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  1. After a server restart my cache drive turned into this, not sure if it's possible to save any of the data that was on the disk, any advice / help is appreciated. Unraid Version: 6.8.3 Here is my servers diagnostics eclipse-diagnostics-20210423-0435.zip My cache drive has following Disk Log Information. My cache drive now sits like this. I have never had anything like this happen before. Kinda worried that the data on the drive is gone...
  2. Hey guys, i've just made a detailed guide / tutorial for bitwarden_rs with cloudflare & fail2ban integration + admin portal protection Hope this helps someone
  3. Hi let me first start of by saying, that i would have liked to contribute to unraid community a long time ago, but time has been getting in my way. And now that lastpass has decided to limit their free service, which force many users to change password manager and a lot of people is turning to bitwarden, i thought it would be a good idea for me to share in detail exactly how to protect your selfhosted bitwarden (bitwarden_rs) with fail2ban and connect it to cloudflare IP Access Rules. And also protect /admin 😋 So in this guide we are going to be using the following.
  4. I did and I appreciate that you go into details, with linunx, unraid, containers, ect it's necessary. Keep up the good work Sycotix
  5. Happy Birthday Unraid Love the software, fast, stable, secure. Perfect as a server OS! 😊