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  1. Hi I have been routing some of my dockers via a custom wireguard network . I got the idea from and Reddit The way I have it starting up is via the go file. I did install resolvconf from You can also just use the --dns= flag on the docker containers. ip link add dev vpnac-us19 type wireguard wg setconf vpnac-us19 /etc/wireguard/vpnac-us19.conf ip address add dev vpnac-us19 ip link set up dev vpnac-us19 printf 'nameserver %s\n' | resolvconf -a tun.vpnac-us19 -m 0 -x sysctl -w net.ipv4.conf.all.rp_filter=2 ip rule add
  2. I literally said Just for the sake of helping. I agree on this if Unraid didn't have Docker and CA I would not personally be using it. No one is forcing anyone to be thankful however that should just come with someone helping you. Basic respect and all that. Obviously everyone's moral compass tilts in different directions that's just life I guess. @limetech FWIW I am enjoying having the GPU drivers integrated into Unraid looking forward to future updates.
  3. Late to the party. I love unraid I have been using it for years, I have even recommend it to a family member and a friend who have gotten licenses. I have even contributed in my own little way. I have read your analogy twice and all I am getting from it is you think @CHBMB is acting like a Spoiled brat and they should only expect thanks from the community. Even know they and other like them stepped up to help the community (parented) when the community were being ignored from the Unraid team (parents). Now that the unraid team has decided to parent again the uncle
  4. First of all thanks for the wireguard gui creating a vpn has never been easier. Like a lot of people here I couldn't access my dockers on custom IP address using the default macvlan network that unraid creates. However there seems to be a workaround. I found this blog by Lars Kellogg-Stedman which describes the problem and a solution. Instead of letting unraid create the docker network do it yourself and use the --aux-address option. Then create another macvlan network to communicate to the containers. This is what I did. I deleted
  5. Edit: It seems that rdp-calibre docker was not on the latest version of calibre. I changes "Set Container Variable: EDGE" to 1 and that download the newest version of calibre now they are both on 3.4.2. My books are importing no problems now. Can somebody help please. I am unable to import books via LL calibredb using the content server. I have LL docker and the rdp-calibre docker installed. I have enabled the content server with a username and password. I have read / write access to the db calibredb ok, version 3.42 Database READ ok
  6. I wish it was made more clear that it would be raid 1 when adding a second cache drive. It would of saved a lot hassle for me. There should be an option on the GUI to add a 2nd cache drive to just increase storage on the cache pool for those that don't want redundancy.
  7. Hi would it be possible to get an inotifywait script added to the RDP-Calibre docker please. Example inotify watches the ebook download dir then calls the update calibre script when it detects changes. inotifywait script at boot while true #run indefinitely do inotifywait -r -e ,close_write,move,create, /download && / done something like this for /opt/calibre/calibredb add --recurse --library-path "/config/" "/download" 2>&1
  8. Hi I have a quick Question about "Your server must have access to the Internet to use the unRAID 6.2-rc" I am using the trial and I think it is great.I am about to buy a licence but I am a bit concerned about always having an active internet connection to verify the licence. Will this be the case when the final release come out? I might be moving to a house with no internet access for a few months and I am concerned that I wont be able to use my server?