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  1. First thank you for this plugin and thanks for anyone that helps me out, I have a X9DRi-LN4F+ and a SuperChassis 846A-R900B with stock fans. I have your plugin installed, I can pull sensor readings just fine, I have edited a few fan thresholds and checked bios and impmi firmware for the latest updates all up to date. *edit* I just noticed when I edit the sensors config and change the lower critical and non critical values on fans they say they save but if i re load the config it has gone back to the original values. However none of my fans are responding to fan control. I have tried minimum values for the two sets of fans from 20% to 65% and no fan speed changes occur. I have 5 stock super micro fans and 2 artic cpu cooler fans. The plugin log appears normal it detects cpu temp and sets fans, fan mode is in full and the event log has no entries I checked the event log in this plugin and in ipmi view. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?
  2. The same thing is happening to me on the same board. If I pull the flash drive and delete the dynamix configs it detects but when I select my sensors and hit apply all sensors go to Not used. I SSHed into the server and tried the sensors command and got the same error you did. I tried to find the files in etc/sensors.d but it doesn't exist in my etc folder... Im using dolphin to browse root/etc. I know im just dumb but I cant figure it out and I really need to get the temp output to use auto fan to try and save some power these supermicro fans are staying on full even when I ipmi into the board and switch to optimal. Thanks
  3. And you sir seem to be correct! I did an experiment and purged my deluge torrents I had about 560 in the system at the time. It appears now that Im below 100 im not having the issue with duplicate downloads. I hazard to guess it went like this Ombi request made-> Radarr gets request processes release and sends to deluge-> deluge is too slow to respond -> Radarr doesn't see download and sends again -> loop some more to ruin my day. I just would have thought turning off failed download handling would prevent this behavior because it was not the same release each time, it was other releases as well. Im gonna attempt to get a qbittorent docker working with vpn and see if it can handle more seeds. Thanks!
  4. Im attempting to setup this docker and I think ive got it working but I am unable to connect to the webui in chrome or firefox. Ive included the log readout below. Thanks! qbittorrentvpn log.txt
  5. Im having a very frustrating issue for the last few weeks with request via Ombi. Ombi request are usually made on mobile devices in my local network. Then I end up with 20-30 copies of each request added to my deluge vpn docker, this is most common with radarr but has happened with sonarr as well. Most of the downloads do not have a label added and do not show up in the activity logs in either docker. Any idea what might be going on or where I should look for help? Thanks!
  6. This is the log with new flash drive, unraid 6.4.0 with only on board realtek. My intel nic should arrive tomorrow but this server was working for nearly 7 months and this configuration worked for 12 hours before networking seemed to die so Im afraid its something bigger. tower-diagnostics-20180208-1618.zip
  7. So new flash drive, unraid 6.4.0 instead of 6.4.1 still with new dlink installed and onboard disabled. Trying onboard only again now. tower-diagnostics-20180208-1610.zip
  8. Updated with diagnostic zip. Additional installed a Dlink 830t and the issue persist, I did disable the onboard nic in bios, tried static again no luck. Ip address it obtains is
  9. Long story short I replaced a cache drive that went into read only mode not sure why I think it filled 100% and unraid killed all dockers, burned up a flash drive stupidly by inserting a internal usb header into the wrong port on the board and replaced it. Got everything up and running overnight 100% recreated configs and dockers and rebuilt plex library all worked great and then the server was unreachable today. Restart the server, its still unreachable no ip, reboot everything modem router and all switches, take switch out of loop, new Ethernet cable no luck. So I move the flash drive to different port, recreate flash drive, recreate new flash drive I bought, set manual ip, no luck. Tried not copying configs just simple basic unraid same issue. Now when I ifconfig eth0 it says no device found, this was not an issue before just no ip, a few times it got a internet ip but was not view able in the router nor accessible via http://tower/. Verified bios settings, all normal, turned off VT-D as I read something in the logs about imouu causing instability and I have no setting for imouu and still no change. So I pulled diags and am lost beyond it cant obtain ip address, and doesnt see the onboard nic. I ordered a new intel Pro\1000 as Im betting my onboard nic died but curious if im just dumb. Hardware Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth x58 Nic: Realtek 8110sc CPU: I7 960 Ram: 18gb ddr3 1600 Drives: 6 WD RED 8tb Cache: Sandisk 960gb ultra 2, Sandisk 240gb ultra 3 Nic:realtek 8110sc PSU: Corsair 850 USB Drive: multiple flash drives tried and ports all usb 2.0 as this board wont boot off 3.0 Thanks for any insight tower-smart-20180207-0110.zip tower-diagnostics-20180208-0054.zip Turns out it was a failed ethernet port, something tells me my usb header fried it, intel 2 port 1000 fired right up with an Ip and im up and running! FYI a Dlink 830T does not have a working driver in Unraid 6.4.1. Thanks Johnnie for your support.
  10. Looking for a script to reset my cable modem if the internet goes down as I've had some issues recently with the net going down when I reset my routers on their schedule. I found this link in my search and I downloaded the user scripts plugin but I'm not sure how I can get the logging script to trigger the restart script if they are in the userscripts plugin. Additionally I believe this script could be a huge hit with the community! Thanks for any help you can provide.
  11. I would imagine they had issues with attacks and or spam coming from that VPN's IP. That's the downside to the better VPN's they hide you and the bad guys and can have issues with being blocked.
  12. Thanks a bunch I will do that this week and see if that changes. Ill have to dig into the logs again now that I know the answer to the test and make sure I can read it myself next time.
  13. I don't generally have any issue with my server but the hardware is older and today I had the Dockers all lock up, they would stop but not start or update. a restart fixed it and it was after 20 days of uptime and a few tb of new data. Fix common problems has been complaining about a call trace but I ignored it till today. I know I need to do a bios update I gotta move a monitor to the server this week. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks tower-diagnostics-20170821-0050.zip