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  1. This is incorrect. You can use a gpu with multiple dockers(I use it with plex and unmanic) fine. You shouldn't share it if it is passed through to a VM though.
  2. Your question was answered 6 posts below your original post.
  3. I have figured it out. Had to enable SSL. Thanks
  4. I have run into an issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I had to give Plex docker its own IP for another project which works great but has broken Plexpy. I added the new IP of plex in the plexpy settings and if I click verify I get a check mark but plexpy can't actually communicate with plex and I get the "There was an error communicating with your Plex Server."
  5. I am not able to get tvhProxy to work. I have assigned plex, tvheadend and tvhproxy their own ips. I have tried many different configs but get the same 500 internal server error. ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I just installed for the first time and can confirm the same.
  7. As far as I can tell no it does not have the check. My system booted before my network was established. I have a pFsense VM as well.
  8. "Obviously" I assumed their server wasn't connected VIA wifi as they stated in their next reply.
  9. I also had some trouble after updating. For me the first problem was that my NVME cache drive became unassigned. I also could not access the webUI. UnRaid GUI would load with a Server Not Found webpage. Eventually after waiting awhile I was able to access the webUI by changing the address to https from http. Also sometimes randomly changing the address to server name instead of IP would work. Once I got to webUI I was able to reassign my cache drive which auto booted my PFSense VM after reboot. From there everything has been fine. I don't know if this has anything to do with your issue but tho
  10. They are using a PFSense VM which is a router replacement software. No router = no network.
  11. Same problem. Tried Server name, ip, http, https etc... no change.
  12. Hi Thanks for all your hard work with these dockers. I am having trouble with the PlexRequests docker that previously worked great. I have deleted the docker and image and tried re-installing but I get the same following error: Starting container on Tue Nov 22 13:29:36 MST 2016 Updating repository HEAD is now at bd6572d Version bump Already up-to-date. Selecting the desired branch Using the master branch Already on 'master' Your branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'. Fixing permissions Updating meteor. . . may take a while if meteor servers are being slow. The web gui will