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  1. We cant help you if you dont answer... why u cant find out which docker it is? Did u install ca backup for auto restart every day? you can try docker stop name
  2. If you run out of RAM, your disks get more stress, and since tehy muich much much much slower then RAM... Did you find out which docker it is? Did a (docker) restart fix it?
  3. Thats a very old thread... Only solution for that what i know of, is installing ddclient from linuxserver. But u need a seperate docker for cloudflare. The conf file include the config which you just need to adjust to your needs.
  4. Just go to docker and click on advanced (right top) I also suggest to add the ca backup, to restart your apps every day, helps with memory leaks and all sort of problems.
  5. nuhll

    Stop Update notices?

    Anyone any idea? Just to be sure i set it to yes on both and set it again back to no and saved again. (still notices comes up)
  6. nuhll

    Stop Update notices?

    Thanks, I know. Both are ofc set to NO.
  7. nuhll

    Stop Update notices?

    Hey, so iw ould liek to update all dockers and plugins silent. Ive disabled it here: Settings-Notifications -> Plugins/Dockers -> never check AutoUpdateApps -> SendNotifications on Update -> NO Still pops up, what did i miss?
  8. Yes, thats correct. You can adjust the workers (threads) to speed it up, if u have spare cpu.
  9. If im correct it uses the "created" date. (if i download old linux movies then they get uplaoded even if i set to 1y) I wouldnt bother uploading such fresh data.
  10. What do you mean? If you set the script to max age 2 then it will upload files older then 2 days.
  11. I would like to access the apache-php docker (/config, /web) via smb, but it says i dont have permissions... how to fix? 1.) nvm. data folder seems to work, just not config files. 2.) Also, there seem to be support for mod rewrite missing, ive mo2end rewrite it and it keept it, even after restart, was that the correct way? 3.) could you maybe include the httpd.conf inside the conf folder? Will this container get further updates?
  12. What should be goodbye? Google? Then we use another service, there will always be a way. And if its at some point online (your data) then the transfer isnt really the problem.
  13. at some point a all in one solution will come, it just takes time, i dont udnerstand it really, but currently were using mountfs and rclone, at some point rclone should include all of it. So it will be easier, i guess.
  14. Till now i didnt noticed any problems. I do delete files from time to time, e.g. if a new version comes out, how shoudl that be a problem? Shouldnt it just delete it remote, bc its RW, or local, bc its also RW and then just reupload the new version? (im just curios, its running perfectly fine, i think)
  15. 1. u use the provided upload script (change accordingly) 2. Read the tutorial, you need to combine your local storage with the remote storage via mountfs, the 3. directory is what you enter in your programm, which dont know if its local or remote anymore at this point. No need for symlink or anything. Just work the tut step by step, and change accordingly (like age, speed, directorys). If u dont know anymore, then ask, and tell at which exact step you have problems. Its very hard to setup at the first time. But its worth it... (i mean unlimited storage, hello? :D)