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  1. Ok well, formatted Disk5 in the end, I have no idea what was on that disk, nothing seems broken... Probably movies/TV but is there any way to work it out? Also regarding the uncorrectable errors on Disk2, I ended up with around 1200 but not sure what can be done about that? I guess the disk is just dying?
  2. Ok I will try that once this btrfs scrub runs on disk2. Currently showing 19 uncorrectable errors...
  3. So the files can't be emulated by the parity drive? Man... Yes it was definitely btrfs, I've changed nothing really.. It just randomly went read only!
  4. Thanks JorgeB, i just tried that command and got the following output No valid Btrfs found on /dev/sdl1 Open ctree failed I guess its dead? If I format this volume do I lose any data that was on the disk? Most of the other errors were down to a dodgy cable which has been replaced, not sure what to do aboutt he corruption on disk2, should I try some sort of repair there? Thanks
  5. Hi all I had a disk that went read only so after rebooting the server I now get that it's unmountable. I have attached my diagnostics and also looked through some older posts but most appear to be XFS file systems. I did try some of the things in here: But I got as far as the below where it fails: root@Atlas:~# mount -o usebackuproot,ro /dev/sdl1 /x mount: /x: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdl1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error. and for the 2nd method root@Atlas:~# btrfs restore -v /dev/sdl1 /mnt/disk7/restore No valid Btrfs found on /dev/sdl1 Could not open root, trying backup super No valid Btrfs found on /dev/sdl1 Could not open root, trying backup super ERROR: superblock bytenr 274877906944 is larger than device size 536870912 Could not open root, trying backup super Could someone help? it's disk 5. Thanks atlas-diagnostics-20210206-2202.zip
  6. I've had a few hard locks when using my VM, VM locks up then when I killed the VM the server crashes and i get MCE errors.. I hve MCELog installed and diagnostics uploaded atlas-diagnostics-20201122-2026.zip
  7. Hi guys I am passing through my onboard Bluetooth adaptor to a VM which has all of it's cores isolated and only used for the VM. The Xbox controller picks up and pairs fine. I then go into a game and it seems to work intermittently, no matter the game.. It will work for a few seconds and then either get stuck on the last pressed button/movement or not take any inputs. It's specifically the fully wireless Xbox One controller. Anyone had this issue? Cheers
  8. Herein lies my issue, stupid me! I was adding it to extra parameters. Special thanks to Marius on the Discord for correcting me. I do feel rather embarrassed.
  9. Hey GilbN, I'm on your Discord if you wanted to chat there about it but appreciate you are not my technical support person! If you mean this line then yes I did do that:
  10. Hi, thanks for getting back to me so fast!! Here's my variables, they all seem correct to me: Also my default is indeed set: Of note is that I also get no SMART data, I did add the telegraf.conf option as advised in the 1st post. Additionally I'm on the latest 6.9 Beta if that makes any difference
  11. Hi all I've followed all the dependancies etc but not getting any disks showing, I haev the input source etc all set right... Not sure what's going on
  12. Anyone getting Kernel Security Check Failure when trying to boot from Q35 5.0 with this update on a Windows 10 VM?
  13. Hi all I was having an issue with the docker losing all stats when a setting change was made, I had this with the Unifi docker and it was caused by the interface settings. I noticed that I was not running this docker on my custom interface so I swapped to that but it wouldn't start, I managed to get it working using these settings: "Network type" I had to keep as br0 rather than my custom interface called "atlas" but I was able to get it started by settings the INTERFACE as "atlas" and the "ServerIP" as the custom IP I wanted, does that look right? Hopefully it will fix my stats being reset each time too.
  14. Tg Tried all those... SVM disabled stops any VM from working at all, IOMMU beeing enabled or disabled didn't seem to change anything!