmcp.xml" MSG:4040,0,1,"Unable to execute external program 'ccextractor
  3. Thanks, this was a blueray, but I've seen it with DVDs as well. I'll give it a test and see how it goes!
  4. @rix Did something change with makemkv? It seems the logs shows an attempt to reach an application called ccextractor which isn't in the docker? MSG:5015,131072,4,"Saving 1 titles into directory file:///out/Ripper/DVD/ARCHIVE using profile 'Default' from file '/config/default.mmcp.xml'","Saving %1 titles into directory %2 using profile '%3' from file '%4'","1","file:///out/Ripper/DVD/ARCHIVE","Default","/config/default.mmcp.xml" MSG:4040,0,1,"Unable to execute external program 'ccextractor' as its path is not set in preferences","Unable to execute external program '%1' as its pat
  5. I know I'm asking a lot. Is it possible to get Unraid 6.9 to LTS kernel 5.10 before full release? Only reason I ask is for the comfort of having an LTS kernel from both support as a user and also for the devs. I'm not gonna be upset if I'm told "no". Just thought I would ask and figured an LTS kernel could benefit the UnRaid team in this release . edit: also, thanks for the RC1 release! it seems to be working well so far! thanks for fixing the dashboard issues!
  6. virtio is the old version of what was renamed to virtio-net. It looks like your syslog is what is exploding and that is most likely because of the errors from the VMs having incorrect network config types (virtio vs virtio-net) blasting that syslog file.
  7. Can you check /var/log? open a terminal and do "ls -hal /var/log" just curious to see what is the largest file(s). Also, seeing a TON of this in your syslog. You need to edit your VM settings from "virtio" to "virtio-net" for network interfaces. Oct 27 22:53:28 mnemosyne kernel: tun: unexpected GSO type: 0x0, gso_size 1448, hdr_len 1514 <----YUCK FIX VM settings Arch <interface type='bridge'> <mac address='52:54:00:9e:3d:49'/> <source bridge='br0'/> <model type='virtio'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x00'
  8. It could be the script ripper.sh. special characters tend to need to be broken out with a "\" before they're allowed to be used in bash/shell scripts etc. You might take a look and see if you can edit the script by copying the cd ripping line that creates the folder and statically name the folder and comment out the original line.
  9. @rix I wanted to give you and update on the addition of java. It works GREAT! the files now have more info than just t00.mkv, t01.mkv, t02.mkv! I just did Jumanji The Next Level and the file names come out like this "Jumanji- The Next Level-FPL_MainFeature_t00.mkv" "Jumanji- The Next Level-SF_CS_PlayAll_t02.mkv" "Jumanji- The Next Level-SF_Level_Up_Making_t01.mkv". I now know what the MainFeature is without having to search/hunt it down! Excellent addition!
  10. Google is killing off Google Play Music in attempt to force everyone over to Youtube Music. Because its not ready and every is complaining about how bad it sucks, they've been on a mad dash to try and add some level of feature parity because they know its not ready, but don't care. I've downloaded all my music and ported all over to Plexamp (Plex, but special music player that works on Android/iOS/Linux/Windows/Mac). Youtube Music will be a streaming service only. You will not be able to purchase music or download your music like you had the ability in GPM. When GPM dies, you'll lo
  11. Unraid needs a method to configure SSH without needing the old SSH plugin. I also want to see 2FA in SSH.
  12. The Titan Security key is basically Google's idea of a Yubikey. Its FIDO U2F. You're asking for something along the lines of: Now, there is a method you could use U2F for and that is encryption. I encrypt my desktop and have a randomly generated 32 character password (alphanumeric+symbols). Yubikey's have 2 slots. I've set slot 1 (tap) to be U2F and slot 2 (hold down) as the 32-character password. I use the 2nd slot to decrypt my system. I couldn't remember the password if I wanted. I know you can encrypt drives now in Unraid, so you could encrypt all the storage and use a
  13. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=OpenSSH-8.4-Released Seems the latest version of SSH now supports 2FA ! I have YubiKeys. Username/Passwords are not enough. 2FA FTW. I'd love to see Unraid implement 2FA in the WebUI AND in SSH. They also need to support multiple keys (not just one key!). I have 2 keys. One in a safe in case my usual on my keyring breaks. They should also support keys per user. I know this is a lot to ask, but this would be amazing. I would donate more money just to enable it!
  14. @rix Can you update the ripper docker to include java? I've found a few blurays here and there that seem to eternally rip infinite copies. I was deleting all but 1 (they were all the same size) thinking they were just the same video file and for some reason the blueray was causing them to re-rip infinitely. Now I'm seeing its actually protection that relies on bdjava functions. So now its looking like I may have a few videos where they are out of sequence chapters . http://www.makemkv.com/bdjava/ MSG:3007,0,0,"Using direct disc access mode","Using direct disc access mo