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  1. No. I mean a option or extra tab to scan for files with same name and or same size on all disks, and then a manual or automatic delete of every extra files. Would be a nice addition.
  2. Hey, just a small QoL thing. Wouldnt it be a good idea to put a "Reboot now" button/link, next to "Reboot required to apply Unraid OS update". I think it would make sense. Many programs works like this.
  3. any chance you add the latest storj version? https://github.com/storj/storj/wiki/Explorer-Release-Setup-Instructions If i understand it correct, thats the future of storj?!
  4. Could there be a option in unbalance to delete duplicate files? All of my duplicates were bc of using this addon (yeah my fault, i know), so it would be cool to have a easy solution for this?
  5. I can also, i mean more the response times, its not that its not working.
  6. Do you want to tell me that when you do a file transfer your smb listings are not slower then usual? unraid-server-diagnostics-20190506-2312.zip
  7. no, like i said 1 parity. Also neither ram or CPU is over 20%. It doenst matter, as long as data transfer is happening.
  8. Anyone know if its possible to passthru intel quick sync to a VM?
  9. So, its not a big thing, but i wonder.. If i transfer a file in windows (atleast in newer versions, with normal hardware) i would never notice it and can do other things. In unraid tho, if you transfer something, everything gets slow (like goin into folders via smb) or importing files in plex, or what ever. Why is that so? Can that be fixed? Setup is normal array with hdds (10 xfs) one parity and 2 ssd caches (brtfs). It doenst really seem to be dependend if i move or copy files form or to array, or cache, as long as there is a file transfer, the server feels slow - why is that so?
  10. So the next question would be: is it possible to pass the igp thru? I use adobe media encoder in a windows 10 vm. Currently it only seems to use the cores, but there seem to be an issue when it just stops rendering (i dont know why). No cpu usage, no overall usage, just stops, sometimes at 30%, sometimes at 50%, sometimes at 80%, only solution i found was removing and readded (restarting) rendering. So i thought lets try with quick sync... I also added a GPU passthru (960 GTX) but it seems like it doenst support cuda (?) or atleast not supported by adobe media encode (?) - it didnt really speed up the whole process.
  11. Hey, so maybe a stupid question, but do i need to pass thru quick sync (modprobe i915 & --device /dev/dri) to my VM in order to use it in encoding?
  12. I really tested many brands for wifi, and google was the best solution i tested, by far. Like i said, at the end of the year i get 1gbits and then i will use a fritz box behind a unifi usg + with their wlan equipment, then this problems will be gone forever
  13. get a 1050 - cost around 100€ - can encode 4k at around 60% GPU Usage - dont need power adapter - passive cooled
  14. U think the mighty google wifi would allow that? hahaha (u can do that ofc, but no port forwarding or traffic statistic or anything then for you)
  15. U need to do it in their crappy app, u can tjust change the mac. Steps: remove every ip forward for both ip addresses one by one remove reserved ip for both devices reserve both ips again add every single port forward to the correct machine and this all via app on mobile... u will have many errors and fails and need to start from scratch and or restart google app. If u just need good wifi, this is the best router ever, but if you want to do ANYTHING on your network, its just a scam. At the end of the year, ill get 1gbits and will switch complete to fritzbox gear, like their router and their wifi extenter mesh thingys.