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  1. andy can you please tell me how do you to increase iodepth on unraid, im having the same problem, i cant pass 400mb/s when transfer files to the cache, Crucial P5 2TB and intel X520-DA2/X520-SR2, thanks
  2. thank you i just replace lucky me i keep 2 drive extra for this moments, going to send for RMA
  3. hi my new parity check finish with 100% and 0 errors, but i have one drive with this error should i be concerned, thanks
  4. i think i found the problem for some reason one of my drive was not mount when i was running the parity, I'm doing one right now I will let you know, thanks for you help
  5. My parity check found 517 errors. im using the last version i have dual parity 22 drive , All array drives are XFS can someone please take look at the logs and see if can find what the problem is, thanks in advanced
  6. thanks for you help i re-install the docker and also force update and still have the same error, is there anything more that i can do?, again thanks
  7. so i have this lines on my config, any idea why i get this message? thanks
  8. thanks for you help, i will check the conf file when i get home, if my dont have thus line can i add it any where?
  9. hi first thanks for this docker, i just installed a week ago and everything is working great, i only start get this message, "Transactional file locking should be configured to use memory-based locking, not the default slow database-based locking." does any one knows how to fix it, thanks
  10. lol i dint see the ubooquity i just copy and paste, thanks
  11. thanks for you help really apreciated, i add location = /{return 301 $scheme://$http_host/ubooquity/;} to advanced but dont work, i still get same red reports just to make sure here is where i add it
  12. hi first thanks great docker nice interface i just setup my first reverse proxy domain and all work great hosted at clouflare, however when i scan my site on securityheaders i get this red warning Headers Content-Security-Policy X-Frame-Options Referrer-Policy Feature-Policy can someone please tell me how to fix this to get green, thanks in advanced
  13. oh ok, i dint know that, so those folders that are inside the user0 they are no really there thas what you mean? sorry english is no my first language
  14. hi can someone please help me, i have a lot of folders on my /mnt/user0 , where should i move this folders to be safe for the future, thanks