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  1. Hello my server has started to crash every other week or so and I don't know why here is a log of the crash: Anyone has any ideas?
  2. Hello everyone Last couple of days I started to have problems with my unraid server I get this error in IPMI anyone has an idea? I forgot to copy the IPMI console window error but it said something about Fatal OS error. This has happened 2 times now
  3. I fixed this downgrade to influx version 1.8 and problems go away
  4. So I just started getting this error a couple of days back any ideas?
  5. I think I need to remove my lancache server from now on. It just does not work and there are mutiple reporting the same
  6. How do you enable tab completion in the terminal?
  7. So I tried to setup this today using Spaceinvaders guide. The problem is that network limitations are not really discussed in that video and I believe it causes a lot of problems for many. I first set it up using bridged network. But in that mode I WOL packets did not work but all my other connections to my remote machines worked. So I tried to setup in a separate network with "allow custom" networks in docker enabled. But now I can't connect to my main computer anymore. RDP connections to my work laptop worked both with bridged and separate network so what gives? The work laptop is domain joi
  8. Anyone has noticed significant slow downs using lancache lately? Everytime I reboot the container the download speed just up again but it would eventually drop down again to around 1/10 of my download speed. Everything network wise is working fine I can pull files of my server with 100MB/s+ without a problem it is just lancache downloads that are slow. Tested both in Steam and battle.net downloads I can find nothing in the logs
  9. The SFTP container says it is not available anymore? What happened to it?
  10. I have the same problem. With the default config it seems like it will wait for idle forever. Does this work for anyone else? I have my GPU assigned for both my Plex container and now this is that an issue?
  11. Okay it seems like having a capital "S" in the password in the beginning breaks it. I changed the password now and it works..
  12. So I started getting this error when I try to mount SMB devices lately: Jan 16 12:44:41 unRAID kernel: Status code returned 0xc000006d STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE Jan 16 12:44:41 unRAID kernel: CIFS VFS: Send error in SessSetup = -13 Jan 16 12:44:41 unRAID kernel: CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -13 Jan 16 12:44:41 unRAID unassigned.devices: Mount of '//backup.pilot/unraid_backup' failed. Error message: 'mount error(13): Permission denied Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs) and kernel log messages (dmesg) '. Jan 16 12:44:47 unRAID emhttpd: req (4): csrf