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  1. EDIT: Solved the problem. For some reason, there were two "amp" folders in my AppData. Not sure how that second one got there (I did something to jack it up I'm 100% sure) but removing the container, deleting both folders, and then re-installing AMP solved my problem. Should I see an entry in the logs for the creation of the admin user specified in the variables? Here is my log file from startup: Note: This is an UNOFFICIAL IMAGE for CubeCoders AMP. This was created by the community, NOT CubeCoders. Please, DO NOT contact CubeCoders (Discord or otherwise) for t
  2. Thanks y'all, I have ensured no spaces and have tried different username/password combos. Still won't let me log in. Definitely a weird issue that I'm not sure how to get around. Edit: I've tried in Microsoft Edge and still the same problem. I've deleted the container and tried without changing anything other than adding the MAC Address and my license. Still giving me the same error.
  3. Trying to start a clean install of this with the default username and password and I continue to get "Invalid Username or password". Any tips on how to just login?
  4. Thanks Saarg. I'll keep playing with the nginx side and ask there any questions I have.
  5. Having issues getting a nginx reverse proxy to work. Would that be better to ask here or over on the SWAG support thread? My error is a 502 bad gateway, but I'm a bit lost on determining if it's something with the .conf file in nginx or the environment settings I'm passing into the CodiMD container.
  6. So I'm having the malformed database issues that others have posted about. I've upgrade to 6.8, and even changed /config to point to /mnt/cache/appdata/sonarr. The issue is still there. Any ideas on what I should do to fix this? Edit: Solved the problem after a bit. This was the helpful portion of the log: "unable to load the following field: 'LastRssSyncReleaseInfo'" and then the data that was in there. See log: [v2.0.0.5338] Marr.Data.DataMappingException: The DataMapper was unable to load the following field: 'LastRssSyncReleaseInfo' value: '{ "guid": "magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b7c2
  7. So I have this same error "database disk image is malformed database disk image is malformed" and did an update. I'm still having the same error. What should be my next step to fix this? I'm not sure if I have any backups or even how to revert to a backup for Sonarr....
  8. Thanks for the help Hoopster. I was able to get it back online with a new flash drive. Now is the time for me to make those redundant and continually back that up.
  9. Thanks Hoopster. Would that mean I'd have to re-setup my shares and re-add the same docker images? Or would the /config folder contain all that? I'll get a new USB and try this out.
  10. OK so I was able to restart it, but now it's showing an Error 2001 for a minute on the /bzimage and once it gets to Loading /bzroot it loops to the automatic boot in 4 seconds countdown and is now unresponsive. I'm thinking my flash drive is now somehow corrupted. Is there a way to re-create that without losing all the data on my drives? I'm fine if I lose all the plugins and whatnot. I just don't want to lose the data in the shares.
  11. I'm currently unable to boot Unraid. I get errors when loading /bzimage and also /bzroot. I'm unsure of the exact version, but I believe it was Unraid 6.5 (though probably was 6.4). It definitely wasn't 6.6 since I was planning on updating to that before it decided to go on the fritz. The exact error is: Loading /bzimage... CHS: Error 8001 reading sector 2212142 (137/180/10) EDD: Error 8000 reading sector 2212254 ok Loading /bzroot...CHS: Error 8001 reading sector 2229456 (138/199/62) EDD: Error 8000 reading sector 2229568 CHS: Error 8000 reading sector 2394952 (149/21/57) EDD:
  12. Anyone have any thoughts on how I can solve the WebGUI not working properly? There seems to be a number of Javascript errors being thrown and I'm not sure of the root cause or even how to investigate. I've attached an image showing the issue. EDIT: I found the issue. I have Radarr let up, and there was several corrupt files, so it was sending over the same file over and over and over, causing an error.
  13. Is there a preferred way to update? This will be my first rodeo going through the update process. Should I stop all my Apps? Backup the configuration files? Modify any settings?
  14. Genius! Should have known that option existed. Thanks @CHBMB
  15. Pardon my stupidity, but any tips on installing the Dynmap plugin for this docker? I have the plugin in the right spot and have completed a render. Issue is that port 8123 (default port for Dynmap) doesn't accept a request. Router is configured to forward requests to the Unraid IP. Would I need to open the port on Unraid manually? Or forward the requests to the docker port? Or perform some other modification?