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  1. looks like the firewall rules for my lan are not working, anyone knows how to fix this? 2020-04-24 11:41:33.466593 [info] WebUI port defined as 2020-04-24 11:41:33.492464 [info] Adding as route via docker eth0 Error: Nexthop has invalid gateway. 2020-04-24 11:41:33.516191 [info] ip route defined as follows... -------------------- default via dev tun0 via dev tun0 dev tun0 proto kernel scope link src dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src via dev et
  2. Hi, thanks for creating this container for unraid. I just installed this and configured the VPN and when i try to load the web interface it will not show up and eventually it will error out. i checked the logs and the vpn is connected just fine, jacket is also working fine as per the log, its just the web interface that doesnt work. i then disabled the vpn in the container and the web load works just fine. is there anything that you can do to help me?
  3. I just wanted to start using the vpn client, but when i try to install from the plugin screen i get error, wondering if its updated
  4. jacan

    NVME error

    Bios is up todate, i have booted in windows and updated the firmware for the drive but i keep getting errors, windows runs fine, i think is something with linux, its driving me crazy
  5. Hi Guys, you are my last resort, for the past weeks i have tried to troubleshoot this problem with no success. The problem is that i installed a Samsung Evo 860 250Gb and the first few weeks was good and then i started to have corruption, tried BTRFS and XFS, i have lost the contents of the cache almost 5 times already. I dont know what else to do, motherboard is Asus Z170 z170 pro4, 32gb of ram. im attaching my latest log before loosing again the contents, it all starts with Timeout I/O i have removed some redundant lines in order for the log to fit Hope you can provide me
  6. after updating to the new version i receive a lot of errors, i have deleted the config file but no luck. anything that i can fix? Brought to you by linuxserver.io We gratefully accept donations at: https://www.linuxserver.io/index.php/donations/ ------------------------------------- GID/UID ------------------------------------- User uid: 99 User gid: 100 ------------------------------------- [cont-init.d] 10-adduser: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 30-dbus: executing... [cont-init.d] 30-dbus: exited 0. [cont-init.d] 40-config: executing... [cont-init.d] 40-config
  7. is there any way to make fail2ban send emails when banning to the email address entered in the container?