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  1. I dont think its a general support issue... i explain: I had the time to restore the usb backup i made before installing the beta 22. Now i can delete the docker and with the beta i couldnt and now the scrub works instead of stopping with 0 seconds and aborted as status.
  2. Not sure if anyone posted this already but i installed the beta a couple days ago and im getting a strange behavior with dockers. First time half the dockers running just didnt work anymore out of the blue giving me errors of read-only file system. Restarted the server and everything worked. Recently i tried to update Handbrake and in the middle of the update gave up errors of read only file system. The docker now is present in the list with a questionmark and a "not available" on the version column and i cannot remove/reinstall it. It gives me a generic server error. I tried e
  3. Cannot really remove it, its integrated in the motherboard but i have a 9211 in my personal server and it boots fine. I dont think is the LSI controller the problem, from what i can see it loads the drivers fine and stops a lot later. If was the LSI the problem it would give an error when loading the drivers i think.
  4. Many things, its a Supermicro "Superserver 2013S-C0R" configured with the Epyc 7302P, H11SSL-C rev 2 and 2x 16GB DDR4 ECC RAM. Bios is latest available (2.0b) For the rest i can see clearly: A M.2 Add On card "AOC-SLG3-2M2" Link A Broadcom 3008 SAS3 Controller integrated into the motherboard that is connected to, what i think is, a dummy backplane with no processing, just passtrough since has just 8 bays Classic Supermicro IPMI For disks: 2x WD Red 4TB, 1 x WD Red 1TB and 2x NVME Samsung 970 Pro 512GB placed on the add-on card
  5. Having the same issue on a Supermicro H11SSL-C v 2.0 with a Epyc 7302P. Tried to boot in safe, uefi and non uefi etc but nothing, hangs in the same spot everytime EDIT: Backed up the config folder, wiped the usb, flashed 6.8.0, restored config and now boots fine Guess its a problem with Epyc or TR with this new version, i wonder what could be EDIT2: i attached the diagnostics from v 6.8.0 zunraid-diagnostics-20200118-2312.zip
  6. It would be nice to add support for Apple updates in Steamcache docker. I managed to add it via "hacking" the existing configurations, if you plan to add it to the docker this is what i did to make it work: bootstrap.sh mod: Add after if [ -z "$WINDOWSCACHE_IP" ] && ! [ "$DISABLE_WINDOWS" = "true" ]; then WINDOWSCACHE_IP=$LANCACHE_IP fi This piece: if [ -z "$APPLECACHE_IP" ] && ! [ "$DISABLE_APPLE" = "true" ]; then APPLECACHE_IP=$LANCACHE_IP fi Add this after ## windows section ## apple if ! [ -z "$WINDOWSCACHE_IP" ]; then
  7. Hello again, I explain the situation: I have a share with i guess five or six Macs that access it but one or more of them "lock" the files as another owner in the share and not as nobody:users. The result is that the other Macs cannot read/write/whatever on those files and i have to reset the permissions manually every time with chown. Every computer that is connected to that share has the same unraid user and its only AFP. In that share there is a folder mounted in a VM but i checked and the VM write as nobody:users. Also, is there any mean to ban certain file or folder with a s
  8. Hello, Im pretty new to KVM and i would ask if someone got the same error or can help me troubleshooting it. I have two unraid boxes with the same MB ( Gigabyte H97N WIFI ), both with 8 GB of ram, the only device that change between them is the CPU (one with a Pentium G3250 and one with a i5 4460) Both have a virtual machine with Debian but only one of them (the one on the i5) at the VM boot ask everytime to press CTRL D to continue or use root password for a shell (yeah i tried to systemctl default or the other commands with no success). In the VMs both has teamviewer but the one o
  9. No more warnings, thanks! Anyway there is any possibility to see what the client is doing? Some infos like in the desktop version.
  10. Hello I have a little warning from Dropbox that im testing in a Unraid Machine. In the log says to update the client within 5 days to continue using dropbox on the machine. I guess it needs an update and i really need a Dropbox plugin / docker in this machine. Any info?