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  1. Just check in terminal if the files you have trouble are on different disks (like mnt/disk1/movies/movie1/movie1.mkv mnt/disk2/movies/movie1/movie1.mkv) It might be that one of them is corrrupt!? I also dont know any further. I also use brtfs on my cache drives.
  2. I dont think local/remote should be a difference. Its the magic unraid does behind the curtain... Anyway i think its a fail somewhere like using wrong folders... Do you use windows enterprise or something?
  3. LoL. I just got an idea what could create trouble. Do you have maybe double files? Like mnt/disk1/movies/movie1/movie.mkv mnt/disk4/movies/movie1/movie.mkv ? Because i had the same issue with unbalance (but my error in the end - e.g. if you stop a transfer and restart it this might happen) Unraid should always display ONLY the file which is the lowest disk number so in this e.g. it would be disk1 - and maybe that file is corrupt?
  4. nuhll


    Even if so, why not still announce it? I mean everyone who has selected "next" will get a notification in unraid anyway? Maybe put a explenation above the thread... "The Unraid 6.7.3-rc releases are only intended for a selected group of people, who experienced data corruption and are willing to participate in testing." I just upgraded without knowing it.. !? Or add a "dev" button. Like "latest" will give you notice for every next release and "dev" only releases like 6.7.3 Anyway i feel it very unintiutive and i think it should be changed.
  5. Just to be sure. I have no idea anymore. But sometimes you write things i dont really understand how you mean it. Like u play from rclone on windows? Are you using it like we think? Or in a special way?
  6. nuhll


    So everytime a updates comes i have a hard time finding the thread with the infos whats new. (maybe show it in UI after u click update now) Even a google search for unRAIDServer 6.7.3 rc3 doesnt bring up any usefull results. Its very annoying. Then i go to the forum and go to Announcements Latest news and release announcements from Lime Technology. And even cant find it there... So i think its not well designed.. maybe post it there? Announcements
  7. A stupid question, where i can see if port is open? (it should be open, but normal you get a symbol or something somewhere where you can see if its working?)
  8. Didnt had a single issue (after i created my own api id). Only one thing i can think of, how you have your movies organzied? movies/moviename/files? or movies/moviename.file ?
  9. No question... definitly unraid. The big pro point of unraid is: you can do EVERYTHING - and that relativly easy (many tutorials and videos)
  10. I have pretty much sonarr/radarr/plex standard, just deactivated the preview creation in plex (took too long) Never had any ban or issues to retrieve remote files... so far. I have around 3000+ movies and around 150 + series. How big is your database?
  11. @limetech Could you update docker?
  12. Hey, so it seems unraid is using 18.* and there seems to be docker 19.* out already... Is there a way (and if, how) i can update docker? or does that needs to be updated by unraid? Why i ask is because of this problem: It seems to be fixed in newer docker versions, see here: https://github.com/pi-hole/docker-pi-hole/issues/505