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  1. Couldn't make influxdb v2.x connect properly. Running the "influx" command through the docker command prompt never connected to the database, so was unable to create databases for my applications to populate. Doing the same setup process with influx v1.7 worked fine.
  2. Hoping someone can point me in the direction of why unifi-poller isn't returning any data. Checked the logs for the unifi-poller docker and it seems to be working properly. Same with Prometheus. Grafana finds the Prometheus database, but doesn't seem to be getting any data. Unifi-poller: 2021/04/12 23:34:05.222977 updateweb.go:193: [INFO] => URL: (verify SSL: false) 2021/04/12 23:34:05.222991 updateweb.go:193: [INFO] => Version: 6.1.71 (a44c7aa3-f9c0-4d69-9eda-6ae6b9ab3ce6) 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223005 updateweb.go:193: [INFO] => Username: unifipoller (has password: true) 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223018 updateweb.go:193: [INFO] => Hash PII / Poll Sites: false / all 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223041 updateweb.go:193: [INFO] => Save Sites / Save DPI: true / false (metrics) 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223069 updateweb.go:193: [INFO] => Save Events / Save IDS: false / false (logs) 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223086 updateweb.go:193: [INFO] => Save Alarms / Anomalies: false / false (logs) 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223099 updateweb.go:193: [INFO] => Save Rogue APs: false 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223239 logger.go:17: [INFO] InfluxDB config missing (or disabled), InfluxDB output disabled! 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223281 logger.go:17: [INFO] Loki config missing (or disabled), Loki output disabled! 2021/04/12 23:34:05.223378 logger.go:15: [INFO] Internal web server disabled! 2021/04/12 23:34:05.226000 logger.go:17: [INFO] Prometheus exported at - namespace: unifipoller Prometheus: level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.723Z caller=main.go:423 build_context="(go=go1.16.2, user=root@a67cafebe6d0, date=20210331-11:56:23)" level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.723Z caller=main.go:424 host_details="(Linux 5.10.28-Unraid #1 SMP Wed Apr 7 08:23:18 PDT 2021 x86_64 f7ef30f14488 (none))" level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.723Z caller=main.go:425 fd_limits="(soft=40960, hard=40960)" level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.723Z caller=main.go:426 vm_limits="(soft=unlimited, hard=unlimited)" level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.732Z caller=web.go:540 component=web msg="Start listening for connections" address= level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.733Z caller=main.go:795 msg="Starting TSDB ..." level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.737Z caller=tls_config.go:191 component=web msg="TLS is disabled." http2=false level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.737Z caller=repair.go:57 component=tsdb msg="Found healthy block" mint=1618293830375 maxt=1618315200000 ulid=01F362TFS260HS5A3H217T57VK level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.738Z caller=repair.go:57 component=tsdb msg="Found healthy block" mint=1618315205375 maxt=1618336800000 ulid=01F36QDNGNPE73SFT2E75GSR57 level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.739Z caller=repair.go:57 component=tsdb msg="Found healthy block" mint=1618358405375 maxt=1618365600000 ulid=01F37553S58XXY9EA7T0PPH3XG level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.739Z caller=repair.go:57 component=tsdb msg="Found healthy block" mint=1618365605375 maxt=1618372800000 ulid=01F37C0V14XS97P35V8V3RDRMW level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.740Z caller=repair.go:57 component=tsdb msg="Found healthy block" mint=1618336805375 maxt=1618358400000 ulid=01F37C0V77EETHRZVDG6CSDM1Z level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.779Z caller=head.go:696 component=tsdb msg="Replaying on-disk memory mappable chunks if any" level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.782Z caller=head.go:710 component=tsdb msg="On-disk memory mappable chunks replay completed" duration=3.115569ms level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.782Z caller=head.go:716 component=tsdb msg="Replaying WAL, this may take a while" level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.791Z caller=head.go:742 component=tsdb msg="WAL checkpoint loaded" level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.851Z caller=head.go:768 component=tsdb msg="WAL segment loaded" segment=8 maxSegment=12 level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.898Z caller=head.go:768 component=tsdb msg="WAL segment loaded" segment=9 maxSegment=12 level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.949Z caller=head.go:768 component=tsdb msg="WAL segment loaded" segment=10 maxSegment=12 level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.983Z caller=head.go:768 component=tsdb msg="WAL segment loaded" segment=11 maxSegment=12 level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.985Z caller=head.go:768 component=tsdb msg="WAL segment loaded" segment=12 maxSegment=12 level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.985Z caller=head.go:773 component=tsdb msg="WAL replay completed" checkpoint_replay_duration=9.422595ms wal_replay_duration=194.019563ms total_replay_duration=206.643012ms level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.991Z caller=main.go:815 fs_type=65735546 level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.991Z caller=main.go:818 msg="TSDB started" level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.991Z caller=main.go:944 msg="Loading configuration file" filename=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.993Z caller=main.go:975 msg="Completed loading of configuration file" filename=/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml totalDuration=2.101765ms remote_storage=5.596µs web_handler=1.603µs query_engine=2.343µs scrape=575.961µs scrape_sd=86.107µs notify=45.668µs notify_sd=66.982µs rules=3.986µs level=info ts=2021-04-14T06:40:48.993Z caller=main.go:767 msg="Server is ready to receive web requests." Any ideas? I have Grafana working properly with PostgreSQL for Teslamate.
  3. Well not specifically windows, any network user is the same. Can't do anything with my Mac over the network either as remote connections don't have the permissions. How would I fix it?
  4. The issue is that the files created work perfectly fine within the docker, so it's not an issue they need to fix within the docker. The issue exists when viewing/modifying the files outside of the docker in unRAID. The docker user (nobody) has rw permission on all created files. The issue arises when I'm trying to manage the created files from another PC attached through the network that doesn't use the nobody user for access so unraid deny any attempt to rename/move the files until I adjust permissions. I expect that the group bits need write permission to work properly (all unraid accounts are group users afaik).
  5. Hi All, The Plex docker is creating files on my system (when creating optimized versions) with correct user/group, but incorrect permissions (0444). Wondering if there's a way to fix the Plex docker to create new files with 0666, or just run docker-safe new perms automatically with user scripts once a week or something? Any ideas?
  6. Same deal here - works fine when run manually, but when it tries to run automatically it logs a failed test.
  7. Edit: Ok, stand down, can mark as solved. I'm a dumbass... I had ARP-reply required on my network to add security, but it didn't forget the MAC of my old machine, so when I plugged the new one in on the same IP, it refused to reply because the router thought the new one was an imposter. Good security, maybe overkill for a home network?
  8. So I upgraded my server from a 1 ethernet port motherboard that was working fine to a supermicro system with 4 ethernet ports on it. I can mount my array and connect to the server OK from my network, as well as mount my network drives on my PC, but no ability for my unraid server to connect out to the internet or even ping my router. Very confused. Could use some pointers. Attached some details that seem to commonly point in the right direction in the hopes it will help: Router is at Any assistance greatly appreciated!
  9. Edit: Fixed it Execute bit was not set on /config/Library/Application Support/Plex Media Server/Codecs/EasyAudioEncoder-527-linux-x86_64/EasyAudioEncoder/EasyAudioEncoder for what reason, I have no idea. chmod a+x for the file above fixed it. Dunno if it needed an "a", but since it worked, yay.
  10. Getting this error now, not sure why, but seems to be related to downmixing multi-channel audio to fewer tracks? Can't play through web player or mobile devices, but works OK on AppleTV or Roku that support multichannel natively. Any ideas? Running linuxserver/plex:amd64-
  11. Can I ask which Torrent client you're using? This particular option doesn't appear in qbittorrent. I've tried playing with the cache options in qb but no luck yet.
  12. Sure thing, I'll reinstall 6.8 this weekend and generate a new diagnostics file (or should I go with the newly released 6.8.1 RC1?) The torrent client is running on my Windows 10 PC and writing to the share (with cache enabled). If it helps narrow it down at all, and maybe with regards to testdasi's post, I could also try disabling caching on that share so it writes directly to the XFS share and bypasses the btrfs cache drive.
  13. Hoping we'll see some progress on this one, as it will murder SSD cache drives in short order if it's re-writing a multi-gig file on every sparse file update while torrenting. Didn't have any luck with SMB parameters.
  14. Sorry, can’t do just one, hopefully doesn’t disqualify me. I love the versatility of unRAID, so easy to set up, use and expand! Never any data loss, feel completely secure. For 2020, I’d really like them to fix the current issue with 6.8 when working with torrents where there is a big writing small fragments to the torrent file that seems to cause the entire file to be re-written any time data is added (maybe relating to the database corruption fix?).
  15. Going through my SMB parameters, the only lead I have right now (and it's getting too late to test tonight, maybe tomorrow) is that 6.8 mandates SMB2_02 as the minimum protocol, where 6.7.2 has CORE as the minimum protocol. Wondering if overriding that back to CORE would perhaps do something productive? There are also minor changes in prefork settings and server min protocol (NT1) instead of LANMAN1. SMB config attached here. smb672.txt smb680.txt