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  1. Hm. so since im running this, i needed to wipe my storage 3 times because of malformed something.db blabla... Did this also happen to you? And since its on restart unless stopped, it was every time in a restart loop... which caused much wasted stress on system...
  2. https://forums.unraid.net/topic/51959-plugin-ca-application-auto-update/
  3. But it should do it automatic if you have ca auto update !?
  4. Only negative impact i could see is when you have a large amount of files in the same directory...
  5. there is only the dashboard as far as i know - over all its just a big test
  6. Its important that you have your stuff in seperate folders (!) like /linuximages/linuximage1 /linuximages/linuximage2 not alle in /linuximages/
  7. I dont think storjstat does currently support V3.
  8. docker exec -it StorjNode-V3 /app/dashboard.sh
  9. The thng is, my c urrent router(s) are worthless crap of piece. but only chance for "fast internet " (100mbits DL / 20Mbits UL) == Bundled 2x DSL + 2x LTE, cost around 120€ a month (2 family house), 1 gbits is 99€... With 1 gbits i can prio my stuff (but dont need to lol)
  10. While googling for a solution i found servival requests for them to add that. They dont seem to care. (since when devs listen to ppls :P) Thats why i thought maybe realize it via docker. Currently i need to stop the docker to play online games... If everything goes well i will get 1gbits end of this year, then i hope it wouldnt be a problem anymore.
  11. This program has nothing to do with downloading and processing it. But ofc it can upload files to gdrive, you can choose all, or just after some time (i would wait atleast half a year so it doenst upload x better versions of your linux isos when a new release comes out)
  12. The real question is: what you want to do? Do you want to have some files local, some (maybe old?) files online? Then this is the right solution. You want all online? Then this is the right solution. You want all offline? Then why would you need this?
  13. Can you understand this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40429098/how-to-rate-limit-upload-from-docker-container Im not sure if that would do what i want? (and if, how that would apply to the storj container) overall i mean, it wouldnt be that bad to have a limiting option in the docker?
  14. Okay, i found out what this cryptic message means, it mean it cant be reached from outside (wrong port forwarding) and, that was is... one wrong number... i will never understand why devs cant WRITE what the PROBLEM is Do you know a way to stop it from maxing my upload? I can specify how much tb, but.. ? Or is there a docker limit? I google and didnt found anything usefull.