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  1. Hello, I joined Flexpool with machinaris, no problem, but machinaris never appears, I use machinaris in fullnode to make the plots, it tells me it is on the pool but nothing. If I launch the windows application the part against the pool sees me. I opened the chia port towards the container which is in host. any idea ?
  2. Some mkv's keep the file size of the stream, anyone know how to remove it without removing the language from the track?
  3. no problem everything works perfectly, on the other hand you had latency? my wife who is on a "classic" computer doesn't have latency and sometimes I do. I have to wait for the pnj/monster to appear.
  4. Is it really useful to create a proxy network? What's the point of doing it? I guess it must be awkward with the wireguard plugin unless you're using Heimdall or organizr ?
  5. Forgiveness for my ignorance but we need to open a port on the router?
  6. I can't use nextcloud in iframe in organizr anymore. any ideas? 🥺
  7. I'm also looking for a clean and sustainable solution with future updates, does anyone have an idea? I'm using "session_timeout": 31536000, for now. for port 58946 tcp/udp should it be put in deluge and on the router redirect ? does it work with proxy and vpn active ?
  8. I have the same problem. by deactivating the cpu isolation and it's working again, any idea why? (AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X) sometimes by booting a virtual machine the whole server could not respond to a reboot as well. not a success for me this update from 6.8.0 to 6.8.1...
  9. I use organizr and I'm looking for a solution to hide subfolders (nextcloud / jackett / gitea etc...) using auth of organizr prevents from using nextcloud/gitea/jellyfin apps android Any ideas?
  10. when I run the update command sudo -u abc php7 /config/www/nextcloud/occ upgrade Nextcloud is already latest version I'm in 17.0.1...
  11. how to update? I have the error "Check for expected files Parsing response failed. File not found." in nextcloud.
  12. I have two questions to improve my speed with webdav. 1 - Can we speed up the transfer between letsencrypt and nexcloud during an upload? I have half the /tmp on my ssd it helps, but under windows you have to wait a long time with big files before the transfer window disappears 2 - Locally, can we use nextcloud without using letsencrypt? I can't do it...
  13. Someone has succeeded with onlyoffice? if so, I would like to see the configuration
  14. I use x265 presset medium and crf 19, about 25 fps for a 1080p movie my CPU pinning, on 32 threads, just 6 are not assign nothing to do with, to preserve the most quality to re-encode, what do you propose in video and audio settings?