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  1. nuhll

    gtx 1050ti win10 vm does't boot

    vm... cpu noise? If the server itself is not turning on, its nothing about unraid, but since you have a diagnostic file... I never heared about this issue, i always place my graphicscards in the first slots... But anyway, first thing i woudl try is to update your urnaid, maybe this fixes it. Did you watched that youtube video about how to make windows 10 vm? I would watch all videos from him...
  2. nuhll

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    While its not working, i guess? Where do i find it?
  3. The good thing with cron entry is, u can just google for it, there are working examples for every constelation i needed so far in my live. Thats why its easier, i don tneed to understand the cron syntax to use it But thanks for the image, now its clear what you want me to enter there.
  4. Hi, i would like to run parity every 3 or 4 months. I selected the according motnhs, but it seems like parity startet every day in the selected months Oo (if its possible with the current options, maybe someone could help me out. Anyway my suggestion is still valid because it gives the most posibilitys for custom cronjobs. Wouldnt it be easier if we could choose the standard cron entry like * * * * (what ever) when selecting custom?
  5. nuhll

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    ok, i was wrong. not restarting it doesnt change anything. thats the error i get, when i log back into the vnc, it will work again.. but then i dont need the docker at all (I log into docker via vnc, then i go back to browser and press "aktualisieren" (refresh) and it starts the download...) its like the container doesnt talk to jdownloader api when not opend via vnc and therefore the token? expires after X time!?
  6. nuhll

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    Yes, its possible without stopping container, but its not 100% that the backup is working when u backup while its running. Better to restart, restart also helps against memory leaks and so on. History i mean the last downloaded files... i dont know a way to delete it without restarting (theres a hidden option to delete the history after restart tho, main reason why i want it to restart) I can give you a screenshot but its just showing that it cant reach the "app@unraid"
  7. nuhll

    [Support] cheesemarathons repo

    I guess thats normal behaivior. Thats why i removed the cache. Also you should really really put the cache on ssd like cheese said. You have game which install at 1gbits. Then you have some half is 1gbits and the other half is slower and then youve also get games which you download slower then your internet speed would be... The problem might be that steam cuts the files sometimes at different points, so you hit the cache sometime more often and sometimes not, even if you remove and insatll the same game over and over again... this also might happen if you get other mirrors (but i think thats fixxed) I dont know a fix for it, i removed my cache after 3 years when my internet got upgraded bc i couldnt even download full speed (in comp. to my internet speeds)
  8. nuhll

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    Yes, if i dont restart container every day it works. But can you please fix that? Because if you dont restart jdownloader, the history dont get deleted... and also it cant be backuped...
  9. nuhll

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    Yes, correct. On windows 10 and Windows 10 VM. I dont see an update plugin option, so i guess its updated!?
  10. nuhll

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    I dont know. I use CA Backup. Was good bc after restart it delete history automatic... I disabled it now for jdownloader. How is it possible that a other login revokes the login on other computers?
  11. nuhll

    [Support] Djoss - JDownloader 2

    So, its stil happening. I go to AMD and want to download the drivers via mydownloader. I click right and sent to jdownloader. Nothing happens, and then after a while "DEVICE NOT EXISTING". I tried on VM, the same thing. Theni log into unraid and go into the docker VNC, click on myjdownlodaer it shows, blalba everything fine. Then i go back to main PC, and the myjdownlodaer says i need to relogin... (???) Then i relog and it works like it should. WTF? So unbelievable unusable Ive set unraid to restart dockers every day, if that matters.
  12. nuhll

    [Support] cheesemarathons repo

    If it would be on the list, it would cache, maybe its a different DNS name for downloads?
  13. nuhll

    [Support] cheesemarathons repo

  14. nuhll

    [Support] cheesemarathons repo

    Sorry, i dont know any further step.
  15. nuhll

    [Support] cheesemarathons repo

    Maybe first try to put the docker on other disk? or before try other directory.