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  1. Hmm yes i can access it on the network but it doesn’t appear under the shares tab in the unraid ui Edit: Main tab - Flash durrr
  2. Just did a reboot today for the first time in a few weeks, and when it booted up I had the same issue as above. Go file was set to mine crypto. Looked through my router ports that were open and the only one I had open that was out of the ordinary was I had 4433 pointing to 443 when I was trying to get the myservers plug in to work as I had trouble with my Eeros mesh router. my admin account password is very complex as well
  3. Looks like there was an update overnight which the container was auto updated to. Now none of my torrents can get a connection. Not sure if its related to the update, or if PIA is down. EDIT: I rolled back to rtorrent-ps-1.1.r54.ga787dd9-1-29 and my problems went away 2021-03-04 07:47:14,731 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [info] Trying to connect to the PIA WireGuard API on ''... 2021-03-04 07:47:14,957 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [info] Default route for container is 2021-03-04 07:47:14,976 DEBG 'start-script' stdout outp
  4. I cannot even do this, the container shuts down almost straight away. Not sure how I can do the demo/restore without the container running.
  5. Hey @DZMM, did you end up having any luck with this? I can see there's now a RadarrSync app in Community Applications but I cannot get that to work either. Thanks.
  6. Well I'm glad no one replied as I would have been wasting everyone's time. Not only did I realise I'm not using Linuxservers repository, I also discovered the Time zone variable in the container settings 🙈
  7. A few weeks back I noticed my newsletters sending at 3:30am instead of 5:30pm. Tautulli seems to think my timezone is UTC, which it claims is the system timezone, but the system timezone is UTC+10 Platform: Linux 4.19.56-Unraid (#1 SMP Tue Jun 25 10:19:34 PDT 2019) System Timezone: UTC (UTC+0000) Any idea why this has changed all of a sudden? Edit: I should mention the history tab appears to have the correct play start/stop times Thank you.
  8. I removed it and the re-installed and it's working again.
  9. Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately doing those steps it still won’t start.
  10. Not sure when it started, but Unbalance will no longer run for me, just says 'stopped'. I noticed on 6.7.0-rc3 so I upgraded to 6.7.0-rc4 and still the same. Am I missing something?
  11. Thanks for your help, I went through the steps again and this time it worked. Not sure what I did wrong the first time. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks, I’ll give it another shot deleting it tonight if that doesn’t work I’ll then reformat.
  13. Sorry as I mentioned above in an edit I followed all the steps, one of which was deleting the image and then I still got the quoted error in red.
  14. I appreciated everyones help. So XFS is preferred when I reformat? Does it matter if all the other drives are BTRFS?