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  1. Hello everyone I have this motherboard: X570D4U-2L2T. What do I need to do to get it working? I have a successful connection but I can only see harddrive temps? I see nothing from the board itself? Anyone have a guide to fix this? Also how do I stop this plugin if I want to change the user and password?
  2. I think I figured it out it pinned the my internet completely so if I tried to download something it was just not enough bandwidth. Now that all files are upload everthing works again. However I have one question I did set bwlimits in the upload script but it does not seem to honor it with service accounts? Also downloading files maxes out the internet connection is that what you want really? it kind makes other internet tasks sluggish? Is there a way to limit the download speed also?
  3. So I got the service accounts to work, but I noticed some files was 0KB in the tv folders since the initial upload. So I readded them to the mergerfs folder locally and hoped it would upload them again. It hit the google cloud limit and stopped uploading now something is constantly pegging my upload to 100% and it is not any of these scripts? if I try to download something from the mergerfs folder it is extremely slow like 300KB/s and playback in plex is impossible. What has gone wrong here?
  4. I understand I think this can be a bit more clear in the guide since this really confused me. How do I know it actually works? I checked the rclone config while the upload script is running and it seems to keep this line the same?: service_account_file = /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/service_accounts/sa_gdrive.json
  5. So the mount script as I assumed fails unless there is a json file specifically called sa_gdrive.json. So I renamed one of the _uploadX.json to that and it mounted. But is this the right way to do it?
  6. Ok since I renamed the files as I posted in the picture above. I will just try and add it as it is and it should just work then? I think this should be included in the guide it is a bit confusing as it is now I though I misunderstood something I am manually uploading everything to the cloud now so I will live with the upload limit it is just 2 more days and I am done with 10TB of data.
  7. Ok I will try to make it a bit more clear it feels like we are misunderstanding each other. I did the renaming part after completing the Autorclone guide with a shared drive and a group with my SAs. This is what my service_accounts folder looks like: Ranging all the way up to 100. So in the upload script I should ignore the numbers and just write: sa_gdrive_upload. So far so good. My problem is in the rclone config where your guide state this: [gdrive] type = drive scope = drive service_account_file = /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/service_accounts/sa_gdrive.json team_drive = TEAM DRIVE ID server_side_across_configs = true [gdrive_media_vfs] type = crypt remote = gdrive:crypt filename_encryption = standard directory_name_encryption = true password = PASSWORD1 password2 = PASSWORD2 Specifically this part: service_account_file = /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/service_accounts/sa_gdrive.json If there is no file called sa_gdrive.json it will work, so what is this file? Just one random of the service accounts rename? a collection of all of them in one file some how? A service_account_file downloaded from google? I don't know and I don't understand this part and there is no way for me to understand it from your guide I have read it I several times and watched youtube videos with foreign langauges and I still can't wrap my head around what to do with this? Everything else is pretty clear I needed to go through some hoops to get it to work but that is fine
  8. ServiceAccountFile="sa_gdrive_upload" # Enter characters before counter in your json files e.g. for sa_gdrive_upload1.json -->sa_gdrive_upload100.json, enter "sa_gdrive_upload". So basically remove the counters I get that but what about the rclone config? if there is not file named sa_gdrive_upload it will not work right?
  9. How are you supposed to understand from your guide that you need to rename the files again when there is already a script to rename them?.. I am not getting this so if I rename them 1-16 add att that number to the file the conf will automatically find it when it is not even named the correct thing? The conf points to sa_gdrive.json not sa_gdrive1.json I actually think this is still not clear at all to me
  10. Ah so that is what the confusion comes from. The rclone_conf posted in the guide just refers to one of these files? Do I need to add mutiple rows in the config for every SA account? Also my files using your script renames them to sa_gdrive_upload1.json, sa_gdrive_upload2.json etc not what is described in the guide so that confused me
  11. I am also wondering what this is? service_account_file = /mnt/user/appdata/other/rclone/service_accounts/sa_gdrive.json I followed both the github guide and the autoclone guide but I don't see it mentioned anywhere else than this? I have all my service accounts in there but I need some kind of special file in there? What should it contain?
  12. So I first set this up without services accounts and a team drive. I have now gone through the entire process to create the services accounts and the drives and added them correctly. What is the easiest way to migrate from a normal gdrive to a team/shared drive with service accounts?
  13. Ok so I actually set this up today have not yet upgraded to the enterprise plan so only have 2TB but I moved my files to the mergerfs share and then ran the upload script. I saw traffic going out at the bwlimits speed so I am guessing the files got transfered. But when are they removed locally? they still take up space in both the rclone folder and the mergerfs folder? Or is that just windows reporting that even if the files are in the cloud?
  14. Hello my server has started to crash every other week or so and I don't know why here is a log of the crash: Anyone has any ideas?
  15. Hello everyone Last couple of days I started to have problems with my unraid server I get this error in IPMI anyone has an idea? I forgot to copy the IPMI console window error but it said something about Fatal OS error. This has happened 2 times now