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  1. Bring up the edit page for the container and change the repository from "binhex/arch-qbittorrentvpn" to "binhex/arch-qbittorrentvpn:4.2.1-1-05". By default the "latest" tag is pulled unless you specify a tag in the repository field.
  2. Same issue here. I reverted to the 4.2.1-1-05 tag for now.
  3. This is exactly the issue I was seeing - I was able to get it working in GUI mode by disabling/re-enabling bonding *and* bridging, but upon rebooting into normal (console) mode it wouldn't work again. Still have not had a chance to investigate further, but just wanted to make sure I noted it here. The only difference is that I'm using an older Supermicro board (an X8DTN). In the meantime I disabled LAG on my switch and in unraid.
  4. Thanks - next time I have a chance I will do that and post to general support as you requested.
  5. Apparently we weren't the only ones, I found this thread: As far as adding diagnostics it's not that simple without a network connection and the only access being a console via IPMI. I'm pretty sure it has something with bonding+bridging but I didn't have time to continue experimenting and finally just disabled bonding in unRAID and disabled the LAG on my switch to get the server running again. Not sure when I will have time to troubleshoot further.
  6. I just upgraded from 6.7.2 to 6.8.0. I have link aggregation configured using 802.3ad and after the upgrade my unraid server was no longer accessible from my network. I accessed the console through IPMI and can see that br0 has a reserved IP in the 169.254.X.X range, indicating that it couldn't contact the DHCP server. Already tried rebooting again. Everything was working (for years) before the upgrade. Any ideas?
  7. Updated the container this morning and now getting: nginx: [emerg] dlopen() "/var/lib/nginx/modules/ngx_stream_geoip2_module.so" failed (Error loading shared library /var/lib/nginx/modules/ngx_stream_geoip2_module.so: No such file or directory) in /etc/nginx/modules/stream_geoip2.conf:1 Checked and the module is in fact missing. Any ideas?
  8. I guess that's what I'm going to have to do too. I don't like running containers in host mode unless they have dedicated IP. It's just weird because I had zero issues for years with the old container, and immediately had issues when I switched to the new one.
  9. I have the exact same issue after switching to the new container (using the 5.9 branch). Did you ever find a solution?
  10. Looks like this plugin breaks when an unassigned drive is passed through to a VM. Getting lots of PHP errors after saving. Hopefully you can get it to work. Really like this plugin over the alternatives. Thanks!
  11. Yep, using v2 with the web interface. I don't see a place to specify auth type. I get the following in the logs when trying to send a test email: /usr/lib/ruby/2.3.0/openssl/ssl.rb:318:in `post_connection_check': hostname "**removed**" does not match the server certificate (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError) from /usr/lib/ruby/2.3.0/net/smtp.rb:601:in `tlsconnect' from /usr/lib/ruby/2.3.0/net/smtp.rb:564:in `do_start' from /usr/lib/ruby/2.3.0/net/smtp.rb:521:in `start' from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/2.3.0/gems/mail-2.6.3/lib/mail/network/delivery_methods/smtp.rb:112:in `deliver!' from /usr/lib/ruby/gems/2.3.0/gems/mail-2.6.3/lib/mail/message.rb:252:in `deliver!' from /var/lib/nowshowing/mailAnnouncement.rb:100:in `sendMail' from /usr/local/sbin/announcementreport:87:in `main' from /usr/local/sbin/announcementreport:91:in `<main>'
  12. I run an internal Postfix SMTP relay server and it seems as though NowShowingv2 currently requires TLS. Can you add an option to select the transport encryption (in this case, none)? Thanks!
  13. Thanks! I thought the file also need to have the write bit set. I'm an idiot.
  14. EDIT: Ignore me. Thank you, please drive through. ------- I have a question/concern about using Recycle Bin and whether or not it has an impact on delete permissions. Here is my scenario: - I have a file called test.txt with 600 (rw-------) root:root permissions - The account I use for SMB (not root) can not read or write test.txt (expected), but it can somehow delete it via SMB! I don't know exactly how the Recycle Bin plugin works on the backend, but the only thing I can think is that it runs as root and is intercepting the SMB delete command and not enforcing permissions. Please let me know if this is accurate and/or expected behavior, or if I just have something stranger going on. Thanks!
  15. Just checking in to see if this was implemented in 6.5 or if it's planned for a future version? I didn't see it in the release notes. Thanks!