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  1. Excellent, thanks for this. Just applied it and so far appears to be massive improvement.
  2. I've also had memory issues, random hard locks on unraid etc for a while, hopefully this is the problem. Here is output of my poolmon in case it is of use
  3. There is a post somewhere about this, support for web interface is being dropped however for the time being you can add in a variable that will enable it.
  4. New Forum looks great! One possible issue, I think there may be an issue with attachments? Old forum has the attachement http://lime-technology.com/oldforum/index.php?topic=52533.msg541633#msg541633 and new one doesn't
  5. Should audio over HDMI work, display in VM settings as a separate audio device to select or installed within Windows with GPU drivers? Nothing is showing for it. I tried iGPU for graphics last night and works pretty well although I get micro pauses in Windows, once that and Audio sorted it should be very nice solution.
  6. Thanks! Hadn't quite managed to get Nextcloud working couple weeks ago when tried, ran through your instructions and was up and running very quickly
  7. I've setup docker and seems to work well, currently trying to get MySensors working. I have to set a file location (persistence_file: 'path/mysensors3.json'), not sure what I need to specify here to map file to docker home directory? https://home-assistant.io/components/mysensors/#presentation Thanks.
  8. I got errors trying to pass through on board audio as well, didn't try any tweaks to get working. Instead I ordered an hdmi audio extractor from Aliexpress that was delivered yesterday, have not tested yet as need to find power adapter for local power plugs but can report back once tried it.
  9. Thought I'd try give this a bump since another month gone so hopefully some progress has been made. Any new news regarding whether we might see this come to Skylake?
  10. Thanks for this, I have used it with their NextCloud VM and works well.