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  1. I can confirm 5.0 and OVM makes it useable and you only get some time a day these GSO errors, but, just to be safe, i reverted back today, currentlyi can live with low speed. But this should be fixed.
  2. I guess i have to add ssl to it for chrome allowing me to fugging use my clipboard, what a .......
  3. Ure right, it says blocked, but its grey i cant enable it... XD
  4. Yes i have chrome and no i didnt changed anything besides "SSH" "IP" "PORT" "USER" "PASSWORD". But it never asked for any permissions!?
  5. Is there no workaround or setting to have the same "workflow" as if i would run the terminal via http from unraid?
  6. No. I added the SSH from unraid to guacamole. But i cant right click paste in the window, like i could if i used the http ssh terminal from unraid.
  7. Yes, that makes sense. Youre right. Any idea about right click paste?
  8. Actually this doenst make any sense, but when i k now it i can work with that. You cant change your own password because of security reasons if you dont know your own password, but you can change all other passwords without knowing theirs... anyway, thanks for the help, i simply disabled the guacadmin. One question: i added the SSH from unraid to this app, but sadly right click paste doenst work... any idea? (in the http terminal this works)
  9. The screen i shared IS while logged into GUACADMIN. When i log into my 2. user i can change the password of guacadmin tho, but this is very unintuitive...
  10. Okay, if ound the problem. You NEED to be logged in as the 2. user before you can change the guacadmin account (you cant change your own password it seems)
  11. This is logic. I created "test" and gave him all rights.
  12. Okay arounmd 24h later i got around 3 GSO after "link becomes ready". But i think that doesnt interfer with anything!? Around 12:05 08.07.20 unraid-server-diagnostics-20200708-1548.zip
  13. I can confirm 5.0 with OVM seems to be working (~1h without any error) normal it comes INSTANT when you start.
  14. XML error: The PCI controller with index='0' must be model='pci-root' for this machine type, but model='pcie-root' was found instead I changed that now its XML error: The device at PCI address 0000:00:02.2 cannot be plugged into the PCI controller with index='0'. It requires a controller that accepts a pcie-root-port. wtf.