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  1. to clarify this, my suggestion would be to hide each container in the unraids ui, and just show the docker compose name e.g. webserver (not each docker php, mysql, and so on) - hide each individual container and make it expandable if you click on it, to see each container, you know what i mean, i guess. Best would be, ofc, correct implemention of docker compose, but thats hard to do, i guess, haveing that nice UI feature would make it very practicable very fast for many users. Currently its just a mess.
  2. But dont make it too short. Its so annyoing when something posted some weeks ago already cant be answered....
  3. Hey, so im testing a bit around and installed portainer and managed to create docker compose dockers including WEB,MYSQL,lets encrypt and so on... I would really love when the docker compose things would be implemented in unraid, but i guess thats big work. In the meantime, could you atleast display the docker composed images as one thing? (the buttons dont need to be there, just the dropdown thing, for better readabiltly)
  4. I asked if it was possible to do it with a virtual nic, i cant use VLAN in my network.
  5. had vanced on my smartphone but from one day to the other it stopped working (like doesnt load images and videos) so i throw it away... if ublock and co can filter it out, a firewall can do the same.
  6. How long you ignore my questions about the VM issues? If youre working on it fine, but just ignroing me?!?!?!?!
  7. Inside unraid you can report a bug. Ive sent an email thru this with my diagnostic, also this problem is posted servival time son this forum already e.g.
  8. Ive sent an mail, but didnt got a reply until now. Whats about the Vm issue? Will this be corrected? In next RC? Are any new bug reports needed, or do you know whats wrong?
  9. I found statistics for router 3 and 4. For Router 2 i need to install a syslog server and let it run so this takes some time i guess. Router 3 and 4 have crazy drops to the internet, but thats because its also bundling LTE. So thats normal. But i want to know why IN my LAN packets drops. Anyway could that have anything to do with it?! (i dont think)
  10. Okay, fine. Like i thought. I found out that Clients -> Switch -> Router 1 -> Router 2 (and all hard connections between clients) seem to dont drop packets. BUT the 2 routers which comes AFTER router 2, do drop pings. 1% ~~, its not much, but sometimes its like 26 pings (5sec each) so that is very very distruptive. (tested from clients) NOW is the question is it because of the 2 routers AFTER router 2, or is it Router 2 which drops packets hes sending to WAN (Router 3 & 4)? Do you know any clever way to find that out? Clients Router 1 (Google Wifi) Router 2 (does load balancing) -> Router 3 & 4
  11. Like i said, via SMB. Dont ask me why you need to add it in the internet explorer, but it works.
  12. Ive found the easy and fix solution. Just go to Internet Explorer -> Extras -> Security -> local intranet -> sites -> advanced -> enter the ip from your unraid share (like DONE! Ofc you could also use authentificated access (user and password for SMB, then this also should not come up) But since i dont use that, it was very annoying, this easy fix works perfectly, thought i share it here!
  13. Lets say one part of my network is like this: 2 Clients connected "directly" thru a switch. If Client 1 Pings client 2, from my understanding the ping goes directly Client1 -> switch -> Client2 I want to diagnose a problem with ping loss... Or does it go thru the router under the switch? Client 1 | Client 2 Switch Router
  14. cheapest 10gbit rj45 nic, working with unraid, out of the box? Found this one https://geizhals.de/asus-xg-c100c-90ig0440-mo0r00-a1614406.html other suggestions?
  15. So i finally figured out how i can bandwidth limit the upload, without fuggin the mount up. 1. specify "server" (rclone listening for commands) rclone move --rc --rc-addr= --rc-user=test --rc-pass=test /mnt/user/Archiv/Filme gdrive_media_vfs:Filme -vv --max-size 12G --drive-chunk-size 128M --checkers 4 --fast-list --transfers 4 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --delete-empty-src-dirs --fast-list --tpslimit 3 --min-age 1y && rclone move --rc-addr= --rc-web-gui --rc-user=test --rc-pass=test --rc-web-gui-update --stats=24h /mnt/user/Archiv/Serien gdrive_media_vfs:Serien -vv --max-size 12G --drive-chunk-size 128M --checkers 4 --fast-list --transfers 4 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --delete-empty-src-dirs --fast-list --tpslimit 3 --min-age 1y && rclone move --rc-addr= --rc-web-gui --rc-user=test --rc-pass=test --rc-web-gui-update --stats=24h /mnt/user/Archiv/Musik gdrive_media_vfs:Musik -vv --drive-chunk-size 8M --checkers 4 --fast-list --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --delete-empty-src-dirs --fast-list --tpslimit 3 --min-age 1y 2. make some sort of script like, i made it like if ping is successfull (my pc is on) run this command: ### lieber clone bw limitten rclone rc --rc-addr= --rc-user=test --rc-pass=test core/bwlimit rate=50k ### Now i have a question, is there a way to compress: rclone move --rc --rc-addr= --rc-user=test --rc-pass=test /mnt/user/Archiv/Filme gdrive_media_vfs:Filme -vv --max-size 12G --drive-chunk-size 128M --checkers 4 --fast-list --transfers 4 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --delete-empty-src-dirs --fast-list --tpslimit 3 --min-age 1y && rclone move --rc-addr= --rc-user=test --rc-pass=test /mnt/user/Archiv/Serien gdrive_media_vfs:Serien -vv --max-size 12G --drive-chunk-size 128M --checkers 4 --fast-list --transfers 4 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --delete-empty-src-dirs --fast-list --tpslimit 3 --min-age 1y && rclone move --rc-addr= --rc-user=test --rc-pass=test /mnt/user/Archiv/Musik gdrive_media_vfs:Musik -vv --drive-chunk-size 8M --checkers 4 --fast-list --transfers 6 --exclude .unionfs/** --exclude *fuse_hidden* --exclude *_HIDDEN --exclude .recycle** --exclude *.backup~* --exclude *.partial~* --delete-empty-src-dirs --fast-list --tpslimit 3 --min-age 1y" (3x move command, each startet after the old one) into one move command? (So like can you move 3 directorys via one command?) Does rclone move ... /mnt/user/Archiv/Musik gdrive_media_vfs:Musik /mnt/user/Archiv/Serien gdrive_media_vfs:Serien /mnt/user/Archiv/Filme gdrive_media_vfs:Filme ... work?