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  1. I can't get the onlyoffice docker to work. its just a permanently loading bar. I only wanted to try this locally via local IP, but its stuck.
  2. I have linux VMs. They are actually build nodes used to build packages for a linux distribution. So my VMs accept jobs to compile and packages inside containers, upload said packages, then delete everything and start another job. I'm not sure if your suggestion works in this scenario does it?
  3. You might be able to perform a pull request to update the main project is you have through testing and proof of stability.
  4. It would be nice to have virt-sparsify to reduce VM disks size when they have zeros/unused space. https://libguestfs.org/virt-sparsify.1.html
  5. Is anyone else having issues with memory ballooning not working in VMs? I check my linux VMs and they have virtio_ballooning loaded, but their memory won't increase past initial size. I'm using an ASROCK Creator TRX40 w/ Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 64G DDR4. I'm using the rule initial memory is 1core=1G and Max is 1core=2G. I'm doing this on 3 VMs 8core, 8core, and 4core. None of which see their memory balloon while compiling software and they end up crashing with OOM errors. oceans-diagnostics-20210528-1427.zip
  6. That's awesome! It would be nice if we could get a lifespan meter somewhere in the open (it seems my method may be inaccurate and yours would be better). I want to make sure my server uptime doesn't take a bad turn when I need to order an SSD and it takes a week to get here. I'd like some pre-emptive warning/monitoring so I can plan accordingly rather than have items live on a shelf for years. Thanks for the correction! I'm learning something new everyday.
  7. I'm curious if it would be possible to store a MAX TBW for SSDs in the warranty information in the Identity drive info, then have a running comparison of what smartctl shows for nvme/ssds to show how close you are to reaching that maximum so someone would know to prepare for a replacement. You'll see after doing a smartctl -a /dev/nvme0n1 I have a "Data Units Written" of 9.67 TB. This unit has a MAX TBW of 1800. Now, this isn't my cache drive, this is my desktop. But if you're using an SSD as a cache drive, I'm sure you could see how the SSD would quickly deteriorate and fail. My cache SSD on
  8. I really could use this. I use my personal server for an OpenSource Linux project so giving my team members access would be really handy. I'd like to see 1. Multiple users enabled for WebUI (simple checkbox within the user profile would be nice) 2. Different levels of access. (Example: Restart VMs, VM Access, but not Creation/Deletion or root host shell access) 3. Log Users login and change actions (VM/docker reboot, deletion, creation, etc) Just some SMB features could be handy.
  9. @rix Something has broken the docker here very recently makemkvcon is missing from the container which breaks the docker entirely.
  10. Nope, I did notice instability when Overclocking my Memory beyond 2933mhz. After reducing it to 2933Mhz and finding the right timings to put in (my memory is ECC Unbuffered), everything stabilized. I'm using 8x8GB sticks (64G, 1G/thread)
  11. looks like a possible BIOS/UEFI bug issue. have you tried acpi=off when booting?
  12. Is it just the VM that hangs? I've not had this issue. I'm using a Threadripper 3970X and ASROCK TRX40 Creator board. Are you trying to OC memory beyond 2933mhz?
  13. I can't seem to update the plugin even though it tells me there's an update. I tried removing the plugin to reinstall it, and now it still fails so it never installs. plugin: updating: vmbackup.plg Removing package: xmlstarlet-1.6.1-x86_64-1_slonly Removing files: Removing package: pigz-2.3-x86_64-2_slonly Removing files: +============================================================================== | Installing new package /boot/config/plugins/vmbackup/packages/xmlstarlet-1.6.1-x86_64-1_slonly.txz +==============================================================================
  14. I could be wrong, but IIRC Unraid is based on Slackware. The delayed release of 6.9 may have something to do with this magical announcement : https://www.itsfoss.net/slackware-linux-15-0-alpha1-release/ This is pure speculation on my part. I'm super happy and excited to see my first Linux distro is still alive and well! Thank you Slackware for being such an amazing distro over the years!
  15. The ccextractor thing is still an issue as the location settings do not match. ccextractor wasn't installed in /usr/bin/ccextractor. Its been installed in /usr/local/bin/ccextractor . So the errors still exist. I've not added that settings.conf. MSG:5015,131072,4,"Saving 1 titles into directory file:///out/DVD/ADDAMSFAMILY using profile 'Default' from file '/config/default.mmcp.xml'","Saving %1 titles into directory %2 using profile '%3' from file '%4'","1","file:///out/DVD/ADDAMSFAMILY","Default","/config/default.mmcp.xml" MSG:4040,0,1,"Unable to execute external program 'ccextractor